Introducing buying and selling made easier for students


Everyday, we have people around us who want to sell or buy what we want but getting across to them is very challenging. For example, so many students have come to me who wanted to sell one thing or the other especially, phones. After broadcasting on BBM, Whatsapp, etc they seem not to really get their buyers or sellers. They could have probably sold them on blogs but they can’t even afford the adverts. So, what is solution?

A student of Ekiti State University of the department of Economics by name Akomolafe Abraham came up with a stategy to help students starting with his school to get to their buyers and or sellers respectively in a convenient way.

Knowing that most people are using smart phones and laptop, they can easily make use of an online store to sell and buy. He came up with an online market called

EKSUMARKET.COM solves the following challenges:
1. Challenges of sellers: they often have to paste posters around the school to advertise their products. But with they’d just login, paste their adverts at the comfort of their hostel and expect calls from buyers.

2. FYBs can now cash in on their wares unlike before that most of them would have to pack them home or even give them out reluctantly.

3. Students don’t have to walk hostel to hostel to seek for vacancies. With, login, search for hostels based on ur budget or preferred location.

4. Students can now sell anything they want to do away with.

5. Students don’t have to spend much to furnish their hostels. With, they can always get stuffs very cheap.

6. Students don’t have to go to fayose market or other markets to get gadgets. Their would always be a student willing to sell.

7. Students no longer have to nurse the fear of selling their cherished gadgets. They’d always get an equivalent whenever they want, even at a cheaper price than they sold.

The site would soon be launch soon.


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