Nigeria Immigration Service dispersed 2000 trained officers after recruitment: join the campaign against this

The dispersal of 2000 officers that were 
recently recruited into the Nigerian Immigration service has shown to the world what Nigerian politics is about, promise everything during campaign and deliver nothing when sworn into office. No wonder Ronald Reagan described government as a baby-a long alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. 
There were many campaign promises made to the Nigerian youths: employment, empowerment and integration into the Nigerian economy.

Professor Wole Soyinka once said that “The Nigerian youth is dead at birth”. This is true as government cannot provide jobs but they can afford to get as many youths as possible for political thuggery and other electioneering purposes. Both the university degrees and the professional certificates are not enough to secure a job, recruitment into government jobs has been by slots, if you are not connected, you can not be hired.

This is why we currently have many mediocres working in government parastatals. Instead of correcting these anomalies, the Federal Government is listening to the petitions of people condemning the recruitment into Nigeria Immigration service.

To be candid, this is the first recruitment that is free, fair, credible and open to all Nigerians. It followed all due processes. The recruitment was advertised, qualified candidates were shortlisted. Computer based aptitude was conducted by Dragnet under the supervision of security operatives from Nigeria Prison Service, Nigeria Fire Service and Nigeria Civil Defence Corps.
The candidates that passed the test went for further screening (physical examination, document verification and oral interview) at the commands in their state origin.

The successful candidates were selected based on their total scores from the Computer-Based Aptitude Test, physical examination, document verification and oral interview, in a way that satisfied provisions of Federal Character. They were documented, given service numbers, the ASIs were given posting letter and others appointment letters. Can a recruitment process be more transparent than this? I don’t think so.

These 2000 patriots went through three months of induction training. They were subjected to military drills with arms training. They were not provided with accommodation, transport allowances and feeding allowances during this process. Most of them had to take loans, most had to quit their present jobs for this offer, what more sacrifice are they expected to make? Are they expected to go back to their previous lives as civilians with the knowledge and secrets they possess? What does the government want these youths to become especially in this period of global security challenges and terrorism? Story for the gods or food for thought?!

One of the comments of a website viewers is:

” I think the message this govt is trying to pass is that nothing really changes when it comes to the governance of our dear country. How else would anyone explain the fact that people recruited by the previous administration in a free and fair manner are just dispersed by the new administration without explanations or reasons.
This government before its inception promised that no one will be victimized or marginalized, but everyone will be treated fairly. The question is “have we been treated fairly?”.
We do not belong to any political party or a particular section of the country but we are representing all states of the country including the FCT, yet this govt have deemed it fit to treat us as like trash.
A govt of change must be compassionate and have listening ears, but this govt has non. We have tried to make our voices heard, but all we get is a govt that doesn’t care if its citizens live or die.
The clear message that the continuous dispersal is sending is that we should be afraid when election time is near, we should be afraid to usher in new administrations because they will take our jobs from us.
To a certain extent, some of us still believe in the Nigerian dream, but for how long do we believe in a country that renders 2000 officers and men jobless for no reasons.
If this govt is actually a govt of change,then the Nigeria Immigration recruits should be allowed to resume back and all our outstanding emoluments paid. That way we will collectively say God bless Nigeria and work to make our country greater.”

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