#Training: How to Start a Successful Fish Business

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Venue of the training is Ilorin Grammar School, Sawmill, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Date: From 13th January to 11th February (Fridays to Sundays Only)

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#GiveAway: How to get Chickens at almost no Cost this Holidays

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Angry Letter To The Nigerian Youth (5): Our National Destiny Lie In Your Hands

Dear Nigerian Youth,

Looking around the contraption called Nigeria should bring you to tears and evoke outrage within your circle. You should tear your clothes and pour ashes on your head as you seek to be part of the solution but rather you’re part of the problem. When you should be seeking answers, you’re a significant part of the question. I have watched and read in utter dismay- not shock as you can’t shock me anymore- as one group of youth after another celebrate their looters and oppressors. “In youth we learn, in age we understand”, said Marie Von Ebner but I wonder if you learn anything at all. You fight for your looters and oppressors when you should fight against them. Is it any wonder then that Herbert Hoover said “Older men declare war but it is the youth that must fight and die”?

You are like Jether in Judges 8 verse 20 : “And he said unto Jether his firstborn, Up, and slay them. But the youth drew not his sword: for he feared, because he was yet a youth”. You’re unable to draw up your sword and that is why the sword is drawn against you. You never stand up to fight for the salvation of your land and future. You constantly praise those you should erase. You easily destroy the few among you who are men of ideas. You pull down those who seek to pull you up. You fight for everyone except yourselves. You have a morbid hatred for self. You’re a willing tool in the hand of those who destroy your common patrimony. You are very fearful instead of being feared.

Let’s talk about the future, your future : a shopping centre abroad will be using computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion to ensure you walk in, shop and just go away with your items without staying on a queue but here in 2016 Nigeria you even stay on queues to cash your own money and buy essential commodities. France has built a 1,000km solar road where cars drive on solar panels but we can’t even finish reconstructing Lagos-Ibadan expressway. By next year, there will be the first human head transplant by an Italian neurosurgeon but polio and Lassa fever has staged a comeback in this clime. By 2020, while others will be able to switch off their fat cells and eat anything they want without the fear of obesity while people die in Nigerian IDP camps because of malnutrition. Samsung will release foldable smartphones next year while your leaders grapple with production of pencils. In 2017, the robotic chef arm that can cook up to 2,000 recipes will be launched but in Nigeria we still source for cooks from Akwa Ibom and Cross River States.

While touch responsive prosthetics which will enable people who have been amputated have a sense of touch and can be controlled will be available from next year in the civilized world, Nigeria still gropes in the dark and some of her institutions carry out surgeries using candles and lanterns. The US Army is working on a tactical assault light operator suit which will provide fire, shock and ballistic protection to its soldiers but Nigerian soldiers are fainting because of hunger on battle fronts. Bangladesh, a country that is also considered as developing and has one of the worst flooding problems in the world has about 100 boat schools with each one having internet access, a library and is solar powered. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso has been under lock for seven months because two Nigerian states with the same tribe and language can’t agree on funding and ownership.

You use social media for every imaginable evil contraption but you can’t rally it for social good. A little while ago, some students from various universities in Pakistan aged 21-26 came together to find solutions for 13 water- and sanitation-related problems facing their community by using web-based and mobile applications for water and sanitation. You come together only to share memes of your political enemies, wail or hail on social media. Israel has an official twitter handle that has an average of five posts a day highlighting various topics from archaeological discoveries to technological breakthroughs in the country. The United Kingdom official twitter channel tweets links to what Brits are doing all over the world in the fields of human rights and medicine and what foreign officials are up to abroad. Nigeria has just launched an app that has one of its features as opportunity for all Nigerians to bid for government contracts. They know that is the only thing that interests you.

You are worse than the people you seek to replace. You are to be feared more than the people you complain about. Nigeria is a huge criminal enterprise and you are co-facilitators. Your traducers understand you more than you understand yourself. They know your god is your belly and you are a slave to your selfish desires. Your ambition is very lowly and you have a price. That is why they easily recruit you as e-rats and touts. For a morsel of pottage, you can mortgage your future because you belong to the lineage of Esau. You are unwilling to pay the price for liberty and freedom. You are unable to sacrifice for the future you so much talk and dream about. You want power served to you a la carte.

102 years after amalgamation and 56 years after independence, youths 35 years and below constitute about 70% of the total Nigerian population. Those between 15-35 years are about 70 million. Nevertheless, you are the most unproductive youth population ever. We have the most ignorant set of youths ever in the history of this nation. People blame the Minister of Youth and Sports but Solomon Dalung is just a reflection of the average Nigerian youth. Like the Minister, like the Nigerian youth.

Another year has slipped by and the Nigerian state is now worse than ever. Armageddon beckons. You represent the very last chance to salvage the ship of state if you can morph into a very virile force that accurately determines the direction of our common destiny. The old order has shown it cannot do better. Two generations should not wallow in misfortune, says a Nigerian proverb. Will your generation get it right at all? Will you listen to the voice of reason and leverage on your numbers to save all of us? You can register a new political party. Or form a critical mass or pressure groups in an existing one. Set up accountability groups across local governments and states. Participate actively in the political process. Identify some young outliers and rally round them so as to get them to political office. Create jobs. Be contributors to the economy. Start an NGO. Find a good cause and support it. No one will give you power on a platter of gold. You have to grab it.

Stop talking. Start doing. Now.

Bayo Adeyinka is the author of “The Angry Letter” Series. You can read the previous angry letters here:
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Music: Greenland by Job’s (@buyula)

I have been hearing songs this year but this latest song just released by Bayowa Joseph is exceptional for me. A song full of hope and faith.

Bayowa Joseph is a Gospel Singer with a dynamic sound and spirit that ushers people into God’s very presence. His unique sound has earned him many platforms.

Bayowa Joseph, born into a family of four is from Ekiti State but was born and bred in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

He began singing at the very tender age of ten. He sharpen his skills in music through joining the children choir and other musical groups. He is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Province  Seven, Port Harcourt and a member of the Christian Charity Network (CCN). He is also a student of Ekiti State University where he is currently pursuing a degree in SLT biochemistry.

Bayowa Joseph is an ardent lover of gospel rock, and is inspired by the likes of Tye Tribett, Mali music, James Fortune etc.

What makes him special apart from his passion for music is his deep love for God, who is the Centre of his music.

Download and Enjoy Greenland by Job’s by clicking the link below:

Download HERE

Swisscoin: Nigeria to Legalize Bitcoin as a means of payment soon


If you’re still among those that still believe you would keep using paper money till eternity, you’re on your own. 😒

SO many people doubted bitcoin in 2009 and later regretted it.

Swisscoin (the people’s coin) is another opportunity knocking on your door.

Some people are already Millionaires with Swisscoin. My Indian friend, Hårshìt Ãgrwäl is such an example. 😎

Swisscoin started with the value at €0.08 earlier this year.

Today, the value of one Swisscoin is €0.15

In 2017, the value of one Swisscoin is expected to be €1

In 2018, the value would rise to €5

In 2020, the value would be more than €10

Imagine, if you have just 1000 Swisscoins now, by 2020 (after 4 years), your money would be 1000× €10 = €10000

One euro in Nigeria today is ₦600

That means, by 2020, you would have 10000 × ₦600 = ₦6000000 😨

This is a great opportunity for you.

Mind you, the earlier you invest the better because the price would keep increasing.

Fortunately, Swisscoin is giving free 100 coins to those that register.

Register: swisscoin.eu/SOLAMATHEW 

Don’t spend your money on liabilities instead, buy assets.

This is not a HYIP, it is an investment.

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Read more about Swisscoin here 


The Book

That night, which was yesterday, ‘something’ had been disturbing me not to sleep but to pray before I slept. I thought to myself that after I finished reading the book I was reading, I would pray.

A girlfriend had earlier given me the book to read. I promised her I would read and return the following day. The book was so interesting but also full of terror, hatred and betrayal.  I felt the writer of the book must have gone though such. The writer captured the scenes, the voices and the culture of the people he wrote about so succinctly that I felt I was with him. I wouldn’t advise you to read the book if your the emotional type because you would cry your life out. I did actually. I will tell you the name of the book later.
I was ruminating over the book after reading that I felt asleep without praying. Oh. I wished I had prayed.

The Dream

Suddenly, I saw my spirit left my body. It looked exactly like my own physical body. It looked at my body with such sympathy, shook its head and left towards the road before it.

As if I had seen such a street before. It seemed to me that no one was staying in the street but it was full with houses. No single light was seen in the street. What gave me direction was the moonlight. I was a bit afraid but I had no choice than to move on.

All of a sudden, I saw a swift light passed by me. The light was so bright but also so small. Then, I saw a very big darkness gathered up like a smoke and then formed a big snake. At this moment, I had felt like the earth saving me like it saved the woman in the book of Revelation but no, it didn’t save me. I was to face the giant snake myself.

The Voice

“Sola” I heard a voice that sounded like a thunder called me. I thought “this person must really know me.” Fear became my second name.

The voice told me that because I have been involved in SOMETHING, I couldn’t enter the place that was meant for me.

What is that SOMETHING?

Immediately the voice told me I had was involved in SOMETHING that wouldn’t allow me to the place meant for me, my mind ran to and from searching for what I had been involved in especially, lately.

Since the voice didn’t say I did it but was INVOLVED in, my mind quickly ran faster than the speed of light to June, 2016 when I joined the triple M pyramid scheme.

I began to regret that despite all the warnings by so many people on social media, I continued in it. Even though, most of the people that talked against the scheme on social media didn’t know or have deep knowledge about the scheme.

Swiftly, I remember one of the broadcast messages sent to a WhatsApp group I belong to claiming the scheme as the triple 6 mark.

Still in the dream.

I saw myself putting my hand in my pocket to pick out my Android Phone. I opened the WhatsApp on my phone and I read the message again. At this time, my heart was pumping blood more than before. I could feel the fear in my heart like O could feel the phone I was holding.

As I was reading the WhatsApp broadcast message, I remembered all the posts I wrote about the scheme on my blog, Facebook page, WhatsApp and other social media.

I could feel the Happy faces of some of the guys who criticised me on the scheme. It was just like they were there with me saying “After all, I told you but you wouldn’t listen.”

Okay, let me show you the whatsapp message I was reading…

God’s revelation to Emma-Nnanna Chima. I saw it on his wall and decided to share. Read in his words.
“MMM is an agenda of the Antichrist. I am not a mathematician but each time God reveals any thing to me with mathematical illustrations I handle it seriously. God wants a good life for you but be careful how you go about it.
This morning I was in a trance when the Lord took me and showed me this. “What is the full meaning of MMM?”, the Lord asked me. “I don’t know Lord”, I replied. “It’s not the acronym of any word but a representation of the number of the beast and it’s name”. This is what the Lord showed me.
Let’s number the Ms 1-3 according to their appearance M1, M2, M3.
The alphabet M is 13 on the English alphabets.
The value of M is 13.
M1*1=13 (13*1=13)
M2*2=26 (13*2=26)
M3*3=39 (13*3=39)
Add the value of the Ms
Divide 78 by the value of one M
Repeat the equation two more times the outcome becomes 666.
Does it surprise you?
Run the same equation with the alphabets of Igbo language using the same formula.
Let’s number the Ms 1-3 according to their appearance M1, M2, M3 (like we did in the English alphabets).
The alphabet M is 19 on the Igbo language alphabets.
The value of M is 19.
M1*1=19 (19*1=19)
M2*2=38 (19*2=38)
M3*3=57 (19*3=57)
Add the value of the Ms
Divide 114 by the value of one M
Repeat the equation two more times the outcome becomes 666 again.
Does it surprise you further?
Run the same equation with the alphabets of any language you’d get the same answer 666.
“What has MMM subtracted from my salvation” you may ask. Listen, the Lord told me this morning that this is not the Antichrist itself but a test run. He further told me that the 3 main agendas of this test run is:
1- To distract Christians from Evangelism.
2- To cause high blood pressure for many. And
3- To evaluate how many would embrace his currency when it comes.
A word is enough for the wise. Do the work of an evangelist. Let’s spread the gospel. Tell someone ‘Jesus loves you and wants a good life for you, come unto Him’ “.
Though I find it hard to believe but d 1st agenda caught my attention which prompt me to share with u all.
You can share if you please. #copied
©Spiritual Growth”

OMG! With that message alone, I was already condemned in my heart.

All these thoughts went in my heart in the dream within seconds. It was just like the time there was different from where my spirit left me.

Surprisingly, the voice once again told me that what I just thought of was NOT the thing I was involved in.

“Who is this that even know the thoughts of my heart?” I asked in my mind. “You’re asking how I know your thoughts?” the voice questioned me.

I was mute as I couldn’t open my mouth to talk further.

“Let me show you what you were involved in.” said the voice.

Suddenly, a flash of light came out from the beneath me and took me away to a mountain top.
Right now, I am still thinking what that SOMETHING could be?

While still at the mountain top, I saw a screen as big as BIG. It was so big that I couldn’t see the ends of it.

Just as I was thinking what that SOMETHING could be, I saw people moving in the screen to places of worship.

Some were busy talking about their worship leaders, some were talking about money, some talked about those believers putting on trousers, some talked covering and uncovering of the head… In short, people were busy talking about different things. I don’t know how I managed to hear all of those talks.

Just then, I saw myself in the midst of them. We were condemning some set of people for not accepting the Savior. We said there was no way those people could enter their rest. Then, the screen went off. Everything became so silent that you could hear the sound of a dropping pin.

“Aren’t they supposed to burn in hell?” I asked. “or what is my offense?”

The voice answered and asked me “Who are you to condemn them?” I couldn’t answer.

Just then, I realised I had lived my life condemning others for the same wrong I did or I’m doing now. It was an easy thing for me.

I always wanted my own opinion to win. If anyone didn’t go with my own opinion, I would hate them and say or write all manners of things.

SO, the something I was involved in was CONDEMNATION.

I condemned people so much that I forgot that I used to be like them. The level of my condemnation was 99%.

“What about the triple M?” I asked the voice.

As I waited for answer, I woke up from the dream.

After the Dream

Questions remained unanswered in my heart. Could it be that the voice didn’t have time to answer my question or it’s just not worried about triple M?

Could it be that I needed find out the answers myself?

Could it be that the whatsapp broadcast message was just composed by someone like I have composed my story?

Could it be that the Triple M is like a business that you just have to win or lose?

I wished I never dreamt the dream.

That’s the Dream I wished I never had.

Note: This Short Episodes of “THE DREAM I WISHED I NEVER HAD” was written by Sola Mathew and it was just from Imagination. I never dreamt anything.

Youth Arise: A Movement of Ordinary Nigerians Doing Extraordinary Things

After reading this communique, I felt a strong force in me to support the vision with my blog and I decided to offer CloudGossips for the propagation of the Vision.

Read the communique below and get inspired.


The meeting started at about 5:15 Nigeria time with taken of the second stanza of the national anthem as the opening prayers. The meeting was moderated by Babajide Kolawole from Ekiti State Nigeria.

Attendance during the meeting was a total number of 29 members who came across the states of Nigeria especially the South West, South South and Niger Delta. Jide Kolawole appreciated the members who came from Uyo, Benin and Delta State for their nation building sacrifice. Mr Kayode Osunnubi from Ogun State briefed the meeting about the imperative, ideology and the vision of the movement.

In his briefing, he x-rayed leadership in all African nation and gave the average age of African leaders to be 65years, he posited that leadership has failed in Africa especially Nigeria and that the older generation has had their share in leading the nation and has proved beyond doubt that they lack the ideas, zeal and patriotism to build a great nation.

Hence, the youth being the larger percentage of the nation must rise from their slumber and decide to rescue the nation from valley of bad governance. He emphasized that youth must come together irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and educational background to wrestle with the nations principalities and power to get our nation back from the backward thinking leaders that has seized the instrumentalities of power for a long period of time without any record of achievement.

He concluded that Youth Arise 2019 is not a platform formed by ambition or personal interest but a front for a more calculated youth participation with a vision not to support old politician but to support and front the introduction of young Nigerians with great idea, passion, strength, patriotism and zeal to deliver leadership devoid of personal interest but greatly motivated by the interest of the people and the mindset of heralding a great revolution of the mind that will change the political landscape of the country.

Olawale Kadri from Ekiti State was called by the moderator to brief the meeting on where we are. In his response he maintained that the nation has been

dragged into an abyss of humanistic regression through visionless and purposeless leadership and we have only two options to choose from, either to seat down and continue to watch while complaining and wailing especially on the social media or stand up and fight to bequeath of children a better nation. He said that we have decided to back our words with action and the revolution is already starting. He posited that since we don’t have the weapon to win a war, we can win an election if we strategically position ourselves to wrestle power and connect with all other youths in the country.

He said we are more than them, and we can win them (referring to the old generation leaders) Currently we are extending the movement to our friends across all other geo-political zones and the report has been overwhelming, he stressed that Kano and Abuja comrades who believed in the ideas and ideology of the movement has started mobilizing and we shall start visiting each state to meet with other young Nigerian with the intention of extending the frontiers of the movement.

Kolawole Babajide buttressed further that while we are creating awareness and meeting people to extend the frontier of the movement, we’ll continue to engage in value addition activities by training the youths, educating them and empowering them to be self reliance through skill acquisition programmes and solution focused event.

The floor was opened for opinion and good will messages and members gave suggestions and opinion to move the organization forward.

1. That Youth Arise must engage in mass awareness and extension drive through communication of the movement ideology, ideas, vision and programmes to the larger society
2. Visitations to States where youth has shown interest starting from Oyo State, Abuja and Kano in the first quarter of next year.
3. That campus activation of revolutionary mind must start in earnest.
4. That we must always publicly identify with the yearnings and aspiration of the people through our actions and programmes.
5. That personal interest must not be our driving force but the general interest of the Nigerian people through provision of policy alternatives and outline a blue print for the movement in preparation for leadership.
6. That a social media platforms be created to further acclimatize people with our ideology, ideas and visions.
7. That we must engage every means possible to support the not too young bill until it becomes law
8. That consultation to join a political party where we can build together must start in earnest as we cannot get political power without political platform. However such platform must be a platform where we’ll join in building from the scratch as youth may not be able to compete with the money bags, corrupt Nigerians and old generation in all the already established political parties.
9. That we must get a legal consultant to handle our litigations
10. That we must be ready to sacrifice all for the revolution ahead as it may means some night in police net, some bullets in some chest and some days, month, years in the jail.

The meeting therefore collapsed into round table get to know better and discussions. The meeting was adjourned till a date to be announced and in Ibadan, Oyo State, after adjournment motion had been validly moved.

Please note this is not a minute of the meeting but a communiqué and decision extract.

Signed: All members present.

N/B: More pictures shall be added as we await the photographer