Video: 162 students tested for HIV in EKSU

During the last time EKSU HEALTH WEEK by The Health City, various students from different departments of different faculties turned out en mass for the two days program and 162 students were tested for HIV.

According to one of the participants we interviewed, Jennifer who is a graduate of Ekiti State University (EKSU), the program is the first of it’s kind in ESKU. She said the program was totally free. All you needed do was to go for the program. She added that anyone that was tested was tested for free and students could ask questions from the Professional Doctor that was available.

Another participant and co-organiser of the program, Oyinlola, said the program is a shift for so many youths. He was so astonished by the number of students that turned up for the health program particularly, the HIV tests. He added that the results of the tests would be sent to the individuals via text messages for confidentiality.

During the interview, he told CloudGossips that people responded to the test without stigmatization which is unlike before. A lot of students were willing to check their status. He urges the youths and elders to take their health seriously.

The president of The Health City, Odunola who is a Medical student at EKSU said she was so excited. She acknowledged that the turn u was more that they expected. They expected about 100 participants but got about 200. She said the program was set up to enlighten students about preventive Medicine and other health issues.

According to her, so many questions were asked in which the Doctor, Dr Aderibigbe from EKSUITH, provided answers to.

On why she chose Preventive medicine rather than curative medicine, she responded that prevention is always the best in all cases. It saves time, apart from money, stress, pain, and all that. Prevention is, a universal fact, the best.

She called on the governments, NGOs, individuals, etc to supporting programs like this. It should be in their welfare packages saying it is in the best interest of the government and the people at large. She added that programs like this don’t cost a lot but they have great impacts on people. The impacts is always immeasurable. So, government should always take cognisant of programs like this.

One of the visions of the organisation, according to her, they want to bring an avenue where people can get good health with little or no cost. She said medicine and good health should not cost people so much. That’s why everything done during the program was absolutely free. There was distribution of condoms too.

The next phase of The Health City is hoped to be next semester and the organization aspires to add physically examination, genotype test and give away free basic drugs to the students.

On advising the youths on health, she narrated that many youths consider health a boring topic saying health should be fun and interesting. She added that students and youths generally should take cognisant of their health. Most of the things youths do now will have great effect in the nearest future. You might not know the effect of smoking, sex, drugs, stress, what you eat now and so on until you are 40.

She advised the youths to attend health programs saying it’s fun.

Watch the Video here:


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