Busted! Now that the Swisscoin Boss is Sacked, what next?

Mr Marquetans is no longer a part of Swisscoin due to obvius reasons as they have written, the majority of the Swisscoin management has taken the decicion to remove him from the company for the best interest of everyone.

According to Andreas, an Upline and one of the leaders in Swisscoin, he said if he was not mistaken, the planned attact on  the Swisscoin network they write about is that of the discussions of trying to steal/download the entire memberslist to Swisscoin for own benefits in the future.

It is unfortunate that is has come to be like this but we are very glad that it came to surface this fast without it actually having any affect on Swisscoin said Andreas.

The management are now in the process of transforming the company to an incorporated and put the proper management to run such a massive project in place. I know they already have very competent people, now it’s just to have everything set in place on papers.

Other than that there was a very good news about the development team now in process of building the decentralized blockchain that we will go public with approximatly Aug 1th. This is absolutly great 😊😊 and that we have already started to accumulate merchants around the world reported Andreas.

Meanwhile, I got this from the Swisscoin Management Team Website and it reads:

The SWISSCOIN-Initiators terminated Mr. Marquetant permanently from SWISSCOIN. Reason for the disconnection are several investigation procedures of the Swiss Public Prosecutors Office in which Mr. Marquetant is accused of money laundering and fraud. To prevent damage to the company and to the successful development of the SWISSCOIN-project it was unavoidable to undergo this step. At the same time we had information from a reliable source, that under the leadership of Mr. Werner Marquetant an attack on our SWISSCOIN-Network and the Company is planned. SWISSCOIN will not accept such actions and all partners that show disloyalty and incorrect behavior towards the Company will be terminated without further discussion.All of the partners and managers have to stand now behind the Company and  be the best leaders you can be to further our common goal, to make SWISSCOIN the successstory we all want it to be.  We therefore invite all partners to stand behind the company and behind our common cause. We look forward to a successful cooperation with you and your team.

I think with this, we have a better and reliable Swisscoin community or what do you think?  


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