#BBNaija2018: A Catalyst for Moral Decadence

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Teddy A and Bam Bam Kissing

The third edition of Big Brother Naija reality show themed ‘double wahala’ has over the weeks been under intense criticism as viewers have continued to question the essence of the reality show.

The show which is supposed to discover talents while entertaining viewers at the same time has become a shadow of itself as all it seems to portray is immorality and other socially unacceptable vices. The housemates see no big deal in indulging in sexual activities live on TV.

The question most viewers have been asking is, “Have they forgotten that the show is being broadcast live on air?” However, while some of the housemates are bold to admit to having sex, others are in denial.

Miracle and Nina started making out in the first week of getting into the house and the pair shamelessly display it like it’s a norm.

Lolu and Anto have been accused of being sexually active with each other. The accusation came from their fellow housemate, Miracle, who claimed that some of the condoms provided by big brother were missing because some housemates other than him and Nina were having sex and he specifically mentioned Anto and Lolu.

However, it is now certain that the duo are having sex which is actually not a surprise as Anto once told evicted housemate, Kbrule, that she is a grown woman and she has slept with quite a number of men.

During the week, Anto boldly told Lolu to have sex with her. In her words, “I want you to have sex with me, Lolu, I love having sex.” In fact, the duo are not ashamed of having sex on live TV as they now display condoms on the headrest of their bed, a move that has since attracted mixed reactions from fellow housemates and viewers.

The latest couple to be caught in the sex scandal is Teddy A and Bambam. The duo were recently caught on camera having sex in the bathroom during their shower time. This latest development has attracted even more negative criticisms than that of Nina and Miracle, Anto and Lolu, Cee-C and Tobi or Alex and Leo.

Alex and Leo have been very discreet about their romance ever since it begun but they seem to have become bolder about it now. Alex who recently cried uncontrollably when Leo left her to chat with Miracle while she was engrossed kissing him, allowed Leo to openly finger her ‘woman’s’ while she moaned with pleasure.

As the weeks go by, the reality show continue to take interesting twists and turns but also continue to put the promotion of sex and immorality at the forefront and majority of its viewers continue to condemn it.

Source: Vanguard

Boobs are not that sexual – Mojisola Omoyemisi

Take your eyes off the boobs for a minute and read.

The society we live in doesn’t frown against public breastfeeding. But a woman whose boobs stay out even half of what you see up here… is seen as a slut.

I bet i would be harassed if I wore a dress that showed this much boobs on a normal day. But two days ago… when I was out, watermelon started to cry and refused his bottle outrightly. One woman came up to me and asked me where the mother was.

I told her am the mother. She gave me the deepest frown of disapproval I have ever seen in my life and asked me what the hell I was putting on a tight fitting cloth for.

“Come here” she said. She pulled me and turned me around forcefully. With one sweep, she pulled down my zipper and asked me to breastfeed him right away if I didn’t want her to pounce on me. I turned around to face the wall… But I brought out my boob totally. As I breastfed a now happy melon, I wondered whether she would be nice to me if I had my boobs out without a baby.

I’m not sure what stand to take. Pro public breastfeeding or against. But I do know that this society is fucked up. Come to think of it… boobs are not that sexual. The primary purpose of boobs is breastfeeding. So why do we make them into such sexual items?

Just why?

How People Make Their Rulers Monsters and Other lessons by Otunba Adeniyi Adebayo

When Otunba Niyi Adebayo won the election to be the Governor of Ekiti State, in 1999, not many people gave him a chance of making any meaningful impact because he was considered a greenhorn. What people, however, did not know was that the young man watching his father, late General Robert Adeyinka Adebayo, former Military Governor of the old Western Region of Nigeria, had gained a lot of insights even without being an active participant.
Niyi, a lawyer by profession, shares notes on his life in the Government House in Ekiti, and lessons for other professionals who want to venture into politics. Enjoy the reading.
Lesson 1: Politics is not dirty.
People use statements like ‘politics is a dirty game’ to drive good people away from politics. For me, what I have come to discover is that the more good people go into politics, the cleaner it will become. If you have clean people going into politics, they will clean up the system. Interestingly people who are insider want to prevent other people from coming in because they don’t want competition, they tell you it is a dirty game, don’t come. No, it is not. That is what I found out. What is politics about? It is about the people who will be in charge of the country. If you don’t have good people in charge of the country, you do not have a good country. So, the cleaner the people that come in, the better it would be for the country. My advice to professionals, Christians, Muslims, and religious people is that the more good people we have in politics, the better for our country. Once you have something good to offer, give it a shot. You never can know what impact you can make.
Lesson 2: You need to create your own identity
For me, going into politics was not to make money; it was about making a name. When you are the child of a successful man, you are always in his shadow. I wanted to come out from under that shadow and make my own name, so that people would not refer to me as General Adebayo’s son, but rather as Niyi Adebayo. I believe I was able to achieve that because my going into politics was not self-serving. It was about service to my people and I saw it as stepping stone to greater things. I do not believe my political life has ended yet. I believe there is still more on the horizon for me politically which I am working towards.
Lesson 3: People turn their rulers into monsters.
One lesson I learnt while in government is that it is people that make governors or presidents to misbehave when they get into office. It is the people that you are governing that turn you into a monster. As a governor, people believe that their whole lives are dependent on you. That is, if they get into your right hand, they can become billionaires tomorrow, even without doing anything. To a large extent, that is true. It will only take one contract and you are made. Consequently, people do not tell their rulers the truth because they want to be in their good books. They elevate them to a god-like status. Even when you are doing foolish things, they will tell you ‘brilliant’, and because everybody is praising you, after a while you too will begin to believe that you are doing the right thing and you begin to question your judgment. And as you keep imbibing their praise-singing, you may lose control of yourself. So, to be a good governor or administrator and not lose control, this is where a good wife comes in handy because when you are losing control, she will tell you things as they are -frankly. But if you don’t have that kind of wife, you will lose control and start to believe everything they tell you even when you know they are not accurate. You start fighting real critics that are criticising you for the good of all. The sycophants will be telling you ‘what do they know, don’t mind them, they are only seeking attention.’ You know as you keep listening to them after a while, you begin to believe the sycophants and everybody that disagrees with you becomes an enemy. I experienced this first hand. It was my wife who helped me to keep my focus.
So, you need a good wife and good old friends, preferably those you grew up together with. Make sure you give them access to you because they will tell you the truth because they know where you are coming from.
I had my father’s experience to teach me. I saw my father as a governor. I saw him after office; I saw how people were with him when he was the governor, I saw how fewer people were with him afterwards. I was able to come to terms with the fact that this thing is temporary; it is not forever. Another luck I had was that I grew up in Lagos; I lived in Lagos. I went to be the governor in Ekiti. When I ended up being governor I came back to Lagos and what I did whenever I was in Lagos as governor, and I want to go out to the polo club or any other such places to relax. I would drive myself; I would take along a security man in mufti. He would wait for me in the car; I would move normal like before. So, I tried as much as possible to be my normal self.
Lesson 4: Give access to as many people as you can
As the governor then, I saw that you could be imprisoned and shut away from good people. But if worked against that by ensuring that as many people that needed to see me had access to me. I would read any letter somebody wrote to me. If it is something I should pass to someone else, I would minute on it. If I needed to reply, I would reply. I was doing that because that was the only way I could get a feel of what was going on in the state. You knew how people were feeling about you. That way, I knew what was happening in the state. Sometimes even before I get security report from the security agencies, I already knew what happened because somebody had already written and told me about it.   I got very useful information this way including an experience where I learnt that my associates were using my name to collect money from those who wanted to get Cof O. I was able to address that by information by an ordinary person who I allowed to see me on a Sunday.
Lesson 5: You need a good home to achieve your dreams.
First of all, I would say that I have been blessed by God because I married a very wonderful woman. My wife is a very wonderful, brilliant and very supportive woman. At a time when I was a struggling lawyer, she was in employment. She had a salary, but I didn’t have. Well, I started with a salary but after working for two years, I set up my own practice. So for quite a while it was a bit of a struggle. But she was there very supportive; she had her salary. If she had not been supportive at the time, life would have been difficult. As a politician, you need a supportive wife. If your wife is harassing you at home, you won’t concentrate in the office. As a matter of fact, as a governor, if your wife is not supportive, you just wouldn’t have the mental wherewithal to perform your duties as a governor.
I must say the women in my life have been supportive because to a large extent I was brought up by my mother.
Lesson 5: God is number one.
I am a practising Anglican; I try as much as possible to go to church every Sunday. I say my prayers every morning before I leave my house. I try to
my duty to God because He has been very good to me and my family. I will continue to praise and glorify his name.
Lesson 6: Friendship is important.
Making and keeping friends has been an important aspect of my journey. I don’t have problems making friends. I have lots of friends. I always tell people that you will not encounter a problem with your friends if you know who they are. So, I always try to know and understand what people are, so that we don’t have problems. If I know you to behave in a certain way and you behave that way to me, it doesn’t create a problem for me because that is what I expect. You hardly ever hear that OtunbaAdebayo and somebody are fighting. Friendship is important to me. I am faithful to my friends and my friends are faithful to me.
Lesson 7: Fun time
I like to have fun. I like to hang out with my friends, sit down have drinks, gist, play. Now and then I go to parties. It is important to enjoy the day as it comes and as you are allowed by God to experience it.
Best advice
One thing my father used to say to all his children while we were growing up was to remember your name. It is not only for you; it is for everybody. If you spoil it, it affects everybody not only you. So, whatever you do in this life, make sure you have a good name. I hold unto that and I have passed it unto my children.
I enjoy reading history. I can’t think of any book that was written on Nigerian Civil War that I have not read. I like biographies. I love reading John F. Kennedy. The other one that has impacted on me greatly was the biography of Abraham Lincoln.
I started the medical school for the University in Ado-Ekiti. When we collected money from the bond, there was a certain amount of money I was supposed to
release to them for the takeoff of the college. Unfortunately, because of administrative lapses I wasn’t able to release that money to them before I left office: that is regret. Other people have tried to take credit for starting the College of Medicine, but I refuse to accept that. I started it; I appointed the first provost; but unfortunately, we were not able to release funds to them for the takeoff before we left office. To a large extent, I have that regret.

Unbelievable! Toyo Baby of Jennifer’s Diary confesses after she had lied she was a Virgin

Nigerian actress and Jenifa’s Diary star, Olayode Juliana popularly known as ‘Toyo Baby’ has revealed the reason behind her claim that she was a virgin. This is unbelievable.

The 22-year-old actress incurred the wrath of Nigerians when she claimed to have lost her virginity to her married teacher at 17.
The raunchy details were contained in her new tell-it-all memoir titled “Rebirth,” released on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the Internet never forgets. The actress, who shot into limelight after starring in Funke Akindele’s hit series, Jenifa’s Dairy, as ‘Toyo baby’ had granted several interviews wherein she claimed to be preserving her virginity until she marries.

Her teeming fans, who adored her stance on sexual purity, were shocked when she contradicted herself in her new book.
The Nollywood actress, however, explained why she lied. According to her, she was led to deny being a virgin when she was taken unawares during a live TV programme.

“People had assumed I was a virgin. I had never said I was but I had never corrected their assumptions either. So, I was still in that fix. Shortly after my confession, Ebony Life TV called me for an interview. I went and for the first time in my several interviews; I was asked point blank if I was a virgin. I tried to evade the question, but my interviewer was not having it.

“She demanded for a yes or no. I did not see the question coming and I lied. I said, “Yes, I am a virgin”. Immediately the interview was over, I hurried to the bathroom in the studio and cried. I felt terrible for lying and told God I was sorry.”

She said because she was ashamed to admit lying in various interviews, she decided to live the lie.

“I felt it was my secret and the whole world need not know about it. I was upset with myself, however, for answering her. I could have insisted I could not tell. So, I proposed never to answer such again. Easier said than done, right? Shortly after, I was on another TV interview, Crux Of The Matter, with Elsie.

“I was invited to talk for sexual purity while the other guest spoke against. In the process of the discussion, around the time when it was heated, I was asked out of the blues again if I was a virgin. And before I knew it, I heard myself lying again. I was mad at myself. I was on another TV interview that trended for a while. It was On The Couch, with Lady Ariyike. I talked about sexual purity, but thankfully I was not asked if I was virgin. After that one, I decided to stop interviews altogether. I was tired of lying or having to dread lying if I was asked straight up.”

Mixed reactions have trailed the release of the book. Critics say the actress is simply towing the path of media girl, Toke Makinwa, who also published a similar tell-it-all memoir, On Becoming, in 2016.

In the book, the actress also discusses her struggles, which include hawking on the street, experiencing sexual abuse, how a pastor once tried to abuse her sexuality and how she dropped out of school.


My Precious: a goddess Poem to the wife of Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation has showered an encomium on his wife, Precious Chikwendu Fani-Kayode, after winning an award as the Most Influential Beauty Queen in Nigeria. The award was powered by TheGuardian to celebrate real women with true stories. Get some parts for your Precious too. Fine the Poem below.

My Precious, my soul-mate, my wife, my friend, the mother of my beautiful son Aragorn and the one that brings me joy.

The one that gives me strength and offers me hope. The one that stood with me before my accusers and laughed them to scorn.

The one that renews my youth, that makes me smile and that expands the horizons of my inner-most thoughts. The African Khaleesi: the Mother of Dragons.

The Regent of the Western shores of Westoroth and the Guardian of the Iron Throne. The Elf Queen of Gondor and the Shieldmaiden of Rohan. The Protector of the Shire and the beloved of Aragorn.

The one that is cloaked in God’s glory and favor, that wields the razor-sharp two-edged sword and that is known as Queen of the Kingdom and the Daughter of Zion.

The one that wears the glistening crown, that bears the ring of power, that is blessed with splendor and honor and that is worthy of adoration and worship.

The one that blossoms with the fragrance of a thousand daffodils, a touch of poppy-seed and the scent of Alliage perfume.

The one who wines and dines with gods and giants in the halls of Elysium and who dances like Arwen in the fields of Lothlorien.

The one whose beauty is stunning and relentless and who carries the glory of the sun and the moon.

The one that is a special gift from the Ancient of Days, whose blood is royal blue, who wears the purple robe and who carries the mantle of a future Queen.

The one that refuses to tremble at the lion’s roar or to quiver before the raging storm. The one that dared satan to do his worse and that, in total faith, took the Lord God of Hosts at His word.

The one whose fortitude and courage is simply inexplicable and whose strength of character, firm resolve and iron will is incomprehensible.

The one who stood firm like the Rock of Gibraltar when all others fled and fell. The one that harbored no fears and doubts: that walked with titans and that danced with the immortals.

The one that is as refreshing and reinvigorating as the morning dew. The one that conjures love with her simple and innocent smile. The one whose noble birth gives her an edge over others.

The one whose integrity, character, honor and heritage is unquestionable and unimpeachable and whose loyalty is as constant as the northern star.

The one whose beauty surpasses all others and whose noble qualities leaves lesser mortals standing. The one whose purity dispels the darkness, who brings life and hope and who is the beloved of the Lord.

My Precious, you are a rare gem though you may not even know it: a rare gem that is encrusted in topaz, sprinkled with diamonds, clothed with emeralds and crowned with the finest gold.

You are envied by most yet loved by many: let not your joy be cut short. Let not another take your beautiful crown. Let not your glory and your star be dimmed.

Let not sorrow and doubt blight your love or dim your purpose and vision. You were born to be a Queen: settle not for less and cultivate the firm resolve to make the necessary sacrifices to satisfy your calling.

Do not look for the crown for it shall surely look for you and, as it was with Esther, in God’s time, it shall surely find you.

Activate your faith and, like the true Queen that you are, remain aloof, shun the crowd, defend the weak, stand up for justice, help the poor, counsel mercy and immerse yourself in righteousness, knowledge, understanding, sobriety and true humility.

Clothe yourself with grace and prepare to receive, for the Lord has already given you the land and all the fat and goodness that springs forth from within it.

The matter is settled. You need not struggle. Your beauty and purity in body, spirit and soul surpasses all others.

You deserve the best. Yours are men of power and learning: men with vision and that are blessed with keen and bright minds. Men that are filled with the Spirit of the Living God and that will bow to none.

Yours are Kings and Presidents: men of authority and destiny and not just mediocre mortals who toil to build, nurture and sustain their worldly empires and their ephemeral wealth.

You were not crafted for the benefit of traders and merchants but rather to the glory of God and for the joy of the King: the Lord’s beloved.

You are a Queen of noble and royal birth and you are graced with a royal mien and a regal disposition. The world can hold nothing back from you because the Lord has already spoken and given it all to you.

It is just a matter of time. It is your destiny, your glory, your star, your future, your role and your purpose and it was ordained before the oracles of time. Let not sorrow or sadness take it away from you.

Hear not the whispering voice of doubt and fear because, as long as He is with you, you cannot fail. Rebuke the enemy, go forth boldly in the name of the Lord and take what is yours.
Don’t let them rob you.

Stand on the prophecy, yearn for it, protect it, nurture it and pray for it to come to pass. It is your right, your due, your portion and, most important of all, it is the will of the Living God and He has decreed it.

Lose it not, ”for the vision is for an appointed time and, though it may tarry, it shall not fail or prove false”. Royal and noble is your blood, your spirit and your soul. You are excellent in all your ways and your gait is magnificent.

So regardless of whatever circumstances you find yourself in, always remember who you are, hold your head up high and let the peace, joy,strength and confidence of the Lord envelop you.

Wear that peace morning, day and night. Not the peace of the world which is premised on vanity, deceit, self-adulation and guile.

Not that hollow peace which is nurtured and sustained by carnal minds, reprobate thoughts and deviant philosophies but rather that inexplicable, mysterious, deeply profound and divine peace that the bible says ”passeth all understanding” and that comes only from deep intercession, from being hidden in Christ and from regular communion, interaction and fellowship with the Most High God.

Take that divine peace and cherish it. Take that confidence, strength and joy and let it fill you to the brim. Take that wealth and the fat of the land to which the Lord will add no sorrow.

And take that crown which He has bequethed to you even before the oracles of time. Like Esther, you are royalty and almost divine, though this was hidden from you by the peculiar circumstances of your humble origin and noble birth.

You were chosen carefully even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb by He that is the Creator of all things and that is the God of all flesh.

I therefore urge you to go forth into the world in confidence and in strength and play your divinely-ordained role in your nation’s history. Stand by your Lord and Master, the King, the beloved of the Lord and defy the arrows and distractions of the enemy and mere mortals. Let none deter you.

Let none overwhelm you. Let none cower you. Let none suppress, intimidate or silence you.

Always remember that greatness comes with a heavy price. Yet, whatever that price may be, do not be deterred for the Lord has already given you the land and all the fat that is in it.

I urge you to stand firm and take it. Loved deeply by many, you are unstoppable and unbeatable. You are my Precious: my joy, my pride, my strength and my hope.

You are everything that God wants you to be and that I have ever wanted in my life. Shine My Precious, shine: for the Lord is with you and He has blessed you in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Never forsake or forget your favorite word and battle cry: ”fearless”. This is YOUR word and it is a powerful. It is filled with faith and strength. The Lord will surely honor it in your life.

You shall excel and prosper, you shall wear the crown, you shall sit on the iron throne, none shall come between us and I shall always love you. Shine My Precious, shine!

Why EFCC Twitter Handler Left: The True Story

You must have been wondering why the EFCC Twitter handler left EFCC. After EFCC disclosed their Twitter Handler, there were many reactions that followed.

EFCC Twitter handler

Some people said he was sacked while others said he must have had a bigger opportunity.

Nonetheless, EFCC posted the reason he left on their official Facebook page.

This was what they wrote:

EFCC Twitter Handler: Reason Why He Left 

Olufemi Olukayode Adeyemi worked in the Public Affairs Directorate of the Commission since November 2014, where he exhibited his talent as a consummate professional. 

Before moving on, he managed the twitter handle of the Commission; @officialEFCC amongst other assignments. 

Adeyemi harboured personal dreams even before assuming duties at the Commission and he has now decided to fulfill those dreams. 

Like a parent that finds joy in seeing a child grow, we are happy for Adeyemi because the Eagle must be allowed to soar. 

And, like the Eagle that always maintains its nest, Adeyemi’s home remains the EFCC. 

The world and Twitter have certainly not seen the last of “The Handler”.

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Face of the Week (Female) – Lawal Yewande

Name : Lawal Yewande

Nickname: Wande

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Email : enielawal2010@gmail.com

Relationship Status : single

DOB: 15th January.

State of Origin : Osun

Hobbies: reading novel, travelling

Favorite Code: Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.

Lawal Yewande just graduated from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She loves modeling and has passion to change her world.

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Face of the Week (Male) – Bayowa Joseph

Happy New Year, we are starting our Cloud Gossips Face of the Week with someone who has been influencing the face of Nigeria and the world at Large.

He just released his single song titled Greenland which you can download here.

Name: Bayowa Joseph (Job’s)

Facebook $ IG: bayowajoseph

Email: bayowajobs@gmail.com

Mobile: +234 708 815 9082

Relationship: single😜😜

D.O.B: 25th of October.

State of origin: Ekiti State.

School: Ekiti State university

Best food: fried rice and salad.

Hobbies: singing and making money.

Business: We train, sell and breed dogs and dog foods and accessories.

Best quote: You are a product of how you think.

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Face of the Week (Male) Dio Peter

dio peter cloudgossips

Name: Dio Peter Omotolani

Nick: #iamDPO

Relationship: Single

DOB: January 13

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State of Origin: Kogi

School Of Graduation: EKSU

Dept: Plant science and Biotechnology

Best Food: Anything that goes with the order of the day

Hobbies: Surfing the net, Reading the news, Writing

Best Color: Grey

Best Quote: Heal. Inspire. Revive Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.

Vocation: Writer, Editor, Apprentice Compere

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face of the week

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25 things you should stop by Maria Ude Nwachi

This is a sponsored post.

Maria wrote this on her Facebook wall and I believe it is one of the posts that you shouldn’t miss.  Here are the 25 things she said we should stop.

1. Stop moaning & brooding over a failure. – Say after me; Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up and after I fall. Whether I run, walk, or have to crawl, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.

2. Stop lying all the time even when not necessary. – In the long-run the truth always reveals itself. Either you own up to your actions or your actions will ultimately own you.

3. Stop meaning what you don’t say. – People can’t read minds. Communicate regularly, clearly and effectively.

4. Stop making it all about you. – The world revolves around the sun, not you. Take a moment to acknowledge this truth on a regular basis.

5. Stop being hard on yourself. – Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.

6. Stop blaming. – Blaming others accomplishes nothing. Either you own your problems, or they will own you. Your choice. When you blame others for what you’re going through, you deny responsibility – you give-up your power over that part of your life, and you annoy everyone around you in the process.

7. Stop doubting. – If you think that you can’t achieve something, I have some news for you, you’re probably right. But don’t let your self-doubt interfere with other people’s dreams. Remember, the one who says it can’t be done should never interrupt the one doing it.

8. Stop interrupting. – Correcting someone when they’re blatantly wrong is one thing, but always interjecting your opinions out of turn gets old fast.

9. Stop being selfish. – You get what you put into a relationship. Nothing less, nothing more.

10. Stop judging. – Everyone is fighting their own unique war. You have no clue what they are going through, just like they have no clue what you’re going through.

12. Stop gossiping. – Gossiping about others is a lose/lose situation. It hurts them, and then it hurts your reputation. It’s better to have your nose in a book, than in someone else’s business.

13. Stop making promises you can’t keep. – Don’t over – promise. Over-deliver on everything you do. If there is a legitimate reason you could not deliver your promise on time, please, do humbly explain the situation to the affected person/s. Then make sure you deliver as soon as possible.

14. Stop being defensive. – Just because someone sees something differently than you doesn’t mean either one of you is wrong. Keep an open mind. Open minds discover great things.

15. Stop comparing people to others. – No two people are alike. Everyone has their own strengths. We are only competing against our own selves.

16. Stop expecting people to be perfect. – ‘Perfect’ is the enemy of ‘good.’ And genuine ‘goodness’ is hard to find in this world. Don’t overlook it.

18. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. – It’s impossible. But making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world. So narrow your focus.

19. Stop playing people over just because you can get away with it. – Just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean you should do it. Think bigger. Do what you know in your heart is right.

20. Stop making mountains out of molehills. – People make mistakes. Crap happens. There’s no reason to stress out yourself and everyone around you because of it. One way to check if something is worth mulling over is to ask yourself this question: “Will this matter in one year’s time?” If not, then it’s not worth worrying about.

21. Stop being dramatic. – Stay out of other people’s drama and don’t needlessly create your own.

22. Stop giving too much advice, and just listen. – Less advice is often the best advice. People don’t need lots of advice, they need a listening ear and some positive reinforcement. What they want to know is already somewhere inside of them. They just need time to think, be and breathe, and continue to explore the undirected journeys that will eventually help them find their direction.

23. Stop expecting something from those you help. – Help because it is the right thing to do, not because you might need their help one day. Or because you want something from them. If you’re helping someone and expecting something in return, you’re doing business and not kindness.

23. Stop complaining. – Instead, use your time and energy to do something about it.

24. Stop holding grudges. – Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.

25. Stop looking down on anyone. – Uwaa bu paw-paw.

Yours truly,
Maria Ude Nwachi – Nwanyi Afikpo.
BCEL – Best Chic Ever Liveth –  Afikpo Chic