MY PACT WITH EKSU STUDENTS- Oluwashina Awopeju AKA Engr China

I have not come promising to build castles in the
air like others, or promising to build bridges where
there is no water like the conventional politicians.

The welfare of the students is my utmost
We will engage the management in superior
arguments on issues relating to the welfare of our
students when necessary.
The goal has always been the same, 3:3:1 has
always been our aim of sitting arrangement when
it comes to “Akoto” that ply Ado to Eksu campus
or Ado to Iworoko rout. But the #100 tariff is
highly excessive and unreasonably high.
I am convinced beyond measure that I AWOPEJU
COSMAS SHINA popularly called ENGR. CHINA at
my first six (6) weeks in office as the Student’s
Union PRESIDENT ensures EKSU have more
marcopolo busses that will convey the students
at a cheaper rate of #50 through a process called
PPP (public private partnership).
It is highly regrettable that up till now we still
receive lecture in overcrowded class without
public address system.
This is my covenant with EKSUITES, when I
emerge after due consultation, we will declare
state of emergency on the situation of our classes
and enforce management to effect necessary
changes in our classes especially on the issue of
public address system.
The provision of electricity for our students that
attend evening/night classes to read.
This I will hopefully achieve within 45 days of my
inauguration as the S.U.G President.
I enter into moral covenant with EKSUITES that
the exorbitant charges of #1,750 as bank charges
will enter into sudden grave of history when I
become S.U.G President.
As a student of history and comparative analysis,
no other higher institution in the Federation pay
up to #1,750 as bank charges.
RUGIPO……………………… #200
FUTA…………………………… #300
OOU………………………….was #400 but now zero
naira #0 because they make use of POS
ACE……………………………….. #500
AAUA………………………………. #500
The figures above are based on empirical
evidence. Any one with contrary figure can
contest or counter the postulations.
On this note, I want EKSUITES to know that “it is
better to die for something than live for nothing”
ENGR. CHINA is promising all EKSUITES that he
will fight this unreasonable policy if voted in as
the EKSU SU president.
The students’ union shall be so accessible that
even without visiting the students union building,
you can lodge your complains on a dedicated
page on the internet and on our information boxes
that will be provided across faculty and be rest
assured that within 48 hours, action shall be
taken on your complains with or without your
physical presence.
The S.U.G bus belongs to students and will be
made available for any student with genuine
reason of request.
This change will be felt in anywhere the name
EKSU is being pronounced, Part-Time Students
(PTP) remain pivotal.
There shall be no time again that they won’t be
able to check their results after each
examinations due to unnecessary delay.
The Science Laboratory Technology shall
henceforth receive same quality treatments and
attentions being given to the full time students.
That our University is becoming a world class
University is just like a plastic surgery on a very
polluted inside. Let us say the truth and let the
devil be ashamed.
We are still far from world Class University, until I
can bring my friend from O.A.U and he/she
request for convenience and I can point to one in
my faculty and all other faculties in EKSU, I will
refuse to believe. I promise to devote my time,
our collective resources to this course. Until then
can we say we have a University we all children
of God can be proud of.
It is no more new that students have been in
total darkness for several months, though efforts
are on to restore electricity in the students
environ, we shall ensure the situation of the
electricity return to normalcy in no distant time.
Well-structured and ideologically grounded
students unionism is my priority. I promise to
always submit myself to the voice of Nigerian
This time, it is incumbent on us not only vote
for radicalism but rationalism. We must vote out
bossism, narcissm, nepotism, favoritism,
facultirism, departmentalrism, hedonism and
unanimously vote Collectivism in Rational Diplo-
Insha Allah, Insha Jesus, Insha Traditional, Insha
Nigeria Students
I remain my humble self, AWOPEJU COSMAS
SHINA p.k.a ENGR CHINA, the originator and
progenitor of Collectivism in Rational Diplo-
EKSU S.U.G Presidential aspirant
400l, Computer Engineering.
Amandla Awethu!

An Exclusive Interview With Ayoola Olumide AKA Ideology

The following conversation transpired between Comr Ayoola Olumide and CloudGossips.
We hope you enjoy.

I’m Ayoola Olumide popularly called Ideology. I’m a 300 level student of Plant Science.

Yes, I’m an aspirant of the post of EKSUSU Financial Secretary.

By God’s grace, I have served in many capacities in various associations and I didn’t fail then, why would I fail now?
I have been a sincere and honest and transparent man and that’s what I’m known for.
We need ME and not someone LIKE me in that post for a better EKSUSU.

Let me start from here; I was the PRO of PLASSA from 2011 to 2012, National PRO of the Federation of Moba Local Government Union for two years, that is, from 2012 to 2014, Financial Secretary of the Federation of Ira Ekiti Students Union (FIESSU) for two years (2011 to 2012) and so on and on like that.

By the grace of God, they should expect transparency, honesty, sincerity and accountability.

(Laughs) I’m not a gay o. I have a girlfriend but I’ll like to keep that personal.

I like sincerity and I hate Pride and Oppression.

We should join hands together for a better EKSUSU and we should always put it in mind that NO DREAM IS BIGGER THAN MY GOD.

I’ll always say this “Omutum Obutum Oganmutum” meaning True People Will Become People.

You are welcome.
Thank you too.

Subsisting with Perpetuity in Panorama

I get perturbed and perplexed as I keep on witnessing the rate at which moral and spiritual decadence is exacerbating in our today world.

By the phrase “our today world” I mean, our Universe at large, our Continent, our Nation, our communities, our families, and our individual lives.

We actually think that things are changing for the good, but I see evil under the skies.

I have indeed made an appraisal and I have been able to deduce that the quandary of the society at large has its rhizome in the family and religion. This is because every hominid claims to be a protuberance of a particular religion, reason being that man was not contrived to subsist aloof from the supernatural because man himself is a spiritual singleton. There is a void which has been super naturally placed in man and this void has made man to be dependent on a deity just to live.

Man’s gestalt and doodle has made it inevitable for him to exist in this world without “a god” or “the God”. I am not advocating religion here, rather I am proposing that we should all live with eternity in view.

Everything we do here determines where we will all spend our after-present-lives forever and also how we will spend it. The reason why most people live anyhow is because they don’t know what eternity means. Hello! For your information, there are two choices; is either you are found in God or not, the choice is yours.

Eternity is everlastingness, endlessness, timelessness, e.t.c.

I am agitated at the way some assumed higher people have made themselves hegemonic rulers of other people’s lives. They think and feel “we know what ‘the good life’ is.” But it became comical to me when I discovered that what they assume as “the good life” is actually not “the good life”. “The good life” is the life God has predestined a man to live, not that which he is forced to live or that which he chose to live by himself.

“The good life” is not graduating with a first class grade from the university, having the most beautiful ladies, having the finest and latest cars and apartments, having cute kids, making it in life. The question is “making what?” “What is the it?” The truth remains that none of these transcends this present world.

It’s sardonic to me that people go to any extent and through any means just to achieve these ends.

Am I preaching negligence? Of course not! Jesus and all the Bible characters were diligent. Almost everybody wants to do anything to tour the world. People wants to visit places like Dubai, Paris, and bla…bla…and…bla…

Excuse me, if you are overwhelmed by these places you will never ever be the messiah that they desire and require for their salvation.

It amazes me that most people I know who had gone to Dubai, and other places never went there to preach the gospel. For those who have been there, how may souls have you won?

We all must help others to discover God and His purpose for their lives by guiding them, advising them, and praying for them. We can’t help them to live their lives by planning their lives for them. Remember that we are all accountable to God. It is evil to try to make people up to who you want them to become, EVIL!!! Rather help people to become who God wants them to become.

The best gift you can give to someone is Jesus Christ. Show them Jesus, not any character in the Bible or in the ancient, medieval, modern, or contemporary period. All these people of different epoch had and have their own weaknesses. The only personality that we are permitted to show people is Jesus Christ. Let Christ be exalted.

Don’t see people as those who do not know what they are to do with their lives or those who do not know what God wants for them. NO! In fact some or most of the people you are being hegemonic over actually have sight than you. Carry out a personal reflection on yourselves. Most people who were God chasers while on campus are now chasing the world after graduating. What has happened to them? Why wasn’t that zeal for God retained? What happened to the fervency? The fear and care of food, shelter and clothing is actually taking God’s place in people’s lives.

I hanker that the church shows “the truth”, nothing but THE TRUTH. Don’t play politics, favouritism, eye service, paparism and mamarism.

Don’t do things from your instinct and hoodwink others that it was by the Holy Ghost. Take heed, because you’ll account for every of your actions and word. I really wish the days of the early believers come, those days when you could not hoodwink people and go scot free.

Please, I beg us all to live with eternity in view.

Pause for a moment and think, “am I actually living with the next life after death in view?” Where and how do I intend to spend my eternity? What does it profit me to gain this world and lose my soul? Which of all these my material achievements will transcend this present world. Have I ever taken a deep thinking on Death, Heaven, Hell, Eternity, God? We must all do a personal reflection and examination on our souls.

Don Moen sang “when it has all been said and done, there is just one thing that matters, did I do my best to live for TRUTH, did I live my life for You (GOD).

1 Pet.3:7 says opened our eyes to see that the present heaven and earth will pass away. If your hope is in this world, then you are of all men most miserable.

However, if your hope is heaven, you are likewise miserable because you’ll be shocked eventually that the heaven will pass away. Make Christ your hope (1 Tim. 1:1). Make God your inheritance (Num. 18:20). Show others Christ, not by your Will but by God’s Will. Live by example (of Christ). Be an example even to the believers. Ask God to take away the log of wood in your eyes so that you’ll be able to take away the grain of sand in other people’s eyes.

Christianity is not just a religion, it’s a life to be lived. You are no one’s Shepherd, Jesus is everybody’s Shepherd. Let us not live like the Laodicean christians “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked..” Rev.3:17

We all need God’s help. In and with one accord let us run the race in LOVE. Let’s show one another CHRIST.


I’m yours in LOVE and in CHRIST JESUS, Shalom Daniel

Let the Truth be Said: a Lesson to our Student Politicians

I’m not a Politician so you won’t say I wrote this to tackle you or you. Even if I do, it’s for the benefit of you and you.
Many years ago when there was no phone talk less of having Whatsapp or BBM, what many Politicians or Unionists do was to go from house to house telling and convincing people of what and what they had for them.
At that time, these Politicians and Unionists (I’ll prefer to call both of them politicians as from now on please) would meet in person with the people and answer questions regarding their manifestos, leadership skills, characters and so on.

This was also practiced in the earlier political history of EKSU and many other Universities.
Unfortunately, the story has changed. You hardly see or even know many of these contestants now. Many people keep asking me who is this and who is that?
What I see many of our politicians do is copying quotes (which they don’t even believe in) and bombarding our phones with. That’s bullshit!
Immediately I see somebody send quotable quotes to my phone now, I begin to think that that person wanna contest. For example, my friend serving in Kogi started sending quotes to me on Whatsapp and I was forced to ask him if he was also contesting. Why are you changing our mentality?
Let the truth be said, this single handed strategy is nothing to write home about. Why not change the strategy.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t broadcast quotes but don’t let it be too much.
Approach us and let us know what and what you have for us.
Oh! You’re afraid we would ask provoking questions? It’s our right to do that.
Write beautiful articles and publish on dailies, websites, blogs ( is a perfect example), etc.
These are some of the reasons our country is not progressing; we don’t know our politicians.
We need you to change the history of this country starting from here. Here means school.
As you journey on with your political carrier, I wish you the best of luck.
Sola Mathew Cares! Lol
To publish your article like this, contact
Mobile: +23439244243
BBM: 5318AC02

Managing a Harsh and Mean Mother-in-law

“Vroooooooo…..m” came from the exotic kitchen
of the Sampsons’s. Clara is in a suit trouser and
shirt, she has the sleeves from her purple shirt
folded and her right hand on the blender to keep
it tight, the juice from the blending squirted in her
face to form lots of ‘red pimples’.

Every minute,
she throws her face left and right to keep her
long braids from blinding her.
Barefooted, she paces hurry on the marbled floor
to get lunch fixed for the family.

The old wrinkled feet carrying the 63 years old
body steps into the kitchen ares, hands folded
behind, body slightly bend forward, a glasses
sitting on the pointed nose to help the deep old
green eye balls see well. Mama, is tying a lace
wrapper around her chest which flags down to her
shins as she wore this ‘irritated’ look on her face.

“OH! Mama? You’r up? I sent chidinma to check
you when I arrived and told me you were asleep”
Clara said with a big smile that exposed her deep

“I yam up, sebi is the noise from your blendi
bulendi that woke me, “
“OH my!! Mama am sorry, but I just have to fix
things up before Michael returns from work
“Why he won’t return hungry bikonu, ehn? When
all you can cooku is maggots and long ropes”
“Mama, they are his favorites o Michael loves
continental di…”

“Gree me hear word abegi!! Gbo!!! You mother
didn’t train you? She didn’t put you in between
her laps in the kitchen to learn?”
“Mama E ma binu (don’t be pissed) its just
“Go back and suck your mothers breast properly
and let me give mai chaid(child) good foodu”…
…Mama retorted as she brushes Clara off the
way with her shoulder and goes out through the
back door leaving Clara with hot tears on her

In Nigeria, data shows that 65%married women
complain of having a harsh and mean mother-in-
law like Mama up there in their lives. Some of
these women curse these MIL’s(mother-in-law)
some want them dead and some don’t even
wanna see them.

Majority of these women claims that they have
done all they could to please their MIL’s but all
to know avail.

Okay, how do I manage my mean MIL ?
The first thing we MUST consider firstly is why
are these MIL’s like this?

This is it….
The one and only reason why your MIL tends to
act that way and tries to get between you and
your husband is because THEY ARE JEALOUS!

Yeah! That may sound funny but its the hard
truth about it.

They are bound to be jealous because you see,
majority of MIL’s don’t get the luxury their DIL’s
(daughter-in-law) are getting.
Some on the other end can’t stand to see another
woman taking proper care of their son. These
MIL’s are very observant, they look at other
families and say to their sons. “Your wife is the
reason why you don’t have time to takia of me”

These MIL’s mean no harm dearest reader, they
are only being jealous and envious.
On another end are those MIL’s who tell lies to
their sons to frame the wife up probably to send
her packing or something else.

The husband who believes such lies is to blame.
Because many married men claiming to be grown
are still mama’s boy and need to break up from
their mothers chains of “come here and sit

These MIL’s see the wife of their son as taking
their place and want to get back in. They feel you
can’t do it as good as they would and that you
cannot know their son better than they do.

Hence, outta love and fear for their son, they try to step

Another point you should note is the fact that
these MIL’s are growing older and nearer to the
grave daily, hence, psychologically, their thinking
and reasoning faculties tend to diminish and they
begin to act like children they nag, shout, wail
and all manners sort of that children do. They are

These and many more are the reasons why MIL’s
end up acting weird.

1. Before you can take on your parents-in-law,
especially your MIL, you need to give yourself a
time out (and on more than one occasion) to
evaluate the situation and develop a game plan
that’s right for you. Find a quiet space, free of
distractions, where you can note everything that
has taken place to date.
Allow yourself to process the list, mulling and
fuming over it—getting all feelings out—until you
can revisit it with a calmer frame of mind. This
will enable you to constructively take on the
situation, coming from a more rationale versus
emotional space, in moving forward.

2. Consider where your MIL is coming from.
With or without empathyor sympathy, try to see
your MIL’s side of the story and how her
behavior may be a symptom of larger issues she
has with herself and her relationship with her son
—and not you. In some cases, his mother’s
hostility towards you is an act of frustration over
being disconnected from him. If this is the case,
this is something that your husband needs to
work on with his mother.(Probably he is being
distant from her and she needs attention)
While challenging, try to be objective as you
evaluate the situation. Honestly ask yourself if
she has a valid opinion about matters. Consider if
her actions and words are coming from a place of
love, and if this needs to be acknowledged in
managing her. Consider, too, if she’s struggling
with feelings of having been dethroned as the
family’s powerful matriarch, and if there are ways
you can still make her feel important and needed
in her own way.

3. Ask yourself what role you’re playing in this
situation and its maintenance.
There are situations where a person has done
nothing to cause the relationship with in-laws to
become strained. Yet there are also situations
where the DIL is doing, or not doing, something
that is causing the in-laws to treat her the way
they are (whether or not it’s warranted).
So think back to how you’ve been engaging your
in-laws and honestly ask yourself if a third party
could possibly find fault with that. Are you a total
victim in this scenario or do you do or say things
to instigate a negative response? If so, consider
how you can change the way you’re handling the
situation, or reacting to it, as not to invite any

4.Be okay with not having in-law approval.
You don’t need anyone’s approval to live your life
the way you want to. Don’t drive yourself crazy
trying to get the thumb’s up from your in-laws.
Not having a care in the world as to what they
think about you will be incredibly freeing and

1.Don’t try to fake a relationship that isn’t there.
Yes, they’re legally your parents-in-law, but are
they really family with the way they’re treating
you? Don’t refer to your in-laws as “Dad” or
“Mother,” as neither is your parent and there is
no intimacy or warmth that warrants use of the
terms. Too, using these words adds to the power
dynamic of these elders being the ones on top. By
calling your parents-in-law by their first names,
you create a more level playing field.

2. Be assertive.
This needs to be central in your tactics, no matter
what you’re communicating. While initial attempts
to engage your in-laws should be courteous, the
problem with being too polite, for fear of coming
across as rude or pushy, is that you don’t
establish necessary boundaries. Thus, you aren’t
able to communicate how deep the problems are,
and how troubled you are by them.
Remember, you’re not necessarily dealing with a
person or people who are nice. You don’t need to
always play nice in getting your points across.
Be you, be alive and natural.

3. Avoid stooping to her level.
It is tempting to fight fire with fire, taking digs at
your MIL or calling her names or being equally
rude. But don’t go there. In having discussions,
no matter how heated, stick with the facts.
Interact using mindfulness, and in taking the
higher road without compromising how you will
allow yourself to be treated.
Mother-in-laws are suppose to be blessing and
guardian angels to wives. Unfortunately, its the
other way around for most married women
especially young wives in their 20’s.

Try as much
as possible to apply the tips and hints above.
Never forget prayers too. Don’t hate on your MIL.

If the issue is more critical, contact me. Let’s sort it out by His Grace.


Google Live Event in EKSU; Register To Participate

You’re specially invited to Google I/O Extended Ekiti State university.

Date: Thursday 28th – Friday 29th May, 2015.
Time: 10:00am prompt
Venue: Computer Engineering Lab, Ground Floor, Faculty of Engineering, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.
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About Google I/O:
Google I/O is an annual software developer-focused conference held by Google in San Francisco, California. Google I/O features highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more. Google I/O was started in 2008. The “I” and “O” stand for input/output, and “Innovation in the Open”. The format of the event is similar to that of the Google Developer Day.
Google I/O Extended 2015 (Ekiti State University) is directed towards creating a network of software developers (Web and Mobile), by  gathering the ones we have in the GDG Chapter of our University, and bringing in more developers across the University (which span across Computer-Science, Mathematics Science and Engineering) to come and learn and view Google featuring its newest technologies. Some short learning session about the latest web development tool from Google (Google Polymer) will take place too. The event solely target evangelizing Google newest technology. 
Register @
Invite others via Google+ using
Contents and things you can’t afford to miss:
Live  Google Videos I/O 2015 San Francisco
Learn About latest Google Technology and you could use them in your projects.
Furnishing your projects with Google APIs
More Lesson on Web App development using Polymer
Hackathon! Hackathon!! Hackathon!!!
Great and Amazing Prizes!
FreeBies and Giveaways:
Customized GDG Ekiti State University T-Shirts (See shirts from EKSU Ladies Tech-Day for tip of the iceberg)
Free Power banks
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Free Codes!!!
You can’t afford to miss this!!!
See you at the program!!!
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Photo: EKSU Management Teaches Wickedness as an Entrepreneurship Course

Earlier this semester, Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State introduced an Entrepreneurship Course across all levels in the school; from 100 to 500Level.

However, since the course was introduced, there had never been a lecture or materials like photocopies or textbooks distributed to the students. The students registered the course with N1000.

Last week, a broadcast was sent on BBM, Whatsapp and Facebook notifying the students that a lecture was going to hold today starting by 8am to 2pm for all the levels.

At least, each category or level has a minimum of 2000 students. This students are to be in a class for the lecture.

After about an hour beyond the scheduled time, two lecturers came into one of the classes, the one for the 300Level students, and stood at the podium for some times without talking to the students.

They tried to leave the class when the students halted them with a shout. They claimed the students were making noise. They later left the class.

The unavailability of Public Address System made the class worst as there was no adequate communication between the lecturers and the students.

This is what one of the students said when CLOUDGOSSIPS.COM interview her;

“This is wickedness! We are in the middle of exam but they are here teaching us. I’m having an exam tomorrow too. Imagine!

I see this as a form of exploiting us. There is no practical attached to the course and we did a course on entrepreneurship in our first year.”

Later on, the two lecturers and other senior lecturers came in and separated the class into 3. One of them claimed, when addressing the students, that he lectures in Afe Babalola University and Harvard University but they don’t behave the way the students behaved.

Even after the splitting of class into three, the lecturers could only lecture those in the front roll as students could not hear what they taught.

Some of the classes were turned to comedy class just like the section of announcing presidential election results by the Returning Officer of Rivers state.

The entrepreneurship course exam is scheduled to hold on the 7th of May, 2015.

Is this entrepreneurship or Enter-Pre-Hardship?

Go And Do Likewise by Olawale Perfect

I was just scrolling through my facebook timeline when I saw this story again of the guy that trekked from Lagos to Abuja because Buhari won the election. Sincerely, it is a commendable effort.
Somebody might say why is he wasting his time but the truth is that he was able to process a point
which is that anything is possible for the determined person. I can imagine him get tired and hungry some of the time, I can imagine some people calling him to say “why are you wasting your time like this”.
I can imagine people saying

“it is not worth it” but Suleiman Hashimu turned deaf ears to all of them and persevered till he got
to the end of the race. When eventually he arrived at Abuja, he met with the president Elect Muhammadu Buhari who gave him a handshake.

I pondered about it and I am reminded about this
scripture Have you seen that man that is diligent in what
he made up his mind to do?
Very soon he would be shaking hands with Kings and Presidents, he
would not be relegated to the same place with lazy people.
At the beginning of this year, some of us began a race. We set goals to grow our spiritual life, to
develop our finances, to get an additional degree, to start a new business, to build interpersonal
relationships, to have a closer walk with God etc.
It is like trekking to Abuja. 
Where are you in that
journey, some people are still at Lagos planning and waiting when we are already in the fourth
month, others have gotten to Ibadan but they are tired and are no longer running again but there
are some who remain dogged despite the challenges. 
They choose to keep running even
when situations become more difficult.
By the time the year comes to an end, not everyone
would have arrived at their destination but I know you would have gone beyond your imagination
because you would take another step today.
This is also true about our walk with God. You
would sometimes feel discouraged and may even have reasons to doubt God some of the time (Ask
Joseph or Job to explain that) but one thing you must never do is to give up. Keep running and
keep pressing on. You are closer to the end than you were at the beginning.
Where did you write your goals and plans? Quick, go and look for it
and get back on the track, it is time to keep running. Don’t be discouraged!
What are you still waiting for?
#GoAndDoLikewise !

My Last Girl (Series 2)

On Tuesday morning, Frank called me to remind me of the tutorial class he had organized for his class in which he wanted me to take.
He heard I made an ‘A’ in the course when I was in 200Level while most students failed the course that year. I could remember, the next grade to me was a ‘C’, the only ‘C’. The rest were ‘D’s and below.
So, being the Governor of his class, he made arrangements for me to come and tutor them.
Apart from the fact that I love teaching, another factor I would denied food to tutor students, especially lower classes, was that I met new preys I predate on.

“No problem Frank, just make sure you keep to time. I will be there” I replied Frank on the phone. “You know I always have my markers” I added.
It had been my culture to buy white Board markers to teach. I believe that for you to teach effectively, you must sacrifice something apart from time. The ‘something’ I chose to sacrifice apart from my time with them was buying markers.
The next day, after Prof D’s lecture (I don’t know why it always happened after his class), I was outside waiting for Sarah when I had a glimpse of Angel-Sent. Without thinking twice, I made for her direction.
When I got to her back, I became so nervous and afraid to call her attention. I never fell such fear before in my entire life. It was the same hairdo she had in my last dream I was seeing. If I was a light ray, I would have penetrated through her short red gown without reflecting.
Just when I had surmounted courage to call her, Sarah called my name. “What are you doing here? I thought we agreed to meet after the class.” She asked. “Yes but I had to come and check if this class is available for the tutorial I told you.” I lied. “You could have told me at least. I was just looking for you.” “I’m sorry dear.” I replied.
Hearing my last statement, the girl in short red gown I had trailed to that area looked back. “This is not the girl or…” As I was still thinking in my heart, the girl walked towards us.
“Sarah” she girl called. Sarah looked at the girl confusedly. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember me again.” She added. “I met you at the beach last summer holiday and you kept myyyy” “company” Sarah interrupted. “Precious right?” “Yes! That’s my name” Precious answered.
Sarah felt sorry for not remembering in time and apologized. “Meet Lawrence.” She said as she introduced me. “Oh! Nice meeting you Precious” I quickly finished the introduction to avoid further information about us. Just then my phone rang. It was Frank calling.
“Give me 5minutes, I’ll be in your class.” I answered him. I excused myself from them and went for the tutorial.
Everybody in the class stood up to greet me as I entered the class. I appreciated them but warned them not to do such again as I was just a tutor.
I didn’t expect who I saw when I requested for marker. I had left my marker in my hostel. That would be the first time I would forget to take my markers to class.
I just hope this is not another dream. The same girl that had been troubling my dreams and thoughts now stood right in front of me.
“Who are you please?” I asked. “The Deputy Class Governor.” She answered softly. “and your name?” “Love” she replied. “Okay, thanks for the marker, and remember to take it back from me” I said.
After teaching them for about 3½ hours, I left the class pretending to have forgotten her marker. I thought she would meet me to collect it after the class but she didn’t.
Later that evening as I was regurgitating what transpired in the class; her smiles, her face when I asked if anybody understood me, her long hair, etc, my phone rang again.
I had to really pretend I was not nervous when I knew Love was the one who called me. I thought she had called to ask for the marker but she called to ask how she could get to my hostel as what I thought them in the class was not clear to her.
After describing my hostel and room for some seconds she told me she would be there in 10minutes.
I don’t wish to have such a short time again. I had to make sure my room was at the right atmosphere and all that. Just then, had a knock on my door.
“Who is it?” I asked. “It’s me. Love.” She answered. “Come in” I replied.
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My Last Girl (Story Series)

“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. I didn’t mean to smash your books.

She turned and gave me a warm smile and replied “It’s okay.”

That smile was the type that I had never seen in my entire life. Her set of teeth were so glittering and the lips were calling.

As she walked away with her books, I stood in the middle of the road steering at the way she took her steps; taking one leg over the other (maybe that’s what they call Cat-walking) and the way she twisted her waist could make any Professor in my school misspell his name (smiles).

“Could this be an Angel-Sent or what on earth would she be doing on this earth?” I thought.

Just as I was still thinking of the divine creature that I just saw, Sarah tabbed me at the back. “Hey, what’s up? You said you were gonna come to my hostel yesterday. Why didn’t I see you?” She asked. “Oh, that? I got to catch up with some things. I’m sorry” I replied.

Sarah was the first girl I wooed when I came into the Prestigious University.

I think I met almost all, if not all, of my girlfriends the same way.

I met Sarah on my way to the Lecture Theater (LT) for Prof Danda’s (popularly called Prof D) course.

She asked me for direction to the LT in which I, myself, didn’t know. I had to lie to her that I knew the place not knowing that we were heading to the same venue. Thank God I applied the tactics I used to use when I was in the Secondary school.

After the class that day, Sarah came to me and thanked me for the other time and also requested that I teach her the course Prof D just lectured us as she wasn’t really good at Mathematics.

We agreed to meet in my hostel as we exchanged mobile numbers.

Since then, she has been my closest girlfriend even though I had so many girlfriends ( some of them I can’t remember their names ). One of the reasons being that she was very good in bed. She would always tell me she wanted more; more kisses, more cuddling, more and more of everything.

One more reason was that she was the daughter of the Senate President.

I couldn’t really figure out why she loved me but I knew down within me that she was just like one of those girls I dated. Dating for fun.

She insisted we went home from the road she met me as I was still thinking of that Angel-Sent lady even though I was reluctant. That’s because I knew every damn time we had privately led to sex. I was tired of that but I had to follow her so as to get what I always demanded from her ~ money.

The next morning, I woke up very early to go to where I meant Angel-Sent. I waited from morning till evening but could find her. I did that for the three days but to no avail.

Her thoughts kept coming back to me even when went on our First Semester break. Through out the holiday, I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t wait for resumption.

When we resumed to school for the Second Semester, I searched everywhere for this girl but couldn’t fine her. I didn’t know her name, department or anything about her, maybe that could have helped. The only thing I knew about her was that incidence where her books scattered on the ground.

One day, as I sat under the Delonix regia ( a plant that has shade ), I saw this Angel-Sent approaching me. She walked majestically towards me, stopped in my front, bent down and kissed me. I was dumbfounded! “I’m here to kill you” she whispered.
“Kill me? Go ahead please” I replied. She tried kissing me again when I realized I was dreaming.

“What a nice kiss! I wish you come back again.” I thought in my heart. I just loved the way she gently kissed me. I almost freezed when her long hairs touched me. This made me so desperate to see her in the real life forgetting she said she had come to kill me.

Maybe the word *kill* meant another thing. Maybe I have found the love of my life or could it be that she came to pay me back of all I had been doing?

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