Scam Alert: This Lady was Scammed by an Instagram User, See Screenshots

Instagram has now turned to a scamming ground. These days, you don’t even know whom to trust when it comes to online business again. Read the full gist as posted by Omobolanle Awoyemi on her Facebook Wall. See Screenshots below.

SCAMMER ALERT. INSTAGRAM SCAMMERS. May it not be well with all of them!

The general public is therefore warned of doing business with any vendor on IG called @uniqueladyswears_online_store whose phone no is +2348179542401.

A dear friend of mine (she has been tagged in this post) has requested I post this for her because she believes this notice will get more audience on my wall than if posted on her own wall.

Evidence of her conversations with the vendor has been attached.

Oluwadamilola made an order of two items: A slippers and a shoe. On realizing that he had been paid the money for the delivery, an evidence was a screenshot of the debit alert she got from her bank (FCMB), the scammer claimed not to have received the alert but promised to process the order when he receives the alert.

Thereafter, he asked for a delivery fee of 1K which was not in the initial agreement. My friend paid this and expected her delivery the following day. He came up with stories of how the sales team is having a problem and promised to make payment as soon as it is sorted.

Subsequent chats from my friend were received with no response, then he blocked her. She went ahead to chat with him on Whatsapp, acting as a new customer who wanted to inquire about one of his goods, which he responded to, but on knowing that she was the same person from IG, he blocked her on Whatsapp.

Upon knowing that he was been monitored via other accounts, (She had told her colleagues to chat up with the guy and act as new customers who were interested in buying items), but immediately they mentioned that he had collected money from a lady without delivery of the goods, he blocked them all and he has since made his account privates.

Note that this guy is still chatting with innocent customers from his IG page, making false promises of delivery but absconds as soon as payment is made. He uses the ‘payment before delivery’ to trick unsuspecting customers into sending their money before he absconds.

Please help share this post. Tag as many people, bloggers as you can. Be careful of Instagram sellers, especially those who claim to run a payment before delivery policy.

If you are a thief, who specializes in scamming innocent people of their hard-earned cash on social media, good things will henceforth cease in your life. Help would be far from you, nothing you do would ever prosper, you will live in penury all the days of your life and die wretched. Amen.

Omoby, 2017

More images on her Facebook page. Click here to see.


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