Subsisting with Perpetuity in Panorama

I get perturbed and perplexed as I keep on witnessing the rate at which moral and spiritual decadence is exacerbating in our today world.

By the phrase “our today world” I mean, our Universe at large, our Continent, our Nation, our communities, our families, and our individual lives.

We actually think that things are changing for the good, but I see evil under the skies.

I have indeed made an appraisal and I have been able to deduce that the quandary of the society at large has its rhizome in the family and religion. This is because every hominid claims to be a protuberance of a particular religion, reason being that man was not contrived to subsist aloof from the supernatural because man himself is a spiritual singleton. There is a void which has been super naturally placed in man and this void has made man to be dependent on a deity just to live.

Man’s gestalt and doodle has made it inevitable for him to exist in this world without “a god” or “the God”. I am not advocating religion here, rather I am proposing that we should all live with eternity in view.

Everything we do here determines where we will all spend our after-present-lives forever and also how we will spend it. The reason why most people live anyhow is because they don’t know what eternity means. Hello! For your information, there are two choices; is either you are found in God or not, the choice is yours.

Eternity is everlastingness, endlessness, timelessness, e.t.c.

I am agitated at the way some assumed higher people have made themselves hegemonic rulers of other people’s lives. They think and feel “we know what ‘the good life’ is.” But it became comical to me when I discovered that what they assume as “the good life” is actually not “the good life”. “The good life” is the life God has predestined a man to live, not that which he is forced to live or that which he chose to live by himself.

“The good life” is not graduating with a first class grade from the university, having the most beautiful ladies, having the finest and latest cars and apartments, having cute kids, making it in life. The question is “making what?” “What is the it?” The truth remains that none of these transcends this present world.

It’s sardonic to me that people go to any extent and through any means just to achieve these ends.

Am I preaching negligence? Of course not! Jesus and all the Bible characters were diligent. Almost everybody wants to do anything to tour the world. People wants to visit places like Dubai, Paris, and bla…bla…and…bla…

Excuse me, if you are overwhelmed by these places you will never ever be the messiah that they desire and require for their salvation.

It amazes me that most people I know who had gone to Dubai, and other places never went there to preach the gospel. For those who have been there, how may souls have you won?

We all must help others to discover God and His purpose for their lives by guiding them, advising them, and praying for them. We can’t help them to live their lives by planning their lives for them. Remember that we are all accountable to God. It is evil to try to make people up to who you want them to become, EVIL!!! Rather help people to become who God wants them to become.

The best gift you can give to someone is Jesus Christ. Show them Jesus, not any character in the Bible or in the ancient, medieval, modern, or contemporary period. All these people of different epoch had and have their own weaknesses. The only personality that we are permitted to show people is Jesus Christ. Let Christ be exalted.

Don’t see people as those who do not know what they are to do with their lives or those who do not know what God wants for them. NO! In fact some or most of the people you are being hegemonic over actually have sight than you. Carry out a personal reflection on yourselves. Most people who were God chasers while on campus are now chasing the world after graduating. What has happened to them? Why wasn’t that zeal for God retained? What happened to the fervency? The fear and care of food, shelter and clothing is actually taking God’s place in people’s lives.

I hanker that the church shows “the truth”, nothing but THE TRUTH. Don’t play politics, favouritism, eye service, paparism and mamarism.

Don’t do things from your instinct and hoodwink others that it was by the Holy Ghost. Take heed, because you’ll account for every of your actions and word. I really wish the days of the early believers come, those days when you could not hoodwink people and go scot free.

Please, I beg us all to live with eternity in view.

Pause for a moment and think, “am I actually living with the next life after death in view?” Where and how do I intend to spend my eternity? What does it profit me to gain this world and lose my soul? Which of all these my material achievements will transcend this present world. Have I ever taken a deep thinking on Death, Heaven, Hell, Eternity, God? We must all do a personal reflection and examination on our souls.

Don Moen sang “when it has all been said and done, there is just one thing that matters, did I do my best to live for TRUTH, did I live my life for You (GOD).

1 Pet.3:7 says opened our eyes to see that the present heaven and earth will pass away. If your hope is in this world, then you are of all men most miserable.

However, if your hope is heaven, you are likewise miserable because you’ll be shocked eventually that the heaven will pass away. Make Christ your hope (1 Tim. 1:1). Make God your inheritance (Num. 18:20). Show others Christ, not by your Will but by God’s Will. Live by example (of Christ). Be an example even to the believers. Ask God to take away the log of wood in your eyes so that you’ll be able to take away the grain of sand in other people’s eyes.

Christianity is not just a religion, it’s a life to be lived. You are no one’s Shepherd, Jesus is everybody’s Shepherd. Let us not live like the Laodicean christians “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked..” Rev.3:17

We all need God’s help. In and with one accord let us run the race in LOVE. Let’s show one another CHRIST.


I’m yours in LOVE and in CHRIST JESUS, Shalom Daniel


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