In your Life’s Blueprint


Most times, the strongest of all are those who fight and conquer battles that nobody has an inkling about (Ademola Adelu).

Only those who have experienced darkness can truly value the significance of light.

However, this writeup is mainly targeted at Young school leavers just like the writer himself. For this is the most important and crucial moment in life.

You should always realise that; What you decide now and venture into may depict the way your entire life shall go.

This  forms the genesis of this great question- Do you have a proper, a solid and a sound blueprint???

If you chose No, it is never too late. Take a deep breathe and ruminate on this food for thoughts as the core of your life’s blueprint.

The Core of Your Life’s Blueprint

# Always Have a Stern Belief in Your own Dignity:

Do not allow any one make you feel you are worthless. Always feel that you have worth by justifying that with ur innate abilities and strengths. You also have to always own your life with ultimate significance and high esteem.

# Set Defined and Achievable Goals:

As days unfold, keep drawing out the road map of your life as regards to the work you will do, strategic steps to crossing the hurdle and finally take action.

# Act With Focus,Total Dedication and Determination:

Once you have discovered what you will do in life, set out to do it well with the zeal and determination to achieving excellence in your desired path. Always ensure every moment pays tribute towards the ultimate goal.

If beign a Bush proves abortive at the moment, be  a Tree,
If being a  Sun proves abortive at the moment, be a Star,
If beign a Highway proves abortive at the moment, be a Trail

For its not by size that you win or you fail. Just be whatever you are as long as you are still on the right track to you final destination.

To crown it up, I would like to conclude with this inspirational quote of a renowned motivational speaker (Martin Luther King);

If you can’t fly, run,
If you can’t run, walk,
If you can’t walk, crawl

Always remember that the life of  any successful person today, has never being like that of a Crystal stair or a straight line graph. Hence, you must keep moving until you achieve your ultimate goals.

Author: Ademola Adelu


  1. This is super awesome and encouraging, Ademola Adelu.

    I love this part

    "For its not by size that you win or you fail."

    That's totally true.

    God bless you for this immense value.


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