Unbelievable: 88% of Nigerian Doctors Regret Studying Medicine

A Nigeria Based Doctor got over 200 Reactions after posting that 88 percent of Nigerian doctors regret studying medicine. CloudGossips gathered some of the hilarious comments below.

“Because Native doctors are taking up their places!” 

People asking why, why not? Nigeria frustrates the hell out of doctors. Nigeria is the hell specially tailored for doctors.

Maybe 88% of medical students should withdraw and read marketing, instead😊

As a medical student in the 1990s most Govt hospital users had issues with the attitude of Health workers, in 2017 same attitude have not changed!
you are more likely to see a consultant in his private clinic than in Govt Hospital even during working hours!

Very correct!

My hubby is a medical doctor and I can tell you that for sure. They are always working, hardly enjoys the money they make .

People around them enjoy their money.

When you enter into a profession with no empathy but cash gains in mind and secondary school certificate holder is your policy maker and richer, bros the tendency is for one to feel frustrated.

Worse if you’re employed by the government.

The work environment, the health policies and doctors trainability are contributory factors.

Our problem is that as a country we have never bordered to create a health system, we have just clubbed together a Doctor centered health arrangement that places enormous pressure on doctors when there is absolutely no need for that. The Doctors we have here have also in the quest to remain the focal point assumed other extra responsibilities.
Go to the Teaching Hospitals you see doctors wasting time on cases that are best left to the health centers!

what is a patient with uncomplicated malaria doing in teaching hospital? Immunization in Teaching hospital, Family planning in tracing hospital even routine uncomplicated ante Natal care in teaching hospitals!

The system has completely failed. The exams are designed to make you fail. Bleak future for young doctors. The govt grossly underpays u. No career progression for those already employed. The older colleagues are frustrating u. Other healthcare staff are hostile. The patients are ungrateful. It’s a mess.

Medicine is a nice course ,but 96% of aspirants & doctors see the course as a meal ticket..

2 reasons!

1, They forgot, is a humanitarian profession and focus too much in making money.

2, Operating without equipments

Catch 22!

Only a person with strong humanitarian streak would operate even without proper equipment to save a life…. he could have just said “I’ve got nothing to work with, sorry I can’t help you”… but he doesn’t, instead he makes the best out of a bad situation hoping for the best. … as for the money part,my guy have u tried having a child outside the country  (UK  is an exception though) U’ll pay thru ur arse with no unequivocal guarantees… do you know any doctor who works for Govt whose earnings is anywhere close to oil company workers… ? My guy if money was the primary motivation, I would have studied engineering, I’m sure my brain can handle that….

Yeah !!!They forgot it is humanitarian service. Just as house rent is humanitarian,  food  from the market is humanitarian,  transportation is humanitarian,  children school fees is humanitarian,  electricity bill etc is humanitarian. I will tell that to my mechanic tomorrow when I go back again to fix my 12 years old car.

Kindly disallowed breast Cancer surgery , I have the cure with natural trees roots and leaf , within 2 weeks its heal permanently

EKSU Students Protests on Social Media as School Management Withholds SUG Election Results

Ekiti State University (EKSU) Students protest on social media as school management withholds the Student Union Government, SUG, election results. According to many of the students and Alumni of the school, the election which favoured Amoran Ilesanmi aka Hardvize has been refused to be declared because the “Government Candidate”, Ajirotutu Olatunde aka Ajiro didn’t win the election.

It was also reported to CloudGossips.Com that a day light armed rubbery was carried out after this event.

Most of the students lamented that things like this shouldn’t have been heard about University where she is supposed to set the phase for education in the country.

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According to one Kehinde, he reported as follows:

The election was held peacefully in EKSU on Thursday as students moved to Odua hall, the collation and announcement centre to hear the result only for the management to inform us that the result is inconclusive.

Meanwhile, rumours have it that the election was held inconclusive as government’s candidate- Ajirotutu Olatunde a.k.a. Ajiro did not emerge as the winner.

As time went by, students collated the results themselves and it was discovered that Amoran Ilesanmi a.k.a. Hardvize won the election with over 2000 votes.

As it stands yesterday, Saturday, the management of the school has not attended to the students at the collation centre since Thursday.

So far, students are ready to boycott activities on Monday until justice is done.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta

What has education turn to?

These are some of the reactions on Facebook:

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Unbelievable True Life Story of Success

It takes courage to share true life stories especially when it has to do with failures. You might find this unbelievable but this is my true life story. I’m sharing with you so that you can as well have success at the end. 
True Life Story
Let me go straight to my story. I like to keep this brief because I don’t want to bore you.

My name is Sola Mathew. I was born in the far Northern state of Nigeria, Jalingo, Taraba state. 
As you know, not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Some were born with golden, some with clay spoon and some with wooden spoon. Mine was with a semi silver spoon and it was almost taken away from me.

The Struggle After The Death 

All things were going smoothly until 1996. I was 6 years old then. My Dad gave up the ghost. For some that don’t understand that, I meant, he died. 
My family started struggling but thank God for my Mum who was a Tailor and trader. 
Of course, she was into those businesses to support her husband who was a soldier in the Nigeria Army. 
After 7 years of loneliness, my mum decided to remarry. 
On the day she gave birth to her last child, she died. So pathetic! I cried and my eyes almost gushed out but that couldn’t bring her back. 
Consequently, we all moved to Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, My hometown. 

The Orphan Life

Nobody to take care of us. Only my Aunt, the younger sister to my Mum took us in.

My only sister gained admission to college but because of fund, she had to drop out. She is now into tailoring. 
I had to stay with several people and attended several denominations. 

Angels As Humans 

Through a woman, Mrs Ige, I gained admission to Ado Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti. 
I graduated as the best student and senior boy in that school. 
I was able to do that because of an advice by a woman, Mrs Fatoba, who said READ AS IF YOU ARE NOT PRAYING AND PRAY AS IF YOU ARE NOT READING.
I hope that helps someone struggling academically. 
After secondary school, I couldn’t gain admission in time and when I eventually did, there was no school fees. 
Again, Mrs Ige resurfaced and we began to look for school fees.
To cut that story short, we got help from two churches, Anglican and CAC. That was how I paid my 100 Level School fees. 
In my 100 level, I was serious and had good set of friends. I had 3.55 as my CPA even though I resumed late because of my school fees.


Second semester of that 100 level, I bought a BB phone and that affected my academics. I had a cumulative CPA of 3.05 in 100L.
Later, I had a message by some folks in school that almost destroyed my academic career. They preached that academics is babylon. That affected my studies the more. 

His Word

However, thank God, He restored me. He told me I would pass out with a Second Class Upper Division. 
That came to pass when I reapplied the advice of Mrs Fatoba. 
Wait! At that time (my final year) I was the Assistant Drama Coordinator of my Fellowship, the Zonal Congress Coordinator, The President of my NGO, the Financial Secretary of the largest group on campus (Watchtower) and I had my project.
With all that, my results for that section was the best. It shot me to the Second Class Upper Division that God told me about. I made Ain all my courses including my Final Year Project. Except for a Bin a course. 
Truly, there is nothing God cannot do. 

Favoured by Grace 

How did I pay the rest of my school fees? I’ll quickly go through that.

In 200 Level, my former secondary school teacher, Mrs Adejuyigbe connected me with a woman who gave me ₦100,000 to pay my school fees. The school fee was ₦99,750. That’s EKSU! 
In 300 Level, the woman gave me ₦50,000 out of my school fees. That was what she had. I borrowed to complete it. 
In 400 Level, I wrote an article on my Facebook about how God has been helping me and one man saw it. The man never liked or commented on my posts before. 
He called me over phone and you know what happened? He paid my school fees and my project fee. 
Becareful what you post on social media. It can either make or mark you. 
I was able to pay up the money I borrowed in 300 Level with the remaining money. 

Today, I’m a graduate and serving currently in Taraba State. 
While in University also, I was not idle, I used to repair people’s laptops including my lecturers and I was into blogging. That helped my feeding and purchase of handouts. Thanks to my friends who also helped.
I know I am not where I am going yet but I am not where I used to be. God’s favour, Mercy and grace have found me.
Quickly, I’ll like to tell you some of the things that helped me. 
  • Suffering is not a yardstick to failure or success, it’s what you define it.
  • Read books. Great Men read books. You’re a sum total of what you read. 
  • Build your character. Your gifts would open doors for you but it’s your character that would keep the doors opened. 
  • Invest but investigate first. Don’t invest in what you have not investigated. 
  • Fail many times, it’s part of success. It shows you’re doing something but learn from your failures. 
  • Live a life of love. You can give without love but you cannot love without giving. 
  • I didn’t write for you to get emotional but that you might learn from my story. 
About the Writer:

Sola Mathew is a Blogger and Podcaster at Charity Connect Podcast. He helps individuals and businesses set up their blogs and podcasts. You can download his simple guide on How to start a Blog/Podcast on www.charityconnectpodcast.com/start-your-podcast. You can also connect with him on Facebook and twitter.
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RCF EKSU Presents the Foundation and the Building

What do you see when you see a beautiful building? Is it the inviting work of architecture or the cost of putting such magnificence into reality? Anything can be beautiful but not every beautiful thing can endure. To understand this, think about a castle made up of gold without a solid foundation, it would come crumbling down at the first storm.

To build is one thing; to have an enduring building is another. A building that can endure is an offspring of a good foundation. In the same way, God has called us his building and no matter how beautiful our lives seem to be in the physical, if there is no solid spiritual foundation then such a live cannot stand, in fact the true beauty of a life is its foundation in Christ.

How is your foundation and what building have you laid. To understand what it means to have a solid foundation and to come into the proper building of the Holy One, make it a date with the Lord in RCF EKSU Main auditorium on the 19th to 22nd January, 2017 where the Lord will expose the secret of the heart and raise men up into glory.

Don’t Miss it!

Face of the Week (Female) – Lawal Yewande

Name : Lawal Yewande

Nickname: Wande

Mobile: 07067037266

Email : enielawal2010@gmail.com

Relationship Status : single

DOB: 15th January.

State of Origin : Osun

Hobbies: reading novel, travelling

Favorite Code: Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.

Lawal Yewande just graduated from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She loves modeling and has passion to change her world.

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Face of the Week (Male) – Bayowa Joseph

Happy New Year, we are starting our Cloud Gossips Face of the Week with someone who has been influencing the face of Nigeria and the world at Large.

He just released his single song titled Greenland which you can download here.

Name: Bayowa Joseph (Job’s)

Facebook $ IG: bayowajoseph

Email: bayowajobs@gmail.com

Mobile: +234 708 815 9082

Relationship: single😜😜

D.O.B: 25th of October.

State of origin: Ekiti State.

School: Ekiti State university

Best food: fried rice and salad.

Hobbies: singing and making money.

Business: We train, sell and breed dogs and dog foods and accessories.

Best quote: You are a product of how you think.

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Music: Greenland by Job’s (@buyula)

I have been hearing songs this year but this latest song just released by Bayowa Joseph is exceptional for me. A song full of hope and faith.

Bayowa Joseph is a Gospel Singer with a dynamic sound and spirit that ushers people into God’s very presence. His unique sound has earned him many platforms.

Bayowa Joseph, born into a family of four is from Ekiti State but was born and bred in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

He began singing at the very tender age of ten. He sharpen his skills in music through joining the children choir and other musical groups. He is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Province  Seven, Port Harcourt and a member of the Christian Charity Network (CCN). He is also a student of Ekiti State University where he is currently pursuing a degree in SLT biochemistry.

Bayowa Joseph is an ardent lover of gospel rock, and is inspired by the likes of Tye Tribett, Mali music, James Fortune etc.

What makes him special apart from his passion for music is his deep love for God, who is the Centre of his music.

Download and Enjoy Greenland by Job’s by clicking the link below:

Download HERE

Youth Arise: A Movement of Ordinary Nigerians Doing Extraordinary Things

After reading this communique, I felt a strong force in me to support the vision with my blog and I decided to offer CloudGossips for the propagation of the Vision.

Read the communique below and get inspired.


The meeting started at about 5:15 Nigeria time with taken of the second stanza of the national anthem as the opening prayers. The meeting was moderated by Babajide Kolawole from Ekiti State Nigeria.

Attendance during the meeting was a total number of 29 members who came across the states of Nigeria especially the South West, South South and Niger Delta. Jide Kolawole appreciated the members who came from Uyo, Benin and Delta State for their nation building sacrifice. Mr Kayode Osunnubi from Ogun State briefed the meeting about the imperative, ideology and the vision of the movement.

In his briefing, he x-rayed leadership in all African nation and gave the average age of African leaders to be 65years, he posited that leadership has failed in Africa especially Nigeria and that the older generation has had their share in leading the nation and has proved beyond doubt that they lack the ideas, zeal and patriotism to build a great nation.

Hence, the youth being the larger percentage of the nation must rise from their slumber and decide to rescue the nation from valley of bad governance. He emphasized that youth must come together irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and educational background to wrestle with the nations principalities and power to get our nation back from the backward thinking leaders that has seized the instrumentalities of power for a long period of time without any record of achievement.

He concluded that Youth Arise 2019 is not a platform formed by ambition or personal interest but a front for a more calculated youth participation with a vision not to support old politician but to support and front the introduction of young Nigerians with great idea, passion, strength, patriotism and zeal to deliver leadership devoid of personal interest but greatly motivated by the interest of the people and the mindset of heralding a great revolution of the mind that will change the political landscape of the country.

Olawale Kadri from Ekiti State was called by the moderator to brief the meeting on where we are. In his response he maintained that the nation has been

dragged into an abyss of humanistic regression through visionless and purposeless leadership and we have only two options to choose from, either to seat down and continue to watch while complaining and wailing especially on the social media or stand up and fight to bequeath of children a better nation. He said that we have decided to back our words with action and the revolution is already starting. He posited that since we don’t have the weapon to win a war, we can win an election if we strategically position ourselves to wrestle power and connect with all other youths in the country.

He said we are more than them, and we can win them (referring to the old generation leaders) Currently we are extending the movement to our friends across all other geo-political zones and the report has been overwhelming, he stressed that Kano and Abuja comrades who believed in the ideas and ideology of the movement has started mobilizing and we shall start visiting each state to meet with other young Nigerian with the intention of extending the frontiers of the movement.

Kolawole Babajide buttressed further that while we are creating awareness and meeting people to extend the frontier of the movement, we’ll continue to engage in value addition activities by training the youths, educating them and empowering them to be self reliance through skill acquisition programmes and solution focused event.

The floor was opened for opinion and good will messages and members gave suggestions and opinion to move the organization forward.

1. That Youth Arise must engage in mass awareness and extension drive through communication of the movement ideology, ideas, vision and programmes to the larger society
2. Visitations to States where youth has shown interest starting from Oyo State, Abuja and Kano in the first quarter of next year.
3. That campus activation of revolutionary mind must start in earnest.
4. That we must always publicly identify with the yearnings and aspiration of the people through our actions and programmes.
5. That personal interest must not be our driving force but the general interest of the Nigerian people through provision of policy alternatives and outline a blue print for the movement in preparation for leadership.
6. That a social media platforms be created to further acclimatize people with our ideology, ideas and visions.
7. That we must engage every means possible to support the not too young bill until it becomes law
8. That consultation to join a political party where we can build together must start in earnest as we cannot get political power without political platform. However such platform must be a platform where we’ll join in building from the scratch as youth may not be able to compete with the money bags, corrupt Nigerians and old generation in all the already established political parties.
9. That we must get a legal consultant to handle our litigations
10. That we must be ready to sacrifice all for the revolution ahead as it may means some night in police net, some bullets in some chest and some days, month, years in the jail.

The meeting therefore collapsed into round table get to know better and discussions. The meeting was adjourned till a date to be announced and in Ibadan, Oyo State, after adjournment motion had been validly moved.

Please note this is not a minute of the meeting but a communiqué and decision extract.

Signed: All members present.

N/B: More pictures shall be added as we await the photographer