Mr Adeseke Denies Molesting His Children and Beating His Wife


Last week, I posted a report from SDK Blog on this blog about Domestic violence and Rape Case of Mr Adeseke who have been alleged to have molested his children. You can read that here.

Consequently, several comments arose especially in EKSU where the man works and I personally received calls from his different people wanting to know if it was true or not.

Since then, I had been talking to different people about the issue seeking to know if it actually happened or not. During my survey, only one percent of students believed he could do that while the remaining percentage believed Mr Adeseke would not even try that. Although, most of them said he likes women. In fact, some of the students took it to themselves to write post declaiming the case as a scam.

Since it is not enough to hear from the students only, I personally went ahead to interview Mr Adeseke and you would be shocked to hear what Mr Adeseke has to say.

Mr Adeseke said he met his wife with three credits, took form for her and enrolled her for school of nursing.  Now, she doesn’t want him to move forward and that she is doing all these because of that and also, because she wants to be in the possession of the children.

He said, although, he really loves his children, he didn’t allow them to come to his house after he had a dispute with his wife. That was also because his lawyer warned him about that. He said his wife however called him to allow them to visit him which he objected but later when his children started calling him, he had no choice than to allow them not knowing his wife had planned to blackmail him. He also narrated a time when his wife had to leave the children with her mother of about 70 years old and went to Akure having affairs with men.

On the case of him being an AS which he said his wife claimed he lied about, Mr Adeseke said he had been tested an AA until their third born started having problem. It was then he started asking people if it is possible to be an AA and latter change to AS and people started telling him their own stories. He said a professor in his school, EKSU, even told him of what happened to his own brother. Mr Adeseke also added that this same case also happened to his own younger sister and sworn that if he lied, God should punish him.

Furthermore, he said that there was a time his wife had a retained product which their doctor had to clean. He said the wife wasn’t pregnant at that time though. He said he spent more than 2.2 million naira after that time to treat his wife which some of their lecturers were aware of. He thanked God that she is still alive because she was the only one that came out alive from the emergency room as others that went in died there. That was around October, 2010.
About beating his wife, Mr Adeseke said he had never done that before although quarrels are inevitable in relationships.

I would love to speak with his wife too and post here…

What do you think about this?


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