What is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to a person’s ability to recognize emotions within themselves and others, and understand these emotions. It is the ability to use emotional cues as guide to one’s thoughts, behaviors and actions. An emotionally intelligent person is able to adapt to changing environments, and continue to work towards a goal.
If this sounds like the description of a successful salesperson, you’re correct. Emotional intelligence has an immense impact on sales performance. In fact, Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success (in an interview with sales speaker and strategist Jill Konrath), describes EI as: “It’s your ability to identify, assess and control your own emotions and other’s emotions. It has a direct impact on sales results.”

Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Emotional intelligence was coined for a paper by Michael Beldoch, Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at Cornell University. It was made into a buzzword by Daniel Goleman and his 1995 book Emotional Intelligence.
In the book, Goleman claims that EI matters more than technical expertise when it comes to job performance and leadership, and that 67% of the abilities required for success derive from emotional intelligence.
This rings true in sales, where the ability to develop and sustain relationships is essential to success. There’s only so much that theory can do. The true test of a great salesperson is when you put them in stressful situations. Many make the mistake of letting their emotions overpower their purpose/ goal. This leads to unproductive behaviors, such as product dumping, pursuing non-qualified leads and more. It can also turn prospects off, instead of bringing them into the fold.
A study by Gallup consultants Tony Rutigliano and Benson Smith claims that customer satisfaction and loyalty depend on their emotional connection with the salesperson. They say that a customer is 12 times more likely to remain loyal if they like the salesperson.

Top Emotional Intelligence Competencies in Sales

There are key emotional intelligence competencies that are shared by successful salespersons.
Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. It is when you go outside of yourself in order to be aware and understand another person’s feelings and needs.
In sales, it bears on your general outlook towards another person. Are you able to look at them objectively? Do you try to understand their motivations? Is your customer service attentive and able to anticipate customer needs?
Shift your focus from your prospects for a moment and look at yourself. Remember that you also have your own set of motivations and needs. You have your own strengths and limitations, as well.
Wherever you are in ‘knowing yourself’ affects how you reach out to others. Do you come off as confident? Are you able to stand your ground and persuade your audience to consider your side? Can you influence and gain the commitment of your prospect?
Colleen Stanley puts it succinctly: “Know thyself. What are your hot buttons? What situations cause you to react or not act in a manner that serves you well personally and professionally?”
Once you have a good level of self-awareness, you can be strategic in how you approach business relationships. Play on your strengths instead of highlighting your weaknesses. Put your best foot forward as you work towards self-improvement and becoming a more emotionally intelligent salesperson.
A salesperson eats rejection for breakfast. Thus, if you want to succeed in this field, you need to have a healthy level of self-esteem. Rejection is a part of sales. A salesperson achieves success by facing this reality, and waking up each day ready for breakfast!
What do you want for yourself and how do you hope to achieve this? Are you driven enough to try to attain your goals? Do you have what it takes to sustain the work necessary to achieving these goals?
There is a process in sales, which usually takes months. It is not a field suited for someone who is incapable of delayed gratification. The hours are long; and the work can sometimes be frustrating. You need to be driven, consistent, and optimistic if you want to succeed in sales.

Emotional Intelligence for Your Sales Team

Several high-profile companies, such as Motorola, 3M, American Express, Honeywell and MetLife have begun to offer emotional intelligence improvement programs as part of their management training. While EI in sales is still new, several sales leaders are already integrating emotional intelligence training into their sales training programs.
According to Collen Stanley: “Elevating your Sales EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) helps you sell bigger deals, in less time at full margin…. You have a sales team that knows how to manage themselves, read prospects better and overall are more enjoyable to work with.”

Written by Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

This article is originally posted at Tenfold.com

#BBNaija2018: A Catalyst for Moral Decadence

bbnaija, sex, moral
Teddy A and Bam Bam Kissing

The third edition of Big Brother Naija reality show themed ‘double wahala’ has over the weeks been under intense criticism as viewers have continued to question the essence of the reality show.

The show which is supposed to discover talents while entertaining viewers at the same time has become a shadow of itself as all it seems to portray is immorality and other socially unacceptable vices. The housemates see no big deal in indulging in sexual activities live on TV.

The question most viewers have been asking is, “Have they forgotten that the show is being broadcast live on air?” However, while some of the housemates are bold to admit to having sex, others are in denial.

Miracle and Nina started making out in the first week of getting into the house and the pair shamelessly display it like it’s a norm.

Lolu and Anto have been accused of being sexually active with each other. The accusation came from their fellow housemate, Miracle, who claimed that some of the condoms provided by big brother were missing because some housemates other than him and Nina were having sex and he specifically mentioned Anto and Lolu.

However, it is now certain that the duo are having sex which is actually not a surprise as Anto once told evicted housemate, Kbrule, that she is a grown woman and she has slept with quite a number of men.

During the week, Anto boldly told Lolu to have sex with her. In her words, “I want you to have sex with me, Lolu, I love having sex.” In fact, the duo are not ashamed of having sex on live TV as they now display condoms on the headrest of their bed, a move that has since attracted mixed reactions from fellow housemates and viewers.

The latest couple to be caught in the sex scandal is Teddy A and Bambam. The duo were recently caught on camera having sex in the bathroom during their shower time. This latest development has attracted even more negative criticisms than that of Nina and Miracle, Anto and Lolu, Cee-C and Tobi or Alex and Leo.

Alex and Leo have been very discreet about their romance ever since it begun but they seem to have become bolder about it now. Alex who recently cried uncontrollably when Leo left her to chat with Miracle while she was engrossed kissing him, allowed Leo to openly finger her ‘woman’s’ while she moaned with pleasure.

As the weeks go by, the reality show continue to take interesting twists and turns but also continue to put the promotion of sex and immorality at the forefront and majority of its viewers continue to condemn it.

Source: Vanguard

A 17 Year Old Young Lady has gnawed off the masculinity of a man forcing her for Oral S*x

A 17-year-old young lady has gnawed off the masculinity of a man, Miguel Francisco who assaulted, driving her to perform oral sex follow up on him.

Lady, girl, gnawed, blow job,

As indicated by Daily Star, the attacker was left with genuine wounds after she sunk her teeth into his genitals amid the asserted assault.

The occurrence occurred in Saltillo, in the north-focal Mexican territory of Coahuila, Mexico.

Amidst the charged rape, she could sink her teeth into his private parts.

Francisco was said to have gone to a doctor’s facility in the city to be dealt with for the nibble wounds to his penis and gonads.

As indicated by the daily paper, when specialists rapidly wound up noticeably suspicious of the wounds and announced him to the experts.

Police raged the healing facility and captured the speculate who has now been accused of assault.

The adolescent young lady, who can’t be named as she is qualified for lifetime secrecy as the charged casualty of a rape, is accepted to be assisting with the examination.

5 Things You Must Avoid if You Want to Build a Sustainable Business in Africa

Are you a startup in Nigeria or African Continent? You wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes past business owners make. That’s why we I have compiled 5 Things you must do if you want to build a sustainable business in Africa. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay for this *winks*.

Business mistakes

1. Avoid Poor Succession Planning

Africans commonly don’t prefer to contemplate things like death, hardship, etc.
While no one would wish for incident or demise, they’re some of life’s dangers and substances. Also, we should dependably consider, and get ready for them. In any case, while human life is limited and helpless against death and disaster, a business can “hypothetically” live for eternity.

In reality, making arrangements for progression doesn’t need to be intense and convoluted, as most business people think. The mystery is to make the conscious decision, and start the procedure early.

The best time to discover a successor with the correct level of duty, vision and energy to lead a business past the lifetime of the organizer isn’t the point at which the originator resigns or is on his/her deathbed.

Finding the correct successor to steer of a business is a cognizant, think and ascertained process (or choice) that ought not be left to shot, or crisis or circumstances.

All things considered, the prior the procedure of succession arranging is begun in the life of a business, the better.

2. Small Business Thinking and Inability to Prospect in Business Expansion

Quit Thinking Small, You Too Can Become Great By Choice There’s no wrongdoing in beginning little.

Most organizations begin little. Frequently, the mix-up is remaining little and disregarding potential outcomes for development. Numerous African organizations stay little all through the lifetime of the organizer. What’s more, I think one key purpose behind this is many organizers in Africa think little.

What stops that little corner shop from turning into a national or worldwide establishment? Why can’t that prevalent neighborhood item or administration that you give turn into a national brand?

Did you realize that Coca-Cola was at first created as a patent solution; a remedy that guaranteed to cure morphine compulsion and cerebral pains? This dim hued drink, created by a neighborhood drugstore proprietor in 1885, has now turned into a tremendously fruitful worldwide brand – an easygoing beverage that now epitomizes fun, companionship and refreshment!

By preparing to stun the world, the conceivable life expectancy of your business naturally increments. Development and extension are goals that could take a few eras to fulfill, and grasping this vision can wipe out foolishness and increment your mindset of conceivable outcomes.

The best part: thinking little – like planning for an impressive future – costs nothing. Do what needs to be done!

3. Lack of structure and business frameworks

One key quality of fruitful Sustainable organizations, particularly those that have existed through a few eras, is the presence of a reasonable structure and business frameworks that assistance the business to work viably.

Structure is basic to each well-run business since it gives arrange, allots duties regarding key exercises, and enhances responsibility. Actually, numerous African organizations can’t work freely of the organizer.

For instance, if the organizer is away for any reason, or inaccessible to sign checks, providers and workers may not get paid on time. In the event that she doesn’t OK a give, it’s probably going to fail to work out. His inclusion in the business is regularly so central and too personal that it hinders everything.

Business frameworks are likewise imperative. What number of medium-sized organizations in Nigeria really have approaches and methods that oversee everything from enlistment, representative direct, fund and bookkeeping, among others?

What number of organizations really stay up with the latest records of their exercises, including complete data about operations, accounts, exchanges, clients, providers, representatives and everything else?

It’s not shocking then that the most basic data and records concerning most organizations are housed in the leaders of their originators. They appear to be the main ones who know where everything ought to be and how the business should run.

With this sort of ‘composed mayhem’, it’s practically difficult to bear on a business when the almighty founder is all of a sudden inaccessible.

4. Incognizant in regards to business patterns and changes

Another solid component of organizations that last past an era is their capacity to adjust. In a universe of continually evolving markets, customer patterns, socio-political impacts and by and large disruption, adaptation is a key strength of organizations that will survive today and later on.

It’s a basic govern; adjust or pass on!

Numerous organizations assume that they’ve discovered a recipe for progress that will stay viable for a thousand years. Enormous lie.

Business people are regularly excessively centered around maintaining their organizations that they don’t set aside the opportunity to investigate the separation to think, distinguish present and future dangers or dangers that could essentially influence their business, or more regrettable still, show them bankrupt.

In the present globalized and interconnected world, one troublesome thought or business in a faraway nation can absolutely change the scene of your industry or market so quick you may never discover an opportunity to think or plan.

Investigating the future, and watching changes and patterns in both the nearby and worldwide commercial center has turned out to be progressively imperative for African business visionaries and organizations. With a developing number of remote organizations and brands growing their impression in Africa, even little family-possessed corner shops and neighborhood organizations may not be saved.

To get by in this season of quick change, business visionaries should be liberal and must not underestimate everything. Not at all like a couple of decades back, no business is too enormous to come up short nowadays. One minimal obscure startup could have your business for lunch in case you’re not set up to adjust.

Among a few others, über is one run of the mill case of a remote problematic thought/business that is changing the scene of business crosswise over Africa – urban transport, for this situation. Gradually, über is gobbling up the piece of the overall industry of customary city taxis crosswise over Africa, and giving new chances to anybody to enter the market.

My advice: stay up to date about improvements in your market and industry, both locally and all around. Search out creative ways and advancements to make your business run all the more proficiently; make your items and administrations more profitable; keep your representatives submitted and compelling; and enhance the fulfillment of your clients.

5. A predominant “way of life” attitude

The business reasoning of the normal African business person In this piece of the world and achievement of a business is frequently observed by numerous business people as an order to shore up their way of life. Favor cars and homes, globetrotting, costly apparel, luxurious spending, and extravagant presentations of riches are very normal.

The primary is distraction. The reserves you’re utilizing to shore up your way of life can really be committed to enhancing and growing the business into a significantly greater achievement. Those assets could likewise be utilized for key ventures that broaden or merge the business, making it more grounded and stronger. In this way, utilizing continues from the business to praise your “prosperity” is truly an indication of little considering.

The second is you’re sending the wrong signals to your representatives and potential successors. Individuals are viewing. In the event that you treat the professional an ATM, it will be truly hard for any other person to deal with the business with perseverance and judiciousness.

On the off chance that we see a business as an advantage that ought to be supported and extended past our lifetime, possibly we wouldn’t do our best to drain the life out of it, or simply consider it to be an apparatus to serve our way of life needs.

Bringing together everything…

Africa can have its own IBMs, Coca-Colas, Fords and Nestlés. In any case, it won’t occur by possibility. Business visionaries on the landmass need to take fast, consider and ascertained strides to explore the barricades and dangers I’ve imparted to you in this article.

Nigeria has a few exceptional items that can possibly wind up noticeably worldwide brands and manufacture universal companies. While they could end up noticeably worldwide brands all the same, with or without African business people, we should can pull this off ourselves.

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Why EFCC Twitter Handler Left: The True Story

You must have been wondering why the EFCC Twitter handler left EFCC. After EFCC disclosed their Twitter Handler, there were many reactions that followed.

EFCC Twitter handler

Some people said he was sacked while others said he must have had a bigger opportunity.

Nonetheless, EFCC posted the reason he left on their official Facebook page.

This was what they wrote:

EFCC Twitter Handler: Reason Why He Left 

Olufemi Olukayode Adeyemi worked in the Public Affairs Directorate of the Commission since November 2014, where he exhibited his talent as a consummate professional. 

Before moving on, he managed the twitter handle of the Commission; @officialEFCC amongst other assignments. 

Adeyemi harboured personal dreams even before assuming duties at the Commission and he has now decided to fulfill those dreams. 

Like a parent that finds joy in seeing a child grow, we are happy for Adeyemi because the Eagle must be allowed to soar. 

And, like the Eagle that always maintains its nest, Adeyemi’s home remains the EFCC. 

The world and Twitter have certainly not seen the last of “The Handler”.

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Iranwo Initiatives: Buy A Shirt today and Help A Refugee

This time around, they are not asking for just money to help the Refugees but they are giving you value for your money. No one says giving isn’t valuable but Iranwo Initiatives has taken giving to another level; not just giving the Refugees money but teaching them how to make Money. See what role you too can play below.

With just a token of 2500, you can help poor refugees become economically empowered, financial literate and capable to live to their fullest potential by buying beautiful and unique shirts made by the refugees in Oru, Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State.

Iranwo Initiative, a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization trains indigent refugees on developing marketable hand skills such as Tie and Dye Craft, Ankara Craft, Soap Making, Tailoring, Hairdressing as well as Leather Bags and Shoes Production. As a way to ensure sustainability and financial independence for our
beneficiaries, we create opportunities for them to market their produce and generate bountiful sales through social events and online marketing, leveraging on networks of friends, families and well-wishers.

Our goal with the #LiberateOruRefugees Project is to create a sustainable source of income for these refugee girls and their families towards relocating them from their present residential option which is the Refugee Camp that has consistently attracted Evacuation threats from the Ogun State Government.

Since inception of the #LiberateOruRefugees Project, out of a target of 5000 Tie and Dye Shirts made to achieve our financial goal, over 150 Adire shirts have being produced and sold with the proceeds channeled into access to education and daily upkeep for the girls and their families.

With your purchase, we are a step away from achieving our target.

Buy A Shirt today and Help A Refugee!

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See Some of the Works of the Refugees below:

EKSU: Student Leader Arrested after Police vandalised students’ hostels

Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado Ekiti, students Leader was arrested following an attack by the police in the school. EKSUSU Press reported the incidence as follows.

At about 3pm yesterday, there was an accident involving an okada man, who inflicted serious injury on a lady who is presently at the Ekiti State Teaching Hospital. The highlight of the neglect or non-challant attitude of the okada man leaving the lady in that critical state made a concerned senator, Senator Hardvize to raise his voice against this inhuman treatment towards students.

This led to a fracas at satellite gate of the University as Okada men violently attacked the SUG president (known as Aruson), and a senator at EKSU student union level known as senator Hardvize.

Further on the scene, the deputy CSO of EKSU, forwarded a call to the SUG excos, to go settle things amicably in the Iworoko police station.

At the meeting, the DPO stressed the need for peace and unity among the okada riders and the student, much to the presence of Aruson led team and the excos of the okada riders.

While still at the meeting, the SUG EXCOS were called upon that the hooliganism of the okada men has taken a new dimension, as okada men inflicted wounds on different individuals at sporadic intervals.

This prompted the Aruson led team to leave the police station and call the paramilitary wing (cadet corps) of the University, to ensure the safety of Nigerian student.

On arrival at Osekita junction to observe and proffer solution to the ugly scene, the SUG excos received battering and sustained grievous injuries, much to the presence of the so-called gallant men of the police force. As they choose to be spectators, rather than a competitors for peace.

The number one citizen of the University, talking in person of student union president (Aruson) was seriously dealt with, together with his aides.

Later on, the police men who stood to watch, started firing tear gas on EKSUITEs, which caused some of the students to seek for safety through escape, causing students panics injuries, and health status of asthmatic patients in their various rooms was affected.

This fateful morning at exactly 5.00am when most of the students were sleeping peacefully in their room, they (students) were forced to wake up to deafening sounds of sirens blast of the Police force as the students later gathered this morning for a peaceful protest of “operation no okada.” According to one of our sources, a vibrant comrade named “Megapinx” was attacked. He sustained a head injury, from a policeman who hit him with a gun on his head.

Few hours after, policemen launched teargas at will on students at various entry point into the University as students were arrested in their hostels which was meant to be their comfort zone; even when the gate was locked as police men jumped fences into hostel compounds of Friendlies hostel, F&F hostel among others to arrest students and harass them against their fundamental human right. CloudGossips was at the hostel scene and the picture below was taken at the F and F hostel.

The students hereby give a clarion and patriotic call to the State and Federal Government to come to the rescue of students of Ekiti State University as they are sons and daughters of this land, the future stakeholders of our nation to become a nation of pride in the 21st century.

Right now, as we report, the Students Leader and some others are still at the custody of the Police.

Short Documentary of Pa. Elton, the English Missionary to Nigeria

Today January 14th marks the 30th Anniversary of the transition to glory of English missionary to Nigeria – Rev. S.G Elton, fondly called Pa. Elton.

The newspapers, radios or TVs might not be agog in celebrating him or showering him with accolades but the impact of his missionary sojourn in Nigeria spanning 1937-1987 (50years) has raised many frontline and prominent ministers of the gospel, particularly ushering Nigeria into the Pentecostal movement.

Pa Elton mentored and served as spiritual adviser and mentor to the young Benson IDAHOSA and later ordained him to ministry in company of his friend Dr Godson Lindsay.

This is a short interview extract from the full documentary still in production with SIs Ruth Elton, 83 ( Pa Eltons Only Child), brought to Nigeria as a 2 year old, denounced her British Citizenship to take up the Nigerian Passport, Never married but devoted her entire life to missionary work among the indigenous tribes of Present day KOGI STATE  and environs (Igbira,Igala etc)



#Training: How to Start a Successful Fish Business

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