Iranwo Initiatives: Buy A Shirt today and Help A Refugee

This time around, they are not asking for just money to help the Refugees but they are giving you value for your money. No one says giving isn’t valuable but Iranwo Initiatives has taken giving to another level; not just giving the Refugees money but teaching them how to make Money. See what role you too can play below.

With just a token of 2500, you can help poor refugees become economically empowered, financial literate and capable to live to their fullest potential by buying beautiful and unique shirts made by the refugees in Oru, Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State.

Iranwo Initiative, a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization trains indigent refugees on developing marketable hand skills such as Tie and Dye Craft, Ankara Craft, Soap Making, Tailoring, Hairdressing as well as Leather Bags and Shoes Production. As a way to ensure sustainability and financial independence for our
beneficiaries, we create opportunities for them to market their produce and generate bountiful sales through social events and online marketing, leveraging on networks of friends, families and well-wishers.

Our goal with the #LiberateOruRefugees Project is to create a sustainable source of income for these refugee girls and their families towards relocating them from their present residential option which is the Refugee Camp that has consistently attracted Evacuation threats from the Ogun State Government.

Since inception of the #LiberateOruRefugees Project, out of a target of 5000 Tie and Dye Shirts made to achieve our financial goal, over 150 Adire shirts have being produced and sold with the proceeds channeled into access to education and daily upkeep for the girls and their families.

With your purchase, we are a step away from achieving our target.

Buy A Shirt today and Help A Refugee!

Contact +2348130004444 for purchase and more details.

See Some of the Works of the Refugees below:

EKSU: Student Leader Arrested after Police vandalised students’ hostels

Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado Ekiti, students Leader was arrested following an attack by the police in the school. EKSUSU Press reported the incidence as follows.

At about 3pm yesterday, there was an accident involving an okada man, who inflicted serious injury on a lady who is presently at the Ekiti State Teaching Hospital. The highlight of the neglect or non-challant attitude of the okada man leaving the lady in that critical state made a concerned senator, Senator Hardvize to raise his voice against this inhuman treatment towards students.

This led to a fracas at satellite gate of the University as Okada men violently attacked the SUG president (known as Aruson), and a senator at EKSU student union level known as senator Hardvize.

Further on the scene, the deputy CSO of EKSU, forwarded a call to the SUG excos, to go settle things amicably in the Iworoko police station.

At the meeting, the DPO stressed the need for peace and unity among the okada riders and the student, much to the presence of Aruson led team and the excos of the okada riders.

While still at the meeting, the SUG EXCOS were called upon that the hooliganism of the okada men has taken a new dimension, as okada men inflicted wounds on different individuals at sporadic intervals.

This prompted the Aruson led team to leave the police station and call the paramilitary wing (cadet corps) of the University, to ensure the safety of Nigerian student.

On arrival at Osekita junction to observe and proffer solution to the ugly scene, the SUG excos received battering and sustained grievous injuries, much to the presence of the so-called gallant men of the police force. As they choose to be spectators, rather than a competitors for peace.

The number one citizen of the University, talking in person of student union president (Aruson) was seriously dealt with, together with his aides.

Later on, the police men who stood to watch, started firing tear gas on EKSUITEs, which caused some of the students to seek for safety through escape, causing students panics injuries, and health status of asthmatic patients in their various rooms was affected.

This fateful morning at exactly 5.00am when most of the students were sleeping peacefully in their room, they (students) were forced to wake up to deafening sounds of sirens blast of the Police force as the students later gathered this morning for a peaceful protest of “operation no okada.” According to one of our sources, a vibrant comrade named “Megapinx” was attacked. He sustained a head injury, from a policeman who hit him with a gun on his head.

Few hours after, policemen launched teargas at will on students at various entry point into the University as students were arrested in their hostels which was meant to be their comfort zone; even when the gate was locked as police men jumped fences into hostel compounds of Friendlies hostel, F&F hostel among others to arrest students and harass them against their fundamental human right. CloudGossips was at the hostel scene and the picture below was taken at the F and F hostel.

The students hereby give a clarion and patriotic call to the State and Federal Government to come to the rescue of students of Ekiti State University as they are sons and daughters of this land, the future stakeholders of our nation to become a nation of pride in the 21st century.

Right now, as we report, the Students Leader and some others are still at the custody of the Police.

Short Documentary of Pa. Elton, the English Missionary to Nigeria

Today January 14th marks the 30th Anniversary of the transition to glory of English missionary to Nigeria – Rev. S.G Elton, fondly called Pa. Elton.

The newspapers, radios or TVs might not be agog in celebrating him or showering him with accolades but the impact of his missionary sojourn in Nigeria spanning 1937-1987 (50years) has raised many frontline and prominent ministers of the gospel, particularly ushering Nigeria into the Pentecostal movement.

Pa Elton mentored and served as spiritual adviser and mentor to the young Benson IDAHOSA and later ordained him to ministry in company of his friend Dr Godson Lindsay.

This is a short interview extract from the full documentary still in production with SIs Ruth Elton, 83 ( Pa Eltons Only Child), brought to Nigeria as a 2 year old, denounced her British Citizenship to take up the Nigerian Passport, Never married but devoted her entire life to missionary work among the indigenous tribes of Present day KOGI STATE  and environs (Igbira,Igala etc)



RCF EKSU Presents the Foundation and the Building

What do you see when you see a beautiful building? Is it the inviting work of architecture or the cost of putting such magnificence into reality? Anything can be beautiful but not every beautiful thing can endure. To understand this, think about a castle made up of gold without a solid foundation, it would come crumbling down at the first storm.

To build is one thing; to have an enduring building is another. A building that can endure is an offspring of a good foundation. In the same way, God has called us his building and no matter how beautiful our lives seem to be in the physical, if there is no solid spiritual foundation then such a live cannot stand, in fact the true beauty of a life is its foundation in Christ.

How is your foundation and what building have you laid. To understand what it means to have a solid foundation and to come into the proper building of the Holy One, make it a date with the Lord in RCF EKSU Main auditorium on the 19th to 22nd January, 2017 where the Lord will expose the secret of the heart and raise men up into glory.

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Face of the Week (Female) – Lawal Yewande

Name : Lawal Yewande

Nickname: Wande

Mobile: 07067037266

Email :

Relationship Status : single

DOB: 15th January.

State of Origin : Osun

Hobbies: reading novel, travelling

Favorite Code: Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.

Lawal Yewande just graduated from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She loves modeling and has passion to change her world.

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Face of the Week (Male) – Bayowa Joseph

Happy New Year, we are starting our Cloud Gossips Face of the Week with someone who has been influencing the face of Nigeria and the world at Large.

He just released his single song titled Greenland which you can download here.

Name: Bayowa Joseph (Job’s)

Facebook $ IG: bayowajoseph


Mobile: +234 708 815 9082

Relationship: single😜😜

D.O.B: 25th of October.

State of origin: Ekiti State.

School: Ekiti State university

Best food: fried rice and salad.

Hobbies: singing and making money.

Business: We train, sell and breed dogs and dog foods and accessories.

Best quote: You are a product of how you think.

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