Almond nut prevents heart attack, diabetes – Expert

Almond nut prevents heart attack, diabetes – Expert
Mrs Aisha Abdullahi, a Nutritionist with a private hospital in Asokoro, Abuja, on Tuesday, said consuming almond nut helps reduce the risk of heart attack and diabetes, among other diseases.
She said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.
According to her, people who consume almond nut five times a week have 50 per cent reduction in risk of developing heart-related diseases as well as diabetes.
Abdullahi stated that almond nut added to daily diet helps lower bad cholesterol, protect against cancer as well as guard against damage of arteries.

She noted that consuming almond nut help lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals which made it a good snack for diabetic patients as well as others.
The expert also added that consuming almond nut provides the body with essential and healthy fats required which also aids in weight loss.
She further mentioned that almond nut contain riboflavin and L carnitine nutrients which help boost brain functions, stating that it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Abdullahi said: “Almond nut is packed with nutritional values such as Vitamin E, B, Magnesium, fibre, copper, protein, calcium phosphorous and iron.
“Consuming almond nut helps nourish the nervous system, regulate blood pressure, diabetes and also promotes longevity.
“Almond nuts are rich in proteins that are alkaline forming which helps alkalize the body, boost the immune system as well as prevent osteoporosis.
“Consumption of almond nut helps in maintaining a healthy bone, weight, healthy skin, good hair and dental care.
“Consuming almonds helps protect against stress, oxidative damage, and ageing due to its high contents in antioxidants.
“It also lowers risk of weight gain, lower calorie intake and helps promote gastrointestinal health.
“Almond nut help prevent gall stones, reduced risk of cancer and helps in energy production,” she noted.
She, however, suggested soaking the nut before consumption in order to get the nutrients, adding that its nutrients are released when soaked.
Abdullahi enjoined patients suffering from gall bladder stones and kidney disease to avoid excessive intake of almond nut.


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