Picture – Meet the EKSU SUG President-Elect


Meet the Ekiti State University (EKSU) Students Union Government President-Elect, Oladimeji Ibrahim Bayo (Prodigy).
He is a 300Level student of the department of Guidiance and Counselling of the faculty of Education.
He has this to say:

Let no one deceive ou, that this just won struggle was not hard
fought. Let no one tell you that the victory belongs to any man.
After God, I make bold to say that only you deserve the praises
for this earned victory. We didn’t come by it cheaply. It is your
victory. It was gotten through your relentless hard work and

I thank you all for walking this long miles together with us. It
was a long night. My appreciation goes to the Electoral
Commission led by the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Professor
Isaac Adanlawo. You have distinguished yourself and history
will remember you well. I thank the school management for
accepting with us that the election was needful. I thank all
religious and ideological groups on campus. Yes, you have all
done well to get this victory.

I had the understanding early enough that not all dreams come
to reality, but reality be-gets dream, it takes the grace of God,
the element of luck and the mind of goodwill, for dreams to
come to reality.

Hence, I must commend the intellectual vigour of all the
contestants, particularly those who contested the presidential
seat with me, and ended as runners up. Let it be known to you
all, that you have not lost. We are all winners. We are winners
because our union has come to stay. We are winners because
we are witnesses to this process. It is not time to rest, nor
slumber,we have to come together as one, in-order to rescue
this union from the whims of sluggishness and mis-directions.
We have to build a strong legacy of pride that our coming
generations. This course is important and we have to defend it
together. The one who falls and gets up is much stronger than
the one who never falls.

Greatest EKSUITES, thank you, thank you, thank you, please,
accept my thanks.

Thank you! Today, you have spoken- and spoken decisively
through your votes. So let me speak decisively in return.

You had a choice between four aspirants , and you chose me. I
am humbled by the honour you have bestowed. I am so
humbled and sincerely appreciate you all.

To my Co-Aspirants, I say once again, well play! But now let us
have no more personal abuse, division and pettiness. Let us be
better than that. Let us make a new start, and move forward to
meeting the great challenges ahead.

As we go forward to meeting these great challenges, I will listen
to you all, as we all go forth, We will listen and reason
together, as we meet the great challenges ahead.

What are these great challenges? I will come back to this
question. For now, I pledge that we will go forward to meet
those challenges not from tomorrow or next week or next
month, but from this moment. Let us repair the wounds on our
Students’ union, Let us rise as one to meet these defining
challenges of our time, so that the future generations, basking
in the sun-lit uplands of tomorrow, will thank us and say truly
this was their finest hour.

Ever Courageous Nigerian Students, however you voted today,
you sent me a message, and now I have a message for you.

The message is this – I am the message. It is me. I am the
Symbol, I am your Prodigy.

Oladimeji Ibrahim Bayo (Prodigy)
President-Elect, Ekiti State Students Union


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