#GiveAway: How to get Chickens at almost no Cost this Holidays

Chickens are good source of protein and are best to celebrate seasons of love. You either buy to eat or give away to your families and or neighbors.

The AgroBarn Limited which is the best in the supply of chickens are offering their chickens are at a give away price. When you’re searching for Quality at its peak, go nowhere than AgroBarn.

Fortunately, they are closer to you than you think. You can either call them or book your own chicken online.

They are selling these BIG chickens at give away prices and the Offer valid while stock last! 

Call or Text the following customer care lines, your location and quantity needed and they will deliver in less than 3 hours.

08139319159 (Both Lagos and Ogun)
08131661846 (Ogun)

or book online, and they will deliver to you homes or offices.

Don’t miss this offer. Offer is valid while stock last! 


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