Swisscoin: Nigeria to Legalize Bitcoin as a means of payment soon



If you’re still among those that still believe you would keep using paper money till eternity, you’re on your own. 😒

SO many people doubted bitcoin in 2009 and later regretted it.

Swisscoin (the people’s coin) is another opportunity knocking on your door.

Some people are already Millionaires with Swisscoin. My Indian friend, Hårshìt Ãgrwäl is such an example. 😎

Swisscoin started with the value at €0.08 earlier this year.

Today, the value of one Swisscoin is €0.15

In 2017, the value of one Swisscoin is expected to be €1

In 2018, the value would rise to €5

In 2020, the value would be more than €10

Imagine, if you have just 1000 Swisscoins now, by 2020 (after 4 years), your money would be 1000× €10 = €10000

One euro in Nigeria today is ₦600

That means, by 2020, you would have 10000 × ₦600 = ₦6000000 😨

This is a great opportunity for you.

Mind you, the earlier you invest the better because the price would keep increasing.

Fortunately, Swisscoin is giving free 100 coins to those that register.


Don’t spend your money on liabilities instead, buy assets.

This is not a HYIP, it is an investment.

You can call me for a presentation, discussion or questions on Swisscoin with the number below.


Register with Swisscoin @ 

Read more about Swisscoin here 


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