Eksuites; my silent noise. PART 1
Dearest ones, though, I’ve decided not to open up issues to you, but for the sake of already misconstrued and mismanaged persons, I thereafter sees necessity in deeming it expedient to uncover parts of the whole scenario for your consumption.
As one of you, I shown my intention to aspire for the position of the students unions’ President, though, I’ve served once as the unions’ Welfare Director,been that as it might, I saw encouragements from all
sections of the University, with my uncommon midas touch of radicalism, my love ones began to counsel me on how imperative it could be for me to start hiding my radicalism for pretense, that if I could
embrace pretension, I won’t be noticed till they pave way for me, but as a very fussy lad, I don’t know how to pretend, I keep doing my things my way.
As a students’ activist, my interest grows in fighting for the rights of students from my immediate University, I don’t show much enthusiasm in outside my University’s students’ politics (like NANS JCC,NANS ZONE, FESSU etc), however, I have respected friends and associates in those spheres though.As a leader and former UNADSU PRESIDENT, Deji
Oso (aka Dejavuu) hailed from my local government (Ido-Osi), with this alignment, we used to relate like any other persons such as Owoeye Olumide aka Navigator, Ogunjana Jide aka Jide Alute, Sola Fayemi aka Senator el al, as it is difficult to dispute, Dejavuu
is a leader/mentor/role model to virtually all the students’ leaders of these aforementioned associations (FESSU, NANS JCC et al) in Ekiti-State,when the going was good, it was usually “God bless my leader!”.

Quite unfortunate, at the long run, fracas erupted between “Egbon Dejavuu” and the host of his comradic militants, even at the wake of EKSU-SU election, innocent CANDID never knew the basis of their imbroglio, and I’m less concerned, but as politics does things, some of my co-contestants, In
other to crave sympathies from these NANS JCC,FESSU, NANS ZONE leaderships, they cooked the lie/ruse that “Egbon Dejavuu” is my godfather/sponsorer/backbone, this alone infuriated these aggrieved leaders to turned their backs against me,purposely to tussle power with their former generalissimo, in lieu of this, I’m simply a victim of vengeance and ‘conspiracy theory’ vis-a-vis “a friend
to enemy is my enemy”.
As of fact, I’m a well trained, nurtured, properly and ethically refined Ekiti man, whose activism and radicalism never watered his original sense of reasoning to the extent of been rude, crude and disrespectful to an elderly person, our DSA is always a father to all and enemy of none, but with the need
for some of my co-contestants and their immediate allies to cast me out of the favorable angle of our DSA (Dean of Students Affairs), these people, out of their deviousness, as they observed a likely rift
between Dejavuu and our Aluta Father(DSA), they approached the DSA that I’m a stooge of “Egbon Dejavuu”, they opinionated that my emergence would be the second coming of “elekunmefa” as they used to called Deji Oso when their going was good,since our DSA heard this, I have been a dog in the den of Wolfs, but as a determined student, I keep
As a student of Politics and History, as far as I’ve gone, in the history of our dear University, there has never been a President that emerged through an 2/3 arrangement, though, I’m a generally accepted aspirant, I won convincingly 5 faculties out of 11, and
the remaining 3 contestants shared within
themselves 6 faculties equally, even on a head-to-head analysis between myself and the acclaimed winner, I won 8 faculties, drew 1 and he won just 2.Conventionally, students expectations was that CANDID should have been pronounced the winner,having won the highest number of faculties, but as a
good student of history and a political comparativist,I knew history never recorded such and there was no precedence(s), but the supporters/sympathizers of the acclaimed winner which had earlier forecasted unimaginable affiliation of my ambition and “Egbon Dejavuu”, they trooped out in numbers and began to peddle the falsehood and mendacious “2/3 majority” with the aim of making me to look desperate in the
faces of Eksuites, but as you can clearly see, students themselves only observed that 2/3 majority is commonsensical for ideal, unanimous and holistic representation in a decentralized system that EKSU-SU recently adopted, therefore, I am not the progenitor of the popular 2/3 majority.
As intellectually grown and as ideological that I am, I know within my bones that I have issues to established, I vow to seek justice, I’ve made up my mind in making sure that normalcy rev over anomalies, even as my studentship and safety stands risk, I have resolved within myself to pursue the cause of just, so that students that are coming behind
will see how far I’ve gone in bringing sanity into our union’s polity, so that posterity will come and vindicate me, so that the “Nigeria go better” songs we usually sing will start from EKSU-SU, so that you people can say about me after I’ve gone that I’ve done my best.
To be continued.



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