In your Life’s Blueprint


Most times, the strongest of all are those who fight and conquer battles that nobody has an inkling about (Ademola Adelu).

Only those who have experienced darkness can truly value the significance of light.

However, this writeup is mainly targeted at Young school leavers just like the writer himself. For this is the most important and crucial moment in life.

You should always realise that; What you decide now and venture into may depict the way your entire life shall go.

This  forms the genesis of this great question- Do you have a proper, a solid and a sound blueprint???

If you chose No, it is never too late. Take a deep breathe and ruminate on this food for thoughts as the core of your life’s blueprint.

The Core of Your Life’s Blueprint

# Always Have a Stern Belief in Your own Dignity:

Do not allow any one make you feel you are worthless. Always feel that you have worth by justifying that with ur innate abilities and strengths. You also have to always own your life with ultimate significance and high esteem.

# Set Defined and Achievable Goals:

As days unfold, keep drawing out the road map of your life as regards to the work you will do, strategic steps to crossing the hurdle and finally take action.

# Act With Focus,Total Dedication and Determination:

Once you have discovered what you will do in life, set out to do it well with the zeal and determination to achieving excellence in your desired path. Always ensure every moment pays tribute towards the ultimate goal.

If beign a Bush proves abortive at the moment, be  a Tree,
If being a  Sun proves abortive at the moment, be a Star,
If beign a Highway proves abortive at the moment, be a Trail

For its not by size that you win or you fail. Just be whatever you are as long as you are still on the right track to you final destination.

To crown it up, I would like to conclude with this inspirational quote of a renowned motivational speaker (Martin Luther King);

If you can’t fly, run,
If you can’t run, walk,
If you can’t walk, crawl

Always remember that the life of  any successful person today, has never being like that of a Crystal stair or a straight line graph. Hence, you must keep moving until you achieve your ultimate goals.

Author: Ademola Adelu


Have you ever been in a situation where it seems you woke up from the wrong side of your bed? Where everything just seems it is not going the way you planned? Or perhaps have someone turned you down or not appreciate you after doing a great job? Have you ever felt in such a way that you cant explain why you are gloomy and feeling unhappy? Have someone ever said something to you that killed your morale all through the day? If you have ever experienced any of this, congratulations you are not in this alone.

But when you find yourself in this situation how do you handle it, am pretty sure many of us transfer our aggression to people and make them pay for what they knew nothing about. It makes people immediately notice when you are not in the mood or perhaps when you have mood swing . it becomes so bad for you as a leader at home, workplace and every section where you lead because it affects your effectiveness and thereby damping others morale and emotions. May I tell you this as a leader it is not enough for you to be very intelligent even though it is a key factor in leading others but if your emotional intelligence is very low then am careful to say that your organization is going down the drain because as a leader you are meant to influence others and a very important way of doing this is how you communicate, and your emotion at this part plays a key role.

So you might what to ask what is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence refers to the capability of a person(leader) to manage and control his or her emotions and possess the ability to control the emotions of others as well, that is,they can influence the emotions of other people also.

Having established the fact that emotional intelligence is a very important skill in leadership. it has been researched that for one to be emotionally intelligent this five elements must be seen as a trait in such a person which are:

SELF-AWARENESS: How aware are you of your environment, this makes you be in a better position to understand others, and affect people around you, this also means you are aware of your strengths and weakness. And anytime you experience anger try take note of what made you annoyed.

SELF-REGULATION: This is the next step in which you think and digest what you intend saying before spilling it out and this would impact others in a positive way, that is, you must be accountable to yourself whenever you make a mistake and always try to be calm in whatever situation.

MOTIVATION: How motivated are you when faced with series of tasks, when you are motivated as a leader it becomes easy for you to influence others, as a leader show your followers how it is done by leading by example and always see something good in every challenge you find yourself.

EMPHATY: As a emotional intelligent person, how well are you able to put yourself in other’s shoes before judging them and as a leader you should be able to empathise  with others because this in turn makes you earn the respect of your followers.

SOCIAL SKILLS: This is about communicating your point of view to your follower, and this is needed to help build relationship and in turn makes them trust you as a leader.

Diagram showing elements of emotional intelligence 

Check yourself if you are truly emotionally intelligent, in my next article I would be sharing with us signs that shows you lack emotional intelligence. I would appreciate you seek honest opinions of others especially your followers and ask them how you react when you are annoyed? And how well you handle tasks under pressure?  This would give you a direction on where you need to adjust and be emotionally intelligent.
Till we meet again on leaders corner I remain OLUWATOBI OKE (pastorgoody)

Breaking: Whatsapp down as we enter 2018

Whatsapp down

Is Whatsapp down? So many people are reporting that WhatsApp is Down even as we approach 2018. Why is whatsapp down? No one knows for now.

Probably, whatsapp is down because of too many statuses and messages across the app.

Anyways, this is not the first time and we hope something is done about it quickly.

Happy New Year in advance.



As the new election year (2019) draws close, as expected, we will see renewed efforts from the current government to respond rapidly to issues talked about by the masses and countless corn-eating, garri sipping, cute family portraits and other mass appealing activities by the Nigerian political class.

This is always expected. Just in case you aren’t aware, it is good for you to know so now before you start posting about how humble so and so is by eating regular food and taking family photos with high fives and whatnots.

You just might not have realized that these politicians use foreign consultants who study your behavior and come up with strategies that will make you go ‘awwwww’, becloud your reasoning and make you vote for their clients while they take fat cheques or heavy wire transfers and their clients sit on you and siphon money through fat budgets they hardly ever implement.

Once the local consultants study what works from the campaign of the other man, they tweak it a bit and play it on you and get the same result. They count on your stupidity and lack of sense of reasoning.

Yes. They do.
They are image experts and know just what to do to make their clients look good and wire him up as a choice into your head so that you throw in or sell out your support to them, idolizing them or better still, idolizing the smoke screen image they put up before you.

This has been the case in both the presidential and state government race.

What we don’t realize is that POWER truly belongs to the people and the more people they can fool, the more power they can have given up from the masses and over to them. They play you up and have you give away your power through your vote and blind loyalty and then they bring in their preferred candidates on different levels of governance and have them take your power too on those levels by brandishing party sentiments mixed with nonsensical emblems and money transfers where necessary.

It’s been a POWER PLAY all along. They play you up and take the power from you, get into office and underperform and when election year comes by, they whip up sentiments again and have you vote them in or those that they feel are loyal to them….sadly, many enjoy this abusive relationship or are too placid to notice.

Nigerians, when will we wake up?

Recently I have seen many people that supported politicians in the last election come out to say they wish they had never supported them. I remember using my social media walls to speak up in warning that Nigerians should not buy the ‘BS’ these politicians cook up but should rather evaluate their precedents and clearly stated intentions of the presidential and gubernatorial candidates. Many said to me ‘Philip, leave that thing…this particular candidate I support is a messiah’.

Today, most of them are condemning the same person they supported and raising their voices higher in condemnation while some are still too stunned or too proud to admit their wrong choice.

They totally forgot that power belongs to the people in their bid to give power to a superman they thought has all the power to ‘change’ Nigeria. Power belongs to the people, once the illusion they concoct is kept on the people, power is taken from the people.

As the next election year draws close, as usual, politicians have started politicking and throwing up sentiments in your faces. New emotional coats of paint will be painted white into your hearts and in no time, you are expected to forget the journey so far and get caught in the frenzy of campaigning for them and defending your preferred candidate while attacking those that support their opponent(s), forgetting that at the end of it all, these guys enjoy while you and your fellow masses you cuss out will be the ones with the repercussions.

Today, I make my stance clear. Any candidate that belongs to the past of Nigeria and that is not capable of moving Nigeria forward into a better reality is not my choice of candidate for the presidency. If a candidate can’t speak for himself or herself and put precedents before us of what he/she has achieved as well as give us a clear road map of what he/she will achieve for Nigeria as a president, he/she is not my president.

If any presidential hopeful thinks playing up on the sentiments of the people will work for him/her, then I must say, it depends on the number of people he/she can still fool this time around.

Dear Nigerians, it really is up to us. We are the ones that feel the repercussions of the bad choices of leadership. These guys are cushioned by the money they siphon while in government and hardly ever feel the result of their poor choices, lack of foresight and poor performance. We must wake up and guard the process of giving them power and also get to hold them accountable for their performance while in office by putting their campaign promises right before us and evaluating their performance in delivering those promises.

No, we must not make silly excuses for these ones. No one must allow anybody whip up sentiments from us, get into power and underperform and then come all humble again when it is election time to get our heads turned again. We must not also allow anyone ride on the winds of the poor performance of the government, get into power and do even worse.

We must guard the process. These people don’t even need our votes. Yes, until we find a credible way of conducting genuine elections, they won’t need our vote. All they need is to be popular amongst us and they will ride on that popularity to rig themselves into victory whether you vote or not.

So, we need to be careful who we make popular as a candidate via our social media handles and media appearances. We need to be careful who we allow the conversations tilt to in support as the election year draws close. All the powers that be need to see is who we talk fondly of most and that’d be all they need to rig them into power. They do so with the hope that there won’t be an outcry since the majority supports them.

Let’s be wiser this 2019.

If the current president wants to be re-elected, he must show us what he has done in his first tenure within and away from his campaign promises and also be able to show us what has been done with the budgets we hear so much about during senate hearings and seem to not see much in implementation.

If anybody that has previously been in government position wants to come back as our president, he/she must show us what he/she did previously in government and also face any allegation of fraud that may come up as well as show us a road map of what he or she would achieve in power and be ready to be held accountable within his/her first tenure of the promises made during campaign.

If any new candidate that has not been in power before wants to join the presidential race, he or she must show us antecedents/achievements from their place of business or service and a clear road map of what they want to achieve and be ready too to be held accountable if they underperform within a tenure.

That said, if you are a presidential hopeful and have no antecedents or true commitment to the betterment of the lives of Nigerians, YOU ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT.

If you think eating corn, sipping garri, taking family portraits and playing up antics that will make you look like an underdog while you grasp power and underperform, YOU ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT.

If you think congratulating music stars with huge fan base for awards they win or singles they release while we have a Nigerian whose robot is currently being sold by Apple that never got congratulated by you because he has no fan base you can look good to while you campaign, YOU ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT.

Whoever you are, if you have no clear intentions that will lead this country to a better place, reduce the cost of living and make citizens have a sense of belonging to a country they can fondly call home, YOU ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT.

Finally, if your vision can’t move this nation forward and to get on par with or even surpass developed nations in technology, education, governance, security, industries, etc, YOU ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT.

Nigerians, let’s open our eyes. Let’s understand that these guys need popularity even more than our votes. Let’s be careful who we make popular. They count on you to fill their stadiums. They count on you to use your social media walls to support their candidacy. They count on you to influence those who follow you to support them. It’s a power play. Be sure who you give that power to is the right candidate that should be your president.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Philip Asuquotes is a strategy consultant. He studied Mass Communication in the University of Nigeria Nsukka and has been active in the sphere of branding and brand communications. He is the convener of PAQ SESSION, a live innovation and thought leadership summit. He can be reached via or @philasuquotes on Twitter and instagram.

Man of the Month: Engr Joseph Ajilore at 60

Engr Joseph Ajilore is a man of honour worth celebrating over and over again. In this special edition of our Man of the Month, we are celebrating him. We consider his nomination by Ajilore Oluseyi as worthing it. He is celebrating 60th birthday (diamond) and he is retiring from Total Ng Ltd after 28 years in service.

Interestingly, he is an Arsenal fan and he plays table tennis till date.

Read what Oluseyi sent to us that made him won:

It is with great pleasure that I write this piece on this special day. I provides me anopportunity to celebrate an icon and trailblazer. To some birthday is merely count of numbers, but unto us it is celebration of the faithfulness of God in your life.

The scriptures admonished us to number our days – to deeply consider our own frailty, and the shortness and uncertainty of life. On this note I bless the Lord God for keeping you and causing His light to shine upon you.

I pray that He will bless you with long life and make you grow more intimately in theknowledge of His Son Jesus. 

You kind gestures throughout my first degree will never be taken lightly, and I promise to make most of it. Your words of advice are evidently actionable and rewarding. I pray that more wisdom will be bestowed you you as you grow stronger. Just like tree you grow stronger with year. 

On Your  Retirement

The evening of a well-spent life brings its lamps with it.

Congratulations. You have earned a much deserved break from your ever hectic schedule. You have worked so hard all these years. Now is the time you enjoy the results of that hard work. Have a wonderful post-retirement phase sir.

Retirement is an opportunity to enjoy life in a new way, the right to stop work and do the 1,001 things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for, and a chance to give yourself over to new challenges and adventures.

1Kings 5:4 But now the LORD my God hath given you rest on every side, so that there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence. I pray that the you will ever enjoy this rest in Jesus’ name.

Much love sir

Ajilore Oluseyi

See more of his photos below:


Abraham Akomolafe, a Facebook user had proposed reasons why Ayo Fayose would win the next presidential election in Nigeria. Even though, President Muhammadu Buhari is not really performing, according to him, the Northerners would still vote for him if he proceed for second term.

REMEMBER: I ain’t a loyalist and I am not partisan too. #Facts

NOW, these are my reasons:

Please note that the only hurdle Ayo Fayose needs to scale is the PDP primaries.

And he may scale that even though presidency has been zoned to the north which is not his region. Yes! He may.

He can scale it because PDP is dying to get hold of Nigeria back

Straight to the reasons:


If Buhari runs for second term (which looks like it), The North will vote for him (buhari) – Because history reveals that the northerners can do anything to support their people even if he is not competent or sick


The south-west will not vote for Buhari, Do I need to tell you why? Abi you that is a south-westerner, will you vote for BUhari again?


The south-easterners will never vote for Buhari or any other Northerners

The clamour for Biafra is a revolt against Northern presidency. “What you did for Jonathan, we will do for you”. That is it.

Now, Fayose has appealed to the Easterners by showing solidarity for Kanu. (He has appealed, not to the majority. Using what I call SEED STRATEGY – Planting a seed of loyalty/love. Without even the land owners noticing.

In our usual behaviour of choosing between ‘two evil alternatives’, the Easterners will have to go for a Yoruba man (which is dearer to them than an Hausa) and Fayose (Who has gained the love of a few of them, A love which can spread like petrol fire. (shebi it is election).


It will take the Yorubas time to come to terms with the support for Fayose, because his recent words were ‘anti Yoruba majority’ who voted Buhari (APC). But in the end, with a well co-Ordinated publicity, Yorubas will have to support their brother. And of course, choose someone who is not as ‘worse’ as Buhari.


The south-south are almost like the Igbos. They will never vote for a Northerner.

Considering the above factors, in a quest to get back Nigeria by all means, PDP may have to allow Ayo Fayose to take the ticket. That would be after many controversies and fights though.

Therefore, FAYOSE 2019 president = North – (SW+SE+SS) + others (Few from North Central/Middle belt)

I know you will say, He is incompetent, he is not capable, he is that. Well, that is not what wins elections. The intellectuals do not want to agree, but the real politicians know that. The majority are the low-class who votes purely on sentiments…

Do you see Fayose wining the election?

Drop your comments below.

Senate begs ASUU to call off ongoing strike

Senate begs ASUU to call off ongoing strike. The Senate has spoken to the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), to cancel its continuous strike in light of a legitimate concern for the understudies and Nigerians by and large.

Sen. Jibrin Barau, Chairman, Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TETFUND, made the interest while tending to newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said that while the senate felt for the union, its individuals should cancel the hit while consulting with the Federal Government towards finding enduring answer for the issue.

Barau said the Senate, in a letter sent to it by ASUU, learnt that piece of the grievance was absence of trust in the board of trustees set up by the government to re-arrange the 2009 assention.

The administrator reviewed that when the union proclaimed cautioning strike not long ago, the Senate mediated and guaranteed that the issue did not wait.

He said that ASUU did not report back to the senate on the troubles it had in the re-transaction with the board of trustees before leaving on the strike.

He encouraged the union to re-consider its position and come back to the re-transaction to spare the understudies, guardians and the whole country the negative impacts that would come about because of the activity.

Barau guaranteed that the panel would screen the settlement procedure amongst ASUU and the board set up by the Federal Government to guarantee agreeable determination of the issue.

He stated: “Let me say that we are extremely worried about what is occurring in our colleges.

“The Senate and in fact, the National Assembly, has been in the bleeding edge of ensuring that we demonstration quickly at whatever point it is important to check from the beginning any issue that is raising its head.

“I need to state that it was the motivation behind why we chose to intercede promptly when the notice strike move was going to make place and we did all our best to unite the two groups to arrange.

“That was what prompted the setting up of the Wale Babalakin council.

“ASUU raised issues that needed to do with their recompenses and part of it was caught in the supplementary spending that we sat back.

“In the ensuing spending plans, some of these regions were likewise dealt with.”

Inquired as to whether the Senate would declare law to ban Nigerians from taking their youngsters outside the nation to examine, Barau said that such law would not be to the greatest advantage of Nigeria.

“It is something that we know won’t be useful for our nation.

“We realize that it is constantly great to blend with individuals from different parts of the world with regards to the issue of training.

You can’t be an island to yourself; that “you will stay here in Nigeria and say you would not have any desire to interface with others.

“It is not something that has been done in any piece of the world.

“You know that understudies from Cameroon, Niger and different parts of the world come here.

“We have traded understudies who originate from even the European countries to this nation.

“You should have that collaboration. What we should state is this: we should ensure that we create colleges and instructive foundations to the level of those that we send our youngsters to.

“That is something that ought to be finished. Yet, saying that understudies ought not go to different nations, that I believe is not going to be beneficial for us,” he said.

Managing a Harsh and Mean Mother-in-law

“Vroooooooo…..m” came from the exotic kitchen
of the Sampsons’s. Clara is in a suit trouser and
shirt, she has the sleeves from her purple shirt
folded and her right hand on the blender to keep
it tight, the juice from the blending squirted in her
face to form lots of ‘red pimples’.

Every minute,
she throws her face left and right to keep her
long braids from blinding her.
Barefooted, she paces hurry on the marbled floor
to get lunch fixed for the family.

The old wrinkled feet carrying the 63 years old
body steps into the kitchen ares, hands folded
behind, body slightly bend forward, a glasses
sitting on the pointed nose to help the deep old
green eye balls see well. Mama, is tying a lace
wrapper around her chest which flags down to her
shins as she wore this ‘irritated’ look on her face.

“OH! Mama? You’r up? I sent chidinma to check
you when I arrived and told me you were asleep”
Clara said with a big smile that exposed her deep

“I yam up, sebi is the noise from your blendi
bulendi that woke me, “
“OH my!! Mama am sorry, but I just have to fix
things up before Michael returns from work
“Why he won’t return hungry bikonu, ehn? When
all you can cooku is maggots and long ropes”
“Mama, they are his favorites o Michael loves
continental di…”

“Gree me hear word abegi!! Gbo!!! You mother
didn’t train you? She didn’t put you in between
her laps in the kitchen to learn?”
“Mama E ma binu (don’t be pissed) its just
“Go back and suck your mothers breast properly
and let me give mai chaid(child) good foodu”…
…Mama retorted as she brushes Clara off the
way with her shoulder and goes out through the
back door leaving Clara with hot tears on her

In Nigeria, data shows that 65%married women
complain of having a harsh and mean mother-in-
law like Mama up there in their lives. Some of
these women curse these MIL’s(mother-in-law)
some want them dead and some don’t even
wanna see them.

Majority of these women claims that they have
done all they could to please their MIL’s but all
to know avail.

Okay, how do I manage my mean MIL ?
The first thing we MUST consider firstly is why
are these MIL’s like this?

This is it….
The one and only reason why your MIL tends to
act that way and tries to get between you and
your husband is because THEY ARE JEALOUS!

Yeah! That may sound funny but its the hard
truth about it.

They are bound to be jealous because you see,
majority of MIL’s don’t get the luxury their DIL’s
(daughter-in-law) are getting.
Some on the other end can’t stand to see another
woman taking proper care of their son. These
MIL’s are very observant, they look at other
families and say to their sons. “Your wife is the
reason why you don’t have time to takia of me”

These MIL’s mean no harm dearest reader, they
are only being jealous and envious.
On another end are those MIL’s who tell lies to
their sons to frame the wife up probably to send
her packing or something else.

The husband who believes such lies is to blame.
Because many married men claiming to be grown
are still mama’s boy and need to break up from
their mothers chains of “come here and sit

These MIL’s see the wife of their son as taking
their place and want to get back in. They feel you
can’t do it as good as they would and that you
cannot know their son better than they do.

Hence, outta love and fear for their son, they try to step

Another point you should note is the fact that
these MIL’s are growing older and nearer to the
grave daily, hence, psychologically, their thinking
and reasoning faculties tend to diminish and they
begin to act like children they nag, shout, wail
and all manners sort of that children do. They are

These and many more are the reasons why MIL’s
end up acting weird.

1. Before you can take on your parents-in-law,
especially your MIL, you need to give yourself a
time out (and on more than one occasion) to
evaluate the situation and develop a game plan
that’s right for you. Find a quiet space, free of
distractions, where you can note everything that
has taken place to date.
Allow yourself to process the list, mulling and
fuming over it—getting all feelings out—until you
can revisit it with a calmer frame of mind. This
will enable you to constructively take on the
situation, coming from a more rationale versus
emotional space, in moving forward.

2. Consider where your MIL is coming from.
With or without empathyor sympathy, try to see
your MIL’s side of the story and how her
behavior may be a symptom of larger issues she
has with herself and her relationship with her son
—and not you. In some cases, his mother’s
hostility towards you is an act of frustration over
being disconnected from him. If this is the case,
this is something that your husband needs to
work on with his mother.(Probably he is being
distant from her and she needs attention)
While challenging, try to be objective as you
evaluate the situation. Honestly ask yourself if
she has a valid opinion about matters. Consider if
her actions and words are coming from a place of
love, and if this needs to be acknowledged in
managing her. Consider, too, if she’s struggling
with feelings of having been dethroned as the
family’s powerful matriarch, and if there are ways
you can still make her feel important and needed
in her own way.

3. Ask yourself what role you’re playing in this
situation and its maintenance.
There are situations where a person has done
nothing to cause the relationship with in-laws to
become strained. Yet there are also situations
where the DIL is doing, or not doing, something
that is causing the in-laws to treat her the way
they are (whether or not it’s warranted).
So think back to how you’ve been engaging your
in-laws and honestly ask yourself if a third party
could possibly find fault with that. Are you a total
victim in this scenario or do you do or say things
to instigate a negative response? If so, consider
how you can change the way you’re handling the
situation, or reacting to it, as not to invite any

4.Be okay with not having in-law approval.
You don’t need anyone’s approval to live your life
the way you want to. Don’t drive yourself crazy
trying to get the thumb’s up from your in-laws.
Not having a care in the world as to what they
think about you will be incredibly freeing and

1.Don’t try to fake a relationship that isn’t there.
Yes, they’re legally your parents-in-law, but are
they really family with the way they’re treating
you? Don’t refer to your in-laws as “Dad” or
“Mother,” as neither is your parent and there is
no intimacy or warmth that warrants use of the
terms. Too, using these words adds to the power
dynamic of these elders being the ones on top. By
calling your parents-in-law by their first names,
you create a more level playing field.

2. Be assertive.
This needs to be central in your tactics, no matter
what you’re communicating. While initial attempts
to engage your in-laws should be courteous, the
problem with being too polite, for fear of coming
across as rude or pushy, is that you don’t
establish necessary boundaries. Thus, you aren’t
able to communicate how deep the problems are,
and how troubled you are by them.
Remember, you’re not necessarily dealing with a
person or people who are nice. You don’t need to
always play nice in getting your points across.
Be you, be alive and natural.

3. Avoid stooping to her level.
It is tempting to fight fire with fire, taking digs at
your MIL or calling her names or being equally
rude. But don’t go there. In having discussions,
no matter how heated, stick with the facts.
Interact using mindfulness, and in taking the
higher road without compromising how you will
allow yourself to be treated.
Mother-in-laws are suppose to be blessing and
guardian angels to wives. Unfortunately, its the
other way around for most married women
especially young wives in their 20’s.

Try as much
as possible to apply the tips and hints above.
Never forget prayers too. Don’t hate on your MIL.

If the issue is more critical, contact me. Let’s sort it out by His Grace.


CCN in Conjunction with IRSA ABUAD at Delightsome Oaks to donate for Charity

The Christian Charity Network (CCN) in conjunction with the International Relations Students Association of the Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria were at Delightsome Oaks Orphanage Home to share God’s Love and also give donations.

The President of the IRSA ABUAD expressed his love and said he was so happy to see the children and called on others to embrace the act of Charity.

One of the children named Solomon gave them a BrainTeaser questions in which he turned to answer himself.

A girl named Anatu who wants to be a Musician in the future sang a beautiful song for them.

One of the teachers at the Orphanage thanked the groups and advised them to do more.

He added that instead of them longing to meet and identified with Politicians, they have decided to be identified with the less privileged.

“The way to the top starts from the low” he added.

Meanwhile, CCN has called on all to embrace charity.

The meeting was closed with prayers by a boy called Promise in the orphanage and a lady from ABUAD.

You can connect with them via:
Twitter: @ccn4all


Last year, we advertised for TEEHEM CAKES made by a student in LAUTECH and she had tremendous customers, still counting.

Now, she has enlarged her business and also gotten an Oven.

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