Let the Truth be Said: a Lesson to our Student Politicians

I’m not a Politician so you won’t say I wrote this to tackle you or you. Even if I do, it’s for the benefit of you and you.
Many years ago when there was no phone talk less of having Whatsapp or BBM, what many Politicians or Unionists do was to go from house to house telling and convincing people of what and what they had for them.
At that time, these Politicians and Unionists (I’ll prefer to call both of them politicians as from now on please) would meet in person with the people and answer questions regarding their manifestos, leadership skills, characters and so on.

This was also practiced in the earlier political history of EKSU and many other Universities.
Unfortunately, the story has changed. You hardly see or even know many of these contestants now. Many people keep asking me who is this and who is that?
What I see many of our politicians do is copying quotes (which they don’t even believe in) and bombarding our phones with. That’s bullshit!
Immediately I see somebody send quotable quotes to my phone now, I begin to think that that person wanna contest. For example, my friend serving in Kogi started sending quotes to me on Whatsapp and I was forced to ask him if he was also contesting. Why are you changing our mentality?
Let the truth be said, this single handed strategy is nothing to write home about. Why not change the strategy.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t broadcast quotes but don’t let it be too much.
Approach us and let us know what and what you have for us.
Oh! You’re afraid we would ask provoking questions? It’s our right to do that.
Write beautiful articles and publish on dailies, websites, blogs (www.cloudgossips.com is a perfect example), etc.
These are some of the reasons our country is not progressing; we don’t know our politicians.
We need you to change the history of this country starting from here. Here means school.
As you journey on with your political carrier, I wish you the best of luck.
Sola Mathew Cares! Lol
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