Wicked Act: 7 Year Old Boy Killed in Lagos for Attempting to Steal Garri


At first, I saw a post on Facebook by someone talking about a 7 Year Old boy that was killed but because I was busy I didn’t go  further to find out. 

However, one of my close friends who we both have passion for Children asked me later this evening if I heard about it. I told her to send me the link and she sent the link of Information Nigeria.

Immediately I saw the pictures, tears rolled down from my eyes. This is wickedness.

In the picture, I saw other people standing including some so-called elders watching the little boy beaten and lynched.

What did the little child do? He attempted stealing ‘garri’.

Seriously, justice has to be done. The people involved should be arrested and charged to court.

But how on earth am I sure that this would be done? This is one of the reasons people take ‘justice’ themselves in Nigeria. What kind of police do we have?

See what Information Nigeria has to say about the jungle justice below.

“It is unclear why the Nigerian Police did not respond to the situation. Jungle justice is fairly common in many Nigerian cities, where the sense that the system cannot provide justice compels mobs to mete out immediate ‘justice’.”

What do you think should be done to the people that killed this boy?



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