2 Students Killed in FUNAAB as they stage peaceful protest (Pics)


This mayhem started as a peaceful protest that emanated from a robbery attack that lasted 4hours through 86 rooms in one of the biggest off campus hostels at Gate vicinity, which resulted in girls being raped and properties looted away. The worst being a fresher that was hacked with an axe on the head.

Students woke up to protest the level of insecurity and level of nonchalance by the school authorities to their pleas. They took their grievances and made a vow to stop the insecurity issue plaguing their beloved.

We staged a peaceful protest that blocked Abeokuta Ibadan expressway totally. The police came and the students were trying to reach a consensus when news came in that the student that was hacked in the night had died in the hospital while receiving treatment. They started mourning the death of the student killed by the thieves with wailing. It was then the police started firing teargas at them.

According to an eye witness, he thought the teargas was in a bid to disperse them not until he discovered that the teargas was actually being fired directly at the students instead of being fired upwards. “Na Thursday I know say if that thing hit person e deh injure” he said.

He further said ” We have stayed in silence over the incessant robberies in our off campus hostels. Every attempt to tell the CSO will always end at him telling us that the students staying off campus is not the school business considering that the school provides accommodations for less than 30% of the students population.”

As regards the teargas, the first wave came and students all ran away for safety. When the police stopped the students retaliated with stones. It was then, the police started firing live ammunitions again and was shouting “order from above! Shoot to kill! Kill on sight!”.

It was during the second wave that a student hiding behind a container shop was sighted and shot in the face by a trigger happy policeman. Not with bullet but with tear gas. That caused the right eye of the student to be totally damaged as bones of the face and blood was seen on the floor. He was taken away by one Comr. Infinity.

An eye witness said “On realizing what they have done, the policemen ran away in their vehicles to reinforce as funaabites kept coming out after their shootings. We weren’t deterred from our protest.”

Students were then mobilized and were marching to the Police headquarters at Eleweran Abeokuta. Every car that passed was vandalised and some used to block the road so as to prevent the entry of policemen. The VC church was vandalised as well.

One of the students who wants his identity undisclosed said their pain are:
1) School don’t care about off campus students.
2) The school don’t provide enough accommodation in the first place.
3). Police in Abeokuta only care about fleecing Yahoo boys in a bod to collect something from them.
4). Robbery went on for 4hours but the police didn’t show up at all.
5) our protest was peaceful until they started shooting at us.
6) protest turned violent when they shot another student.
7) the press and police have labelled us as hoodlums. Keep in mind that Funaabites are the most peaceful set in the southwest if not Nigeria.

On estimation, over 50 million has been stolen by those robbers. The staff are not concerned as their kids all have bed spaces in the school hostels. These same staff build hostels outside campus and they don’t care about their tenants.

The students made plea to the Government and the society to come to their aid.



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