RCF EKSU Presents the Foundation and the Building

What do you see when you see a beautiful building? Is it the inviting work of architecture or the cost of putting such magnificence into reality? Anything can be beautiful but not every beautiful thing can endure. To understand this, think about a castle made up of gold without a solid foundation, it would come crumbling down at the first storm.

To build is one thing; to have an enduring building is another. A building that can endure is an offspring of a good foundation. In the same way, God has called us his building and no matter how beautiful our lives seem to be in the physical, if there is no solid spiritual foundation then such a live cannot stand, in fact the true beauty of a life is its foundation in Christ.

How is your foundation and what building have you laid. To understand what it means to have a solid foundation and to come into the proper building of the Holy One, make it a date with the Lord in RCF EKSU Main auditorium on the 19th to 22nd January, 2017 where the Lord will expose the secret of the heart and raise men up into glory.

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