Earn 20% on every load you give with Ovate load and earn service. See how.


This is a sponsored post by Ovate.

Let me introduce to you: Ovatè Inc. It is the mother company of btc-ville. It is a financial company offering solutions to financial issues. One of our very topmost services is the provision of “zero-collateral soft-loans” to help people deal with emergencies. For 2 months (july and august), we undertook a massive and intense trial and testing period on our loan service and we weren’t prepared for the results we got. Not only was it a complete success, and we had more loan requests than we could fund, our repayments were also extra smooth, and for the first time, we had the opportunity to contribute something real to helping the Nigerian people. This pushed us to innovate on our loan services and in order to help more people, we came up with the ovatè loan and earn service. Which allows people to become our franchise loaners and earn 20% in 30days on every loan they give out for us.

The procedure is simple:

Because we have more loan requests than we can fund with company funds, we decided to give other people who perhaps have money they don’t immediately need in the next 30-days to provide us with such monies so we can give loans with them and the loaner earns 20% extra on their monies.

This means all the work is done by ovatè, the loaner merely informs us of their intentions, fills our franchise loaner form and gets the money to us. In 30days they automatically receive their full amounts plus an extra 20% refunded to them.

Why gamble away your money on unsure schemes and investments? Why risk losing all your hard earned cash when you can help real people with it and be compensated with gain?

How can you be sure?

Ovatè has a legal team. We are also currently pushing partnership with major Nigerian banks.

Contact any of the following for details: 08083353325, 07018231861 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

Ovatè…solutions you can trust!

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