[Pics] A road that leads to heaven has been discovered in Ado Ekiti

I went to visit my Aunt last week. On my way, I saw that building but I never wanted to enter even though my mind kept telling me to.

After visiting her, I told myself that I must entered that building, at least, to see what was there.

Immediately I got to the gate, a man in a colored cloths (I’m not good with colours) said “You’re welcome sir.” I wasn’t expecting something of such. My mind went off.

He took me around the building just as instructed by one man called Godfather. I saw different houses inside the compound. Not just houses but magnificent edifies.

I have never seen such buildings since I was born, not even the biggest hotels in Lagos could stand them. I saw Swimming pool with water shining like crystals, conference rooms, etc.

Just when I taught I was in heaven, I was told I was at De Jewels Apartment, a hotel like no other.

An Exclusive Pool Party will take place in this same place on the 3rd of October.

For details, contact
BBM: 2B821441
Website: www.dejewelsapartments.com


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