Must Read: next EKSU SUG election: way forward


The last Ekiti State University Students’ Union Election was a kind that broke the bones of many contestants including their followers. So many predictions, under-fights, ‘paspels’ and so on took place. But at the end, one thing happened; the election went peacefully and the higher percentage of the students were satisfied with the outcome, if not all. 

However, as we approach another atmosphere of the SUG election, it is expedient to learn from the past election and also proffer a way-farward for the next election. We need ask ourselves the following questions: Who did I even vote for? I’m sure many of us still remember who we voted for. The person I voted for, did he/she emerge? If yes, is he/she representing us well? Is he/she fulfilling his/her promises? Is the person still respectful, humble, and caring the way he/she was before and during last election? Is the person a man/woman of integrity? If you can answer all those questions and many more on your mind, then I think you can proceed to cast another vote in the next election. 

Some voted for some people because they came out from their department and or their faculty even if those people did not worth it. They knew those people weren’t capable but because their department and or faculty presidents had ‘confused’ them to vote for them. This happens, usually, in all faculties. All faculties wants to be in the SUG. I’m not saying you shouldn’t support a fellow of your faculty but make sure you support that person because you know who he/she is and is capable of doing. 

We have heard of some people that were voted in but are either on suspension or are still on the ‘throne’ but are far worst than even the suspended ones. Some of the so-called student politicians have come to me asking for support now but after having a conservation with them, I found them to be shallow. Some of them actually want to be on the ‘throne’ because of their selfish gain. They don’t even have visions, goals, and what we call manifestos. A good way to discern this is asking them “Why are you contesting for the post of so so so?” While some would give you their memory verses, some wouldn’t have anything to say. 

Let’s look more into what we can give EKSU rather than what EKSU can give us even though we can’t do without the both. For example, since I gained admission into this school, one major challenge is how the campus is dirty and lack of toilet facilities. You see students (I used to do the same) throwing sachet water nylons, egg roll nylons, papers, etc on the floor because we don’t have a good waste disposal system. 

When I went to UNILORIN for my post UTME in 2009, I remember students of that school warning us not to litter the ground. Why? We could be arrested. Go to UI and you will see how neat their campus is. We can implement the same thing here too. We must start somewhere. We must re-orientate ourselves. We must change our mentality. We are great school and we ought to be great.  

Fortunately, last year election was preluded by a Press Debate–what I appreciate the EKSUSU Press for and especially, my brother Tope Awelewa. The debate was one of those things that engineered a transformation in the last election. Although, we are yet to be there. I hope the debate is better this time around. Watch your leaders even from the debate. You know the next President of United States, most especially, through the Presidential Debate. No bias! We can know our next SUG Team through our Press Debate too. If we have the interest of EKSU at heart and the future of Nigerian Students at heart, then, we will vote for the right person. Not just because he/she is from my faculty but because he/she is capable and is worth voting for. He must have convince you with his character, antecedence, his words, etc 

Say NO to faculty politics but rather, put EKSU as priority. That’s how we can win together. 

 In case, you win or lose, don’t create a further problem but learn from our former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who said that No political ambition is worth anybody’s blood. We hope for a better EKSU SUG.


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