A Guide To Gift Giving

Whether it’s a birthday gift, a wedding gift, a gift to celebrate a newborn baby, or a “just thinking of you” kind of gift, buying for someone who already has it all can be challenging. Making sure that you purchase a well thought out, personal, and unique gift is no easy task especially in today’s society. 

Guide to gifts, personalising gift, gifts

Nowadays anyone can buy themselves anything they’d like at almost any given moment. Online shopping should be great for gift giving but somehow it’s only made it that much more difficult. By the time someone’s birthday comes around they’ve already bought themselves everything they’ve ever wanted! That’s why it’s key to getting a unique and meaningful gift. A great way to do that is by purchasing personalized gifts.

One of the best places to buy personalized gifts has got to be Personalization Mall! They make it easy to get a unique and memorable gift at affordable prices. They even make it easy to shop, you can look at items based on occasion, who it’s for, and type of product. Personalize everything from jewelry and home decor to keepsakes, wall art, mugs, desks accessories, and more! Got a new baby coming in the family? Give the sweet bundle of a joy a soft, cozy embroidered blanket with their name on it–a gift that will bring them comfort now and for years to come. 

Personalization Mall also offer gifts for high school and college graduates, moms and dads on their respective holidays, and of course for your partner on Valentine’s Day. Shop for gifts for anniversaries, weddings, housewarming parties, funerals and sympathy, and so much more! Shipping is quick, and they even offer gift wrapping and direct shipping to loved ones who are too far to give their gift to them in person. Perfect for long distance relationships and families across the globe!

Another great way to make sure you’re getting the best gift possible for the person you’re buying for is by shopping at Overstock.com. There you can get just about anything and everything! You can get something more useful and practical for someone in your family or close circle of friends. Or you can buy them beautiful decor and jewelry, whatever you think they’d enjoy most. Before we move on let’s talk about one more place that’s just amazing for gift giving —  Uncommon Goods. They offer incredibly unique gift options that you won’t find anywhere else. Perfect for shopping for that person on your list who already seems to have everything!

Well all know that with online shopping and quick shipping that most online shops offer these days–sometimes every day feels like Christmas. But if you really take your time, do your research, and figure out what gift would make the recipient’s face light up, then all the effort you put into the gift will be worth it. Part of the joy of gift-giving is the warm feeling of satisfaction when you see the person open it up, watch their smile spread across their face, and see the gratitude in their eyes. That feeling is almost better than getting a gift yourself!

A 17 Year Old Young Lady has gnawed off the masculinity of a man forcing her for Oral S*x

A 17-year-old young lady has gnawed off the masculinity of a man, Miguel Francisco who assaulted, driving her to perform oral sex follow up on him.

Lady, girl, gnawed, blow job,

As indicated by Daily Star, the attacker was left with genuine wounds after she sunk her teeth into his genitals amid the asserted assault.

The occurrence occurred in Saltillo, in the north-focal Mexican territory of Coahuila, Mexico.

Amidst the charged rape, she could sink her teeth into his private parts.

Francisco was said to have gone to a doctor’s facility in the city to be dealt with for the nibble wounds to his penis and gonads.

As indicated by the daily paper, when specialists rapidly wound up noticeably suspicious of the wounds and announced him to the experts.

Police raged the healing facility and captured the speculate who has now been accused of assault.

The adolescent young lady, who can’t be named as she is qualified for lifetime secrecy as the charged casualty of a rape, is accepted to be assisting with the examination.

Unbelievable! Toyo Baby of Jennifer’s Diary confesses after she had lied she was a Virgin

Nigerian actress and Jenifa’s Diary star, Olayode Juliana popularly known as ‘Toyo Baby’ has revealed the reason behind her claim that she was a virgin. This is unbelievable.

The 22-year-old actress incurred the wrath of Nigerians when she claimed to have lost her virginity to her married teacher at 17.
The raunchy details were contained in her new tell-it-all memoir titled “Rebirth,” released on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the Internet never forgets. The actress, who shot into limelight after starring in Funke Akindele’s hit series, Jenifa’s Dairy, as ‘Toyo baby’ had granted several interviews wherein she claimed to be preserving her virginity until she marries.

Her teeming fans, who adored her stance on sexual purity, were shocked when she contradicted herself in her new book.
The Nollywood actress, however, explained why she lied. According to her, she was led to deny being a virgin when she was taken unawares during a live TV programme.

“People had assumed I was a virgin. I had never said I was but I had never corrected their assumptions either. So, I was still in that fix. Shortly after my confession, Ebony Life TV called me for an interview. I went and for the first time in my several interviews; I was asked point blank if I was a virgin. I tried to evade the question, but my interviewer was not having it.

“She demanded for a yes or no. I did not see the question coming and I lied. I said, “Yes, I am a virgin”. Immediately the interview was over, I hurried to the bathroom in the studio and cried. I felt terrible for lying and told God I was sorry.”

She said because she was ashamed to admit lying in various interviews, she decided to live the lie.

“I felt it was my secret and the whole world need not know about it. I was upset with myself, however, for answering her. I could have insisted I could not tell. So, I proposed never to answer such again. Easier said than done, right? Shortly after, I was on another TV interview, Crux Of The Matter, with Elsie.

“I was invited to talk for sexual purity while the other guest spoke against. In the process of the discussion, around the time when it was heated, I was asked out of the blues again if I was a virgin. And before I knew it, I heard myself lying again. I was mad at myself. I was on another TV interview that trended for a while. It was On The Couch, with Lady Ariyike. I talked about sexual purity, but thankfully I was not asked if I was virgin. After that one, I decided to stop interviews altogether. I was tired of lying or having to dread lying if I was asked straight up.”

Mixed reactions have trailed the release of the book. Critics say the actress is simply towing the path of media girl, Toke Makinwa, who also published a similar tell-it-all memoir, On Becoming, in 2016.

In the book, the actress also discusses her struggles, which include hawking on the street, experiencing sexual abuse, how a pastor once tried to abuse her sexuality and how she dropped out of school.



Abraham Akomolafe, a Facebook user had proposed reasons why Ayo Fayose would win the next presidential election in Nigeria. Even though, President Muhammadu Buhari is not really performing, according to him, the Northerners would still vote for him if he proceed for second term.

REMEMBER: I ain’t a loyalist and I am not partisan too. #Facts

NOW, these are my reasons:

Please note that the only hurdle Ayo Fayose needs to scale is the PDP primaries.

And he may scale that even though presidency has been zoned to the north which is not his region. Yes! He may.

He can scale it because PDP is dying to get hold of Nigeria back

Straight to the reasons:


If Buhari runs for second term (which looks like it), The North will vote for him (buhari) – Because history reveals that the northerners can do anything to support their people even if he is not competent or sick


The south-west will not vote for Buhari, Do I need to tell you why? Abi you that is a south-westerner, will you vote for BUhari again?


The south-easterners will never vote for Buhari or any other Northerners

The clamour for Biafra is a revolt against Northern presidency. “What you did for Jonathan, we will do for you”. That is it.

Now, Fayose has appealed to the Easterners by showing solidarity for Kanu. (He has appealed, not to the majority. Using what I call SEED STRATEGY – Planting a seed of loyalty/love. Without even the land owners noticing.

In our usual behaviour of choosing between ‘two evil alternatives’, the Easterners will have to go for a Yoruba man (which is dearer to them than an Hausa) and Fayose (Who has gained the love of a few of them, A love which can spread like petrol fire. (shebi it is election).


It will take the Yorubas time to come to terms with the support for Fayose, because his recent words were ‘anti Yoruba majority’ who voted Buhari (APC). But in the end, with a well co-Ordinated publicity, Yorubas will have to support their brother. And of course, choose someone who is not as ‘worse’ as Buhari.


The south-south are almost like the Igbos. They will never vote for a Northerner.

Considering the above factors, in a quest to get back Nigeria by all means, PDP may have to allow Ayo Fayose to take the ticket. That would be after many controversies and fights though.

Therefore, FAYOSE 2019 president = North – (SW+SE+SS) + others (Few from North Central/Middle belt)

I know you will say, He is incompetent, he is not capable, he is that. Well, that is not what wins elections. The intellectuals do not want to agree, but the real politicians know that. The majority are the low-class who votes purely on sentiments…

Do you see Fayose wining the election?

Drop your comments below.

Senate begs ASUU to call off ongoing strike

Senate begs ASUU to call off ongoing strike. The Senate has spoken to the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), to cancel its continuous strike in light of a legitimate concern for the understudies and Nigerians by and large.

Sen. Jibrin Barau, Chairman, Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TETFUND, made the interest while tending to newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said that while the senate felt for the union, its individuals should cancel the hit while consulting with the Federal Government towards finding enduring answer for the issue.

Barau said the Senate, in a letter sent to it by ASUU, learnt that piece of the grievance was absence of trust in the board of trustees set up by the government to re-arrange the 2009 assention.

The administrator reviewed that when the union proclaimed cautioning strike not long ago, the Senate mediated and guaranteed that the issue did not wait.

He said that ASUU did not report back to the senate on the troubles it had in the re-transaction with the board of trustees before leaving on the strike.

He encouraged the union to re-consider its position and come back to the re-transaction to spare the understudies, guardians and the whole country the negative impacts that would come about because of the activity.

Barau guaranteed that the panel would screen the settlement procedure amongst ASUU and the board set up by the Federal Government to guarantee agreeable determination of the issue.

He stated: “Let me say that we are extremely worried about what is occurring in our colleges.

“The Senate and in fact, the National Assembly, has been in the bleeding edge of ensuring that we demonstration quickly at whatever point it is important to check from the beginning any issue that is raising its head.

“I need to state that it was the motivation behind why we chose to intercede promptly when the notice strike move was going to make place and we did all our best to unite the two groups to arrange.

“That was what prompted the setting up of the Wale Babalakin council.

“ASUU raised issues that needed to do with their recompenses and part of it was caught in the supplementary spending that we sat back.

“In the ensuing spending plans, some of these regions were likewise dealt with.”

Inquired as to whether the Senate would declare law to ban Nigerians from taking their youngsters outside the nation to examine, Barau said that such law would not be to the greatest advantage of Nigeria.

“It is something that we know won’t be useful for our nation.

“We realize that it is constantly great to blend with individuals from different parts of the world with regards to the issue of training.

You can’t be an island to yourself; that “you will stay here in Nigeria and say you would not have any desire to interface with others.

“It is not something that has been done in any piece of the world.

“You know that understudies from Cameroon, Niger and different parts of the world come here.

“We have traded understudies who originate from even the European countries to this nation.

“You should have that collaboration. What we should state is this: we should ensure that we create colleges and instructive foundations to the level of those that we send our youngsters to.

“That is something that ought to be finished. Yet, saying that understudies ought not go to different nations, that I believe is not going to be beneficial for us,” he said.

100 days of President Muhammadu Buhari abroad: Nigerians didn’t vote for a fragile picture-posing foreign-based mannequin to be a President – Fani Kayode

President Muhammadu Buhari has been away from our shores for over 100 days in a stretch treating an undisclosed and mysterious illness in far-away London.

Since May 29th 2015 when he was sworn into office as President he has spent 350 of his over 740 days in power abroad treating the same strange ailment.

Those that demand that he should “resume or resign” are being attacked and brutalised by security forces and agents of the state.

The Buhari government is a murderous contraption that has no respect for human rights and civil liberties.

Charly Boy Oputa, Deji Adeyanju, Ariyo Dare- Atoye, Jude Ndukwe and other notable figures and leaders of the “Our Mumu Don Do” movement were brutalised and almost murdered by Buhari’s savage footsoldiers at Wuse Market in Abuja the other day simply because they dared to go on a demonstration and ask for the President to “resume or resign”.

If that had happened Nigeria would have exploded yet no arrests have been made and the government seems unperturbed.

Tension has gripped the land as we approach October 1st and the Nigerian people have expressed deep concern about what is unfolding yet all we are fed with on a daily basis are pictures of an ailing Buhari, posing like a fading and ageing Playboy model, holding court in London and granting audience to his friends, political associates, family members and loyalists.

The whole thing is not only inappropiate and undignified but it is also deeply insulting. Simply put it is sordid. The Nigerian people never banked on or voted for a fragile picture-posing foreign-based mannequin to be their President.

Meanwhile the world laughs us to scorn and mocks our nation as one in which even a walking corpse that is clearly suffering from dementia can lead and hold sway.

We are a nation in which an Acting President who is scared of his own shadow, who appears to have lost touch with his senses and who has forgotten the history and heritage of the people that he supposedly represents, has been reduced to a mere national co-ordinator and that is in the power of a faceless and tiny cabal of neo-nazi racists, religious bigots and power-hungry geriatrics.

The truth is that we are now a full-fledged dictatorship that is being controlled and presided over by a tiny cabal with a religious and ethnic agenda.

This, together with an unrelenting, though unsuccessful attempt, to demonise and crush the traditional opposition and silence all forms of dissent has resulted in the irresistable rise of powerful and well-organised secessionist and separatist groups such as the Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM) and the Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The fact that the Federal Government is incapable of encouraging national cohesion and integration but is instead saddled with a morbid obsession to try to destroy President Goodluck Jonathan and rubbish his excellent legacy speaks volumes.

The lies and propaganda of the Buhari administration are second to none. Simply put they are filled with deceit, deception, mendacity and hate.

They have sought to demonise and destroy more innocent Nigerians than any other Government in our entire history.

They have killed more innocent Nigerians than any other Government in our history outside of the civil war.

They have locked up more innocent Nigerians and subjected them to shameful and barbaric witchunts and media trials than any other civilian Government in the history of our country.

Under them murderous soldiers slaughtered over 1000 Shia Muslims in one afternoon in Zaria and buried them in mass graves.

Under them thousands of IPOB youths have been butchered by security agents.

Under them hundreds of thousands of innocent Nigerians have been raped, maimed, robbed and massacred by well-armed, well-funded and well-organised Fulani militias and herdsmen all over the country yet not one of the perpetrators has been arrested or brought to justice simply because they are members of the President’s ethnic group and they are his loyal footsoldiers.

Under them Boko Haram has resurrected, restored its fortunes and won back virtually all the territory that they had lost when President Goodluck Jonathan was in power.

Under them more Christians have been butchered and more Churches burnt down than any other Govermment in the history of Nigeria.

Under them northern youths have given a chilling quit notice to our Igbo compatriots to leave the north. They have also threatened them with genocide and mass murder if they fail to do so by Octobr 1st yet not one of those murderous youths has been aprrehended, questioned or arrested.

Under them a frightful and barbaric song has been crafted and is being shared and sang all over the north which openly calls for the ethnic cleansing and total elimination and annihilation of every Igbo in the country yet the song has not been outlawed or banned and its authors have not been arrested.

Under them a culture of silence and fear has been imposed on the Nigerian people and few are ready to risk life, limb and liberty by speaking truth to power or resisting and standing up to tyranny.

Under them the worst economic recession that we have ever experienced in our history has been established and the Nigerian people have been afflicted with pain, hunger, hardship, suffering, poverty, uncertainty and despair.

Under them cows (yes cows!) have taken over our city streets, schools and places of worship and the lives of cattle are deemed to have more value than that of human beings.

There is no gain saying that Buhari and his followers are not only a curse and a terrible affliction on our nation but they are also a very real danger to our unity as a people.

Their objective appears to be to turn Nigeria into a nation of quislings and vassals and a colony of pliant and cowardly slaves.

They refer to every northern Muslim that resists their evil agenda and that does not support them as a traitor and an infidel and they refer to every southerner and Christian as a slave and an unbeliever.

Their’s is the language of hate, violence and division and it must be condemned and resisted by all men and women of goodwill regardless of their faith and ethnicity.

More than any other Government in our entire history the Buhari administration has divided us along ethnic, religious and regional lines and they don’t appear to give a hoot about the implications of doing so.

As a matter of fact the contrary is the case: they appear to enjoy doing it and they feed on the dangerous divisions that they have created.

As regards Buhari himself, I have said it before and I will say it again: he is the darkness that seeks the darkness and the most divisive and destructive leader that Nigeria has ever known. He is the quintessential biblical Amalekite and the classical “troubler of Israel”.

The Bible says “the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel” and Buhari is cruel indeeed. As a matter of fact he is not human and he is incapable of exhibiting any form of genuine compassion or kindness.

He is a demonic incarnate. He is what the great writer and historian David Icke describes as “a shape-shifting reptilian” with sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies.

Cold-blooded and ruthless, he thrives in the shadows and he is led and guided by the dark spiritual forces and entities that brought him into this world to do havoc.

And like all reptilians, to maintain his human form he drinks human blood and eats human flesh.

Simply put he is a wicked and unrelenting sadist whose failures as President are glaring and manifest for all to see.

Worse of all, he hates the children of God and despises the forces of light. Malevolence is his forte and destruction is his delight.

He thrives on both and he feeds on the energy, essence, glory and souls of his innocent victims.

May the Ancient of Days deliver our country from his evil clutches and may the Lord of Hosts save us from those that regard and worship him as a living and cultic deity.

Permit me to conclude this contribution with the following.

So obsessed, so primitive, so provincial, so evil, so insensitive, so petty, so cruel, so crude, so paranoid, so deluded, so out of touch with reality, so reckless, so hateful and so obsessed with President Jonathan and the PDP is the Buhari Presidency that they went as far as to say that the great lady and former Minister of Information Mrs. Dora Akunyili was sent to her premature death and early grave because she was given a job by the former President.

Never in the history of our nation has such a vicious, nonsensical, baseless, malevolent and specious mendacity been pronounced by an official of the Federal Government.

One wonders whether Buhari and his minions have any shame? One wonders whether they have any respect for the dead?

One wonders whether they are not all suffering from dementia like Buhari is himself?

One wonders if they have any decency or humanity left in the deeper recesses of their antedeluvian and pyschotic souls?

Nevermind the fact that the statement was issued by a very junior staff of the Presidency who I gather is as much of a palm-wine guzzling low-life and woman of easy virtue as she is an ugly old drunkard: the truth is that she looks and reasons like a blood-swirling ritualist and the product of an incestuos union. Imagine having to come home to that every night?

Yet whatever she is, whatever she drinks, whatever she smokes, whoever her parents are, whichever poor soul she goes home to every night and however repugnant her looks may be the fact remains that what she has said is morally reprehensible.

It is also a clear reflection of the callousness, the grave psychological degeneration and the deep intellectual bankruptcy of the Buhari administration.

Whatever Buhari and his minions may feel about Jonathan, the People’s Democratic Party or anyone else they should please leave Dora Akunyili out of it because this profoundly good lady that brought joy to the hearts of so many is not here to speak for or defend herself.

They should allow this great daughter of Nigeria who was not only my colleague in the Obasanjo administration over ten years ago but who also served our nation honorably and creditably through the auspices of no less than three PDP President’s and Federal Governments to continue to rest in peace.

Buhari and his staff talking about Dora is like the the devil talking about an angel. They are not fit to mention her name or to lick the bottom of her shoes.

My Precious: a goddess Poem to the wife of Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation has showered an encomium on his wife, Precious Chikwendu Fani-Kayode, after winning an award as the Most Influential Beauty Queen in Nigeria. The award was powered by TheGuardian to celebrate real women with true stories. Get some parts for your Precious too. Fine the Poem below.

My Precious, my soul-mate, my wife, my friend, the mother of my beautiful son Aragorn and the one that brings me joy.

The one that gives me strength and offers me hope. The one that stood with me before my accusers and laughed them to scorn.

The one that renews my youth, that makes me smile and that expands the horizons of my inner-most thoughts. The African Khaleesi: the Mother of Dragons.

The Regent of the Western shores of Westoroth and the Guardian of the Iron Throne. The Elf Queen of Gondor and the Shieldmaiden of Rohan. The Protector of the Shire and the beloved of Aragorn.

The one that is cloaked in God’s glory and favor, that wields the razor-sharp two-edged sword and that is known as Queen of the Kingdom and the Daughter of Zion.

The one that wears the glistening crown, that bears the ring of power, that is blessed with splendor and honor and that is worthy of adoration and worship.

The one that blossoms with the fragrance of a thousand daffodils, a touch of poppy-seed and the scent of Alliage perfume.

The one who wines and dines with gods and giants in the halls of Elysium and who dances like Arwen in the fields of Lothlorien.

The one whose beauty is stunning and relentless and who carries the glory of the sun and the moon.

The one that is a special gift from the Ancient of Days, whose blood is royal blue, who wears the purple robe and who carries the mantle of a future Queen.

The one that refuses to tremble at the lion’s roar or to quiver before the raging storm. The one that dared satan to do his worse and that, in total faith, took the Lord God of Hosts at His word.

The one whose fortitude and courage is simply inexplicable and whose strength of character, firm resolve and iron will is incomprehensible.

The one who stood firm like the Rock of Gibraltar when all others fled and fell. The one that harbored no fears and doubts: that walked with titans and that danced with the immortals.

The one that is as refreshing and reinvigorating as the morning dew. The one that conjures love with her simple and innocent smile. The one whose noble birth gives her an edge over others.

The one whose integrity, character, honor and heritage is unquestionable and unimpeachable and whose loyalty is as constant as the northern star.

The one whose beauty surpasses all others and whose noble qualities leaves lesser mortals standing. The one whose purity dispels the darkness, who brings life and hope and who is the beloved of the Lord.

My Precious, you are a rare gem though you may not even know it: a rare gem that is encrusted in topaz, sprinkled with diamonds, clothed with emeralds and crowned with the finest gold.

You are envied by most yet loved by many: let not your joy be cut short. Let not another take your beautiful crown. Let not your glory and your star be dimmed.

Let not sorrow and doubt blight your love or dim your purpose and vision. You were born to be a Queen: settle not for less and cultivate the firm resolve to make the necessary sacrifices to satisfy your calling.

Do not look for the crown for it shall surely look for you and, as it was with Esther, in God’s time, it shall surely find you.

Activate your faith and, like the true Queen that you are, remain aloof, shun the crowd, defend the weak, stand up for justice, help the poor, counsel mercy and immerse yourself in righteousness, knowledge, understanding, sobriety and true humility.

Clothe yourself with grace and prepare to receive, for the Lord has already given you the land and all the fat and goodness that springs forth from within it.

The matter is settled. You need not struggle. Your beauty and purity in body, spirit and soul surpasses all others.

You deserve the best. Yours are men of power and learning: men with vision and that are blessed with keen and bright minds. Men that are filled with the Spirit of the Living God and that will bow to none.

Yours are Kings and Presidents: men of authority and destiny and not just mediocre mortals who toil to build, nurture and sustain their worldly empires and their ephemeral wealth.

You were not crafted for the benefit of traders and merchants but rather to the glory of God and for the joy of the King: the Lord’s beloved.

You are a Queen of noble and royal birth and you are graced with a royal mien and a regal disposition. The world can hold nothing back from you because the Lord has already spoken and given it all to you.

It is just a matter of time. It is your destiny, your glory, your star, your future, your role and your purpose and it was ordained before the oracles of time. Let not sorrow or sadness take it away from you.

Hear not the whispering voice of doubt and fear because, as long as He is with you, you cannot fail. Rebuke the enemy, go forth boldly in the name of the Lord and take what is yours.
Don’t let them rob you.

Stand on the prophecy, yearn for it, protect it, nurture it and pray for it to come to pass. It is your right, your due, your portion and, most important of all, it is the will of the Living God and He has decreed it.

Lose it not, ”for the vision is for an appointed time and, though it may tarry, it shall not fail or prove false”. Royal and noble is your blood, your spirit and your soul. You are excellent in all your ways and your gait is magnificent.

So regardless of whatever circumstances you find yourself in, always remember who you are, hold your head up high and let the peace, joy,strength and confidence of the Lord envelop you.

Wear that peace morning, day and night. Not the peace of the world which is premised on vanity, deceit, self-adulation and guile.

Not that hollow peace which is nurtured and sustained by carnal minds, reprobate thoughts and deviant philosophies but rather that inexplicable, mysterious, deeply profound and divine peace that the bible says ”passeth all understanding” and that comes only from deep intercession, from being hidden in Christ and from regular communion, interaction and fellowship with the Most High God.

Take that divine peace and cherish it. Take that confidence, strength and joy and let it fill you to the brim. Take that wealth and the fat of the land to which the Lord will add no sorrow.

And take that crown which He has bequethed to you even before the oracles of time. Like Esther, you are royalty and almost divine, though this was hidden from you by the peculiar circumstances of your humble origin and noble birth.

You were chosen carefully even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb by He that is the Creator of all things and that is the God of all flesh.

I therefore urge you to go forth into the world in confidence and in strength and play your divinely-ordained role in your nation’s history. Stand by your Lord and Master, the King, the beloved of the Lord and defy the arrows and distractions of the enemy and mere mortals. Let none deter you.

Let none overwhelm you. Let none cower you. Let none suppress, intimidate or silence you.

Always remember that greatness comes with a heavy price. Yet, whatever that price may be, do not be deterred for the Lord has already given you the land and all the fat that is in it.

I urge you to stand firm and take it. Loved deeply by many, you are unstoppable and unbeatable. You are my Precious: my joy, my pride, my strength and my hope.

You are everything that God wants you to be and that I have ever wanted in my life. Shine My Precious, shine: for the Lord is with you and He has blessed you in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Never forsake or forget your favorite word and battle cry: ”fearless”. This is YOUR word and it is a powerful. It is filled with faith and strength. The Lord will surely honor it in your life.

You shall excel and prosper, you shall wear the crown, you shall sit on the iron throne, none shall come between us and I shall always love you. Shine My Precious, shine!

It’s now official: ASUU declares nation wide indefinite strike

It is now official. ACADEMIC Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, will today take a ultimate conclusion on whether it will continue on hit over uncertain issues with the Federal Government or not.

Unsubstantiated report had it that the union met yesterday at an undisclosed scene to take choice on the approaching strike. Be that as it may, when Vanguard looked for affirmation of the meeting from the National President of the union, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi the previous evening, he just welcomed their Correspondent to go to a press preparation at Labor House today.

However, data had it that Chairmen of state sections of the union met in Abuja, with the national administration where they ordered and investigated the consequences of the submission they led in their different parts.

The directors whom larger part of them had endorsed a nation wide country strike, thought close by the National Executive Council, NEC the term the strike would last.

Remember that the NEC had met at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi on the 22nd and 23rd July, 2017, and thought widely on issues emerging from the 2009 ASUU/FGN understanding, the 2013 MoU and other related issues and chose to lead a choice at the branch congresses on the following line of activity.

As indicated by a letter marked by the union’s National President Prof. Ogunyemi, the issues in question included installment of divisions/non-installment of pay rates; non-installment of earned scholastic remittances, non-arrival of operational permit of NUPENCO, resigned educators and their pay rates, college staff schools, and finances for the revitalisation of state funded colleges.

See the letter below:

Apply and Win: Strive Masiyiwa to give $100000 to two young entrepreneurs in Africa

Strive Masiyiwa is one of the leading Entrepreneurs in Africa. He is the Founder of the Econet Group. Strive Masiyiwa, born 1961, has been in business since 1986. He has been of help to several young African Entrepreneurs in the World. He is most suite for on Facebook as regards Entrepreneurship. Strive Masiyiwa is to give $100000 to two young Entrepreneurs in Africa. Apply and Win.

Strive Masiyiwa, Nigeria, Africa, Entrepreneurs

Today, his post again, gained so much reactions as he declares to give two outstanding Entrepreneurs $100,000 each.

Find his post as posted by him below:

Now for some news you’ve been waiting for…
__Who will work for me in January?

Next week we’ll finally launch the competition to choose two people who will be the inaugural Kwesé Entrepreneur Fellows. Working from the Kwesé offices in Johannesburg, they’ll win an opportunity to interact with me and some of my team on a daily basis.

These two people (one of whom must be a woman) will also be given an opportunity to pitch for a $100,000 investment into their idea (business or social).

(We hoped to get started earlier this year, but putting together a process has not been easy because we’ve all been very busy!)

Anyway, in preparation let me tell the people who are interested in participating, they must appreciate that it will be a very rigorous process!

Anyone can win (they don’t have to be university graduates or highly educated, or even have an existing enterprise of their own). We are interested in someone who is very hard working, methodical and diligent.

The eventual two winners will be selected by followers on this platform acting as a “Shark Tank” type panel, who will then (like investors) vote for whom they think I should give $100,000.

Contestants will be taken through a two-stage process in which they must show complete knowledge about Kwesé services, based on what I have said about them, and what is on all our websites. They will need to have a very good understanding of Kwesé programming. You don’t have to own a decoder to have such knowledge as all the information is on our websites and Apps.

If a participant gets to Stage Two by passing the programming test (a series of four quizzes over several weeks) then they will then be required to prepare a pitch on their own business or social enterprise in a short video.

If you or someone you know is interested, they can begin right away to prepare for Stage One. The information on the quizzes is available to those who can study and answer questions (which will be posted regarding on knowledge from these three websites and apps):

# Kwese.com
# Kwese.Espn.com
# Kwesefied.com
# Kwesé app
# Kwesé Free Sport app

People who have Kwesé decoders can also participate in this competition by going to the Kwese.com website where the questions will be posted.

# Remember anyone can answer these questions. You don’t have to be in Africa to participate. You can attempt from anywhere in the world. And if you win, we will bring you to Africa!

We will pay the full cost of tickets and accommodation during the two week stay with our organization.

Let the battle begin!


I believe you can win this. Apply and Win as Strive Masiyiwa to give $100000 to two young entrepreneurs in Africa. I hope this post is helpful. Good luck.

Start Your Own Business: Acquire all the skills you need at Innovators Skill Acquisition Programme

Starting your own Business will change your life literally. Running a business can be a fabulous way to earn your living and live your life. It can be enormously satisfying and let you take greater control over your own destiny, it might even make you lots of money.

BUT most prospective Startups always come face to face with the challenge of not knowing what kind of business to start?

Starting a business is in phases, you may consider trading and you may also consider production (manufacturing) which is the best.

Every big company was once an Idea.
Come and be equipped on how to bring your ideas to light.

At The innovators Skill acquisition event, not only will you be thought new skills but you will be shown how to be established in the midst of the challenging economy.

The innovators mega skill acquisition program in Ado-Ekiti aimed at breeding, nurturing and generating youth entrepreneurs and innovators and impacting youths with different skills to make them financially independent.

The skills to be acquired include:
Make over and gele, Shampoo, hair conditioner, laundry bleach, liquid soap, air freshener, insecticides, germicides, antiseptic, after shave, bag making, bead making, wedding/event planning, cakes and pastries, web/graphics designs, 3d wall painting etc.

Registration for all the skills above attracts 1000naira only. You can decide to learn more than one, two, three or four if you can cope for just 1000naira.

Text your full name, skills interested in and phone number to 08101849688.

You can make payment to this account number :
Adekola Faith Adesola

Or pay in cash at RCF EKSU entrance from 10am to 4pm.

Just spare that 5 days for the things you’ll acquire for life and no one can take the knowledge away from you after acquiring it.

You don’t need to think twice about this, it’s a lifetime opportunity, so grab it now!

The training is starting on 14th of August, 2017.

A successful entrepreneur never procrastinate. Registeration Closes soon, so register today with just 1000naira!

Once again, You can make payment to this account number :
Adekola Faith Adesola

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