Pictures: Six Students that died in Ekiti

Yesterday was a melancholic moment in Ekiti state. 7 students were reported to die from a terrible accident. There were many reports concerning it but CloudGossips went further to find out the true story behind the accident.

The students happened to have won about 25 million naira and thereby went to enjoy themselves in town. No one knows where they won the money from.

An eye witness said the students who were in a Lexus salon car were crushed down around 7pm yesterday.

Another eye witness who went to visit his brother in EKSU said the driver was driving at a very high speed and the location was a curve. He said the driver just overtook them when the incident happened.

As at present, six of the students have by being confirmed dead and one is in the state hospital.

The identity of the students have not been confirmed yet.

The Governor, Ayodele Fayose, paid a visit to the victim in the hospital and shed tears while in the hospital.

Some students said the accident wouldn’t have happened if the students have started their exam. Others claimed the Protest by NASU was to fight for their rights.


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