Unbelievable: 88% of Nigerian Doctors Regret Studying Medicine


A Nigeria Based Doctor got over 200 Reactions after posting that 88 percent of Nigerian doctors regret studying medicine. CloudGossips gathered some of the hilarious comments below.

“Because Native doctors are taking up their places!” 

People asking why, why not? Nigeria frustrates the hell out of doctors. Nigeria is the hell specially tailored for doctors.

Maybe 88% of medical students should withdraw and read marketing, instead😊

As a medical student in the 1990s most Govt hospital users had issues with the attitude of Health workers, in 2017 same attitude have not changed!
you are more likely to see a consultant in his private clinic than in Govt Hospital even during working hours!

Very correct!

My hubby is a medical doctor and I can tell you that for sure. They are always working, hardly enjoys the money they make .

People around them enjoy their money.

When you enter into a profession with no empathy but cash gains in mind and secondary school certificate holder is your policy maker and richer, bros the tendency is for one to feel frustrated.

Worse if you’re employed by the government.

The work environment, the health policies and doctors trainability are contributory factors.

Our problem is that as a country we have never bordered to create a health system, we have just clubbed together a Doctor centered health arrangement that places enormous pressure on doctors when there is absolutely no need for that. The Doctors we have here have also in the quest to remain the focal point assumed other extra responsibilities.
Go to the Teaching Hospitals you see doctors wasting time on cases that are best left to the health centers!

what is a patient with uncomplicated malaria doing in teaching hospital? Immunization in Teaching hospital, Family planning in tracing hospital even routine uncomplicated ante Natal care in teaching hospitals!

The system has completely failed. The exams are designed to make you fail. Bleak future for young doctors. The govt grossly underpays u. No career progression for those already employed. The older colleagues are frustrating u. Other healthcare staff are hostile. The patients are ungrateful. It’s a mess.

Medicine is a nice course ,but 96% of aspirants & doctors see the course as a meal ticket..

2 reasons!

1, They forgot, is a humanitarian profession and focus too much in making money.

2, Operating without equipments

Catch 22!

Only a person with strong humanitarian streak would operate even without proper equipment to save a life…. he could have just said “I’ve got nothing to work with, sorry I can’t help you”… but he doesn’t, instead he makes the best out of a bad situation hoping for the best. … as for the money part,my guy have u tried having a child outside the country  (UK  is an exception though) U’ll pay thru ur arse with no unequivocal guarantees… do you know any doctor who works for Govt whose earnings is anywhere close to oil company workers… ? My guy if money was the primary motivation, I would have studied engineering, I’m sure my brain can handle that….

Yeah !!!They forgot it is humanitarian service. Just as house rent is humanitarian,  food  from the market is humanitarian,  transportation is humanitarian,  children school fees is humanitarian,  electricity bill etc is humanitarian. I will tell that to my mechanic tomorrow when I go back again to fix my 12 years old car.

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