The Wife of Mr Adeseke Confirms and proves He molested his daughters in an interview (Photos)

After interviwing Mr Adeseke (you can read the interview here), I went further to interview his wife.

Although, I couldn’t meet her in person, she granted the interview on phone. She said the article that was posted on SDK Blog is damn true.

I have decided to write few here. you can read the details on SDK  Blog.

1-How come you are blaming your significant other for rape?people are stating you set him up.please clarify in the event that you caught him in the act or noise from the children.

– Is it conceivable to charge a PHD holder and a senior speaker erroneously? It is very unimaginable. I have been battered, smashed and extremely beaten a few times throughout the years yet I hushed up about this.

He had an opportunity to attack the kids after we isolated and he compellingly hushed up about them for 5months in year 2014 from July to November at Ado-Ekiti. I became acquainted with this when I saw release on my little girls clothing and torments in their private part while washing them on fourteenth April,2016.

My 9 year old girl affirmed to the police that he began her own particular attack in 2014. As indicated by her, it was in 2014 she saw blood on her night dress when she dozed in her fathers room. Yet, I wasn’t delicate to have seen that and my little girl could be truly hidden. The last excursion they went for 4 weeks in March till fourteenth April, 2016, She said she advised her father she had release in her private part and whatever he did was to embed his fingers.

She was likewise told by her father that on the off chance that she talks she will pass on.

While my 7 year old little girl affirmed that she was attacked when they traveled at their fathers put in March for 4 weeks and got back fourteenth April, 2016. She said he generally advised her senior sister and her to come and lay down with him since he missed them. She additionally said one day she woke up and saw blood on her night outfit and private part, she advised her father and he didn’t say anything other than he wound up taking her to a healing center at Ado-Ekiti where she told the specialist she saw blood and she was given a few medications. She additionally affirmed that the father gives them brew to drink during the evening, and she didn’t know whether he touched her or not. She affirmed too that he said on the off chance that she talks she will pass on.

2-How long would it say it was going on?

As indicated by my children the more seasoned one said its been going ahead since 2014, and the more youthful one said it happened when they went to Ado-Ekiti in April, 2016.

3-beside answering to the Police,what different moves did you make?

The CEO’s of Ondo State NGO’s are as of now at work with the assistance of a prepared legal advisor that they locked in.

4-People who know him swear he can’t do such.

– They are just attempting to conceal for him. He is an extremely flippant man and a faker. He impregnated our 13 years of age servant in those days, prematurely ended for her and made her live with us strongly. He additionally had 3 youngsters with only one parent present which he didn’t assert. He is a brute.


I still couldn’t believe my eyes o. Could this be true?


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