Ojudu and his intolerance for contrary opinions  by Bola Agboola

Someone sent this on a group I’m on Whatsapp. Could this be true? Give your opinion at the end of the post in the comment box.

Ekiti Sons and Daughters’ is one of the numerous Whatsapp platforms where bright minds of Ekiti extraction but different political ideology or background are gathered to chat course for t he development of the state vis-a-viz  happenings in the polity. Reputable politicians, captain of industries, movers and shakers of Ekiti and to some extent, Nigeria constitute membership of this Noble platform.

As obtainable in this group on daily basis, Special Assistant to Ekiti State Governor, Lere Olayinka like every other member of the group posted last night a statement detailing  alleged plan by some Ekiti sons, led by Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, Self-Acclaimed Human Rights Activist, Barr. Femi Falana, some police officials from Alagbon, Lagos to invade Ekiti State on Monday,10th of July, 2016 to effect the arrest of some prominent PDP members in the state.

Reactions trailed the statement, some against, others in favour.  A member of the platform Ayan Kolawole commented that “These vicious cycles of disruptive clandestine adventures in our state should stop! Our people are the ultimate victims of the debacles. Enough is enough”.

Next to follow is Senator Ojudu’s comment, it read “@Ayan Kolawole, why do you always chose to believe lies. Education prepare us to gather and process information. To think that I , Falana and AKERELE will be the one to coordinate an invading force as claimed by you seems to believe belie your subjectivity.

Do always try and cross check your information before commenting and condemning. Ordinarily I don’t respond to this kind of issues and lies. I have watched you in the last few months and your penchant to defend Fayose and condemn his so called enemies.

I thought I use to know you and relate with you. I am beginning to asks what has gone wrong. I arrived Lagos from Abuja via Air Peace at 11.00 am yesterday. I went home straight from the airport, picked my family and headed for the Ajayi’s wedding( the great Arc Ajayi of Ilupeju) in Lekki. Was their having fun with other reasonable and civilized Ekiti indigenes till 7.00 pm after which I left for home to rest for the day. ( You may wish to see my Facebook page and Instagram) This  morning I am heading back to Abuja with my wife and daughter. Where you and Lere saw me at a police station I do not know.

This is however not to say If I have any contribution to make to the excision of evil from the land where I was born and raised I will not. Unlike you Mr Ayan I have no other place to run to. I will keep returning to Ekiti, the land of my birth in which I am so proud. Whatever your blackmail I and Mr Femi Falana will continue to stand for Ekiti as we have in the past stood for Nigeria and let history and posterity judge us as as it will judge you and Mr Lere too in no distant future”.

Next to fly in was the comment from Aunty Titi  Adeyemo, a sister of mine from Orin Ekiti,  she wrote “Senator Ojudu your response to Uncle Ayan is unfair. Many of us are tired of the mayhem in Ekiti irrespective of which party is involved.  Uncle Ayan usually don’t take side at all. He was just showing his frustration over the continuous political war in Ekiti. We all love Ekiti so much and must stand for her peace. I am praying that both parties realizes that when two elephants fights that the grass usually  suffer. A true son or daughter of the soil should be frustrated with the  crap. Lies or propaganda,  Ekiti deserves PEACE. Evening Sir”.

My Oga from the UK, Dr. Bunmi Olorunfemi was the next to come in, his comment was kind of a bomb, he wrote: “So Chief Ayan Kolawole is not old enough  to chose  what to believe? This is a ridiculous  attack from Sen Ojudu.

I think  we are all aware of the  clandestine, evil machinations of those who want to destabilise  the govt of Ekiti state. They have  done  it in the past. So their modus operandi is clear to all. They should  stop hiding  behind  one finger!

Ekiti people  are not fools.

My dear Senator Ojudu, pls advise  your APC friends  to give peace a chance  in Ekiti state . The multiple  political murder cases hanging  around  the  neck of Ekiti APC leaders is yet to be resolved , yet you guys are plotting  further mayhem!

Don’t  you people  have conscience?

Segun Oni was in power , you guys made Ekiti state ungovernable , as you did in Fayose’s 1st term. Now its the same story of formenting trouble  and making  Ekiti State ungovernable  any time  your clique  is out of power in Ekiti.

Are you  guys the only people  that can govern in Ekiti state?

2018 is around  the  corner  for any serious  politician or political  party  to start legitimate  strategising.

Pls let APC show humility  and go back  to  the  drawing  board  and appeal to Ekiti electorates.

Ekiti people  are not dummies. They will  cast their votes intelligently  for candidates  of their choice.

Ekiti belongs  to all of us, APC, PDP, Labour, APGA, ACCORD   etc .

Pls take this as a frank advice  from an Omiye.

Ure Ekiti a so ju kete ria o”.

Another forumite,  SOJ by name responded thus: “@Bunni Olorunfemi you have spoken, i pray God will give our politicians in Ekiti the knowledge of understanding and how to embrace peace.Happy Sunday”.

Unknown to some members of the forum was the fact that conversations in the group in his usual manner was being forwarded to some other groups by Senator Babafemi Ojudu with other salient points of the discuss removed to tilt opinions in those groups in favour of Senator Ojudu’s stand, reasons for that is best known to him. Another member of the forum got wind of this and commented thus: It’s sad that what happened here is being trafficked to other forum without posting what exactly Mr. Ayan Kolawole said…. sad. My response to that on that forum is, and I still maintain it here : I am surprised that what mr Ayan Kolawole said was not posted alongside. Stop drowning opposing views and please stop forcing your views on anyone. Mr Ayan Kolawole is not a politician like you people and he is not partisan, for records purpose, I don’t know or have any dealing with mr Ayan Kolawole save that we are on this forum together. Thanks”.

Lere Olayinka’s comment was next to come in, he wrote: @Oga Ojudu, Take this from me and say amen to it, if you are not part of those planning to cause chaos in Ekiti State, may God continue to bless you and may you continue to prosper.

But if you are among those plotting to cause crisis in Ekiti just because your party openly lost the June 21, 2014 election,  may God judge you accordingly.

I must say this, we know the plans of Senator Ojudu and others. He should stop pretending. We know where the funding is coming from too.

I still wonder why you people are so evil. Someone won an election overwhelmingly, the first thing you did was to try to stop him from assuming office. In the process, Omolafe Aderiye was killed.
When your plot failed and he assumed office, you tried impeachment and it failed.

You claimed he won election through PHOTOCHROMIC, Military invasion, stomach infrastructure and so on.

You claimed today that Governor Fayose criticises the President and for that he must be removed. Did you Senator Babafemi Ojudu not criticised Nigeria presidents before? Did you not criticised Abacha? Is your own brand of democracy about silencing opposition?

Like I said earlier, God will judge all of you planners of evil against Ekiti and its people accordingly.

It is a very simple  case. I also have a prayer, those plotting  to  destabilise  Ekiti state and plunge Ekiti state into chaos, may God  send His Angels to  destabilise  their lives and evil plans. May their paths become dark and slippery. May their plans become  like  chaffs before  the  winds. May their chaos envelope and consume  them and their evil plans . May their  counsel  become foolishness  like  that of  Ahitophel in Jesus mighty  name. And for those seeking  the peace and progress of Ekiti state, may peace and  progress be your  portion  in Jesus mighty name. Ure Ekiti a so ju kete ria o!

Those who know Senator Babafemi Ojudu should tell him that this is not 2006 when he recruited fake DSS officers and fake EFCC officers to remove Fayose.

Ojudu should be reminded that I was part of the 2006 plot and I knew how Ojudu and co arranged pictures of hoodlums in an uncompleted building close to Afe Babalola’s house in Ibadan, claiming that they were sent by Fayose kill Baba Afe.

That game cannot work in 2016 and the APC should better begin to prepare for 2018″.

After Lere Olayinka’s “prayers” came Mr. Ayan’s comment which read:In Okun o ra ria l’Ekiti:

The acidic accusation on my being from Awe Senator Femi Ojudu as stated therein is without any doubt, baseless, erroneous and character assassination to say the least.

Except our Honorable Senator proves it otherwise,   I’m of opinion that his attack on me is a matter of mistaken identity. Because I went back and reviewed my recent posts on this forum, I couldn’t find his alleged postings being referred to.

Nevertheless, I as the older of the two, I’m  going to call him for one to one conversation. Yoruba bo, won ni “Inu lagba nya, agba kii yanu” (An elder should think quickly, rather than talk quickly).

Stay tuned folks”.

It was after this comment that Senator Ojudu pressed the exit button, deleting himself from the group. He left!

This act reminds me of his ilks, it’s reminiscent of actions of people with same mindset as Ojudu,  the Bunmi Ojos, the Falanas, the Ogeles, the Olotes, the Kenimanis, those who sees nothing good in what others does except they are party to it. They are quick to exit groups or gatherings with dissenting voice, they dread contrary opinions,  they are dictators who God did not give the opportunity to be audible in the military era.

They do that in their closet and come out to tell you they are democrats,  they tell you they are for the commoners, they tell you they are for development of Ekiti when indeed they are wicked beings, tyrants who can never stomach other people’s opinions no matter how sensible it appears. They try to hide it but it’s inbuilt, they didn’t start today, they block you on twitter once you ain’t kowtowing, they do same on facebook once you refuse to lick their rotten ass, I am a ready made witness,  Ojudu did that when I contradicted him on facebook,  same as Bunmi Ojo when I confronted him with facts on facebook.  No wonder the party they represent keep failing,  no wonder they have become deaf to the yearnings and aspirations of the common people.

Just imagine God giving unto this ‘Devils’ the kind of brain given unto Mark Zuckerberg…

I know of a thing, with or without them, Ekiti shall be Great. 


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