Please Save Me – Episode 1

Just before he could cover it, the rain had started falling. 😒 He then looked around the Bush but only him was around. He could only hear the pee pee and chukuru chukuru sounds of birds. 
He had left the Baba’s place with a warning that water must not touch the red-wrapped-calabash. 😷 
He ran with all his strength upon sighting a hut at a distance. That’s the only hut on the area. When he got there, he didn’t even notice the skulls and the freshly beheaded baby that was in the hut because he was engrossed with cleaning the calabash that Baba said water shouldn’t touch. “Hush! What’s that?” he exclaimed as he looked down to see what bit him in the leg. His eyes widen as a result of the adrenaline produce by his hormones. 
As he picked his leg to run, he heard a voice called his name “Adio, where are you running to?”. He was so surprised to hear his name at that place. “Nobody knows me here na.” But the voice sounded like that of his late mother who had died after hearing that her husband was killed by the god of Iron. Adio remembered in a flash how his parents died and how his two brothers were killed during the last war between his village and Mobio village. Also, of how his only sister has been suffering because nobody wanted to marry her. All these made Adio to seek for how he could amaze wealth to help himself and his only sister. Adio came back from his thoughts when the female voice called him again. At this time, Adio has urinated in his pants. It was a giant snake talking to Adio. 
…to be continued. 
Written by Sola Mathew



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