Photo: EKSU Management Teaches Wickedness as an Entrepreneurship Course


Earlier this semester, Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State introduced an Entrepreneurship Course across all levels in the school; from 100 to 500Level.

However, since the course was introduced, there had never been a lecture or materials like photocopies or textbooks distributed to the students. The students registered the course with N1000.

Last week, a broadcast was sent on BBM, Whatsapp and Facebook notifying the students that a lecture was going to hold today starting by 8am to 2pm for all the levels.

At least, each category or level has a minimum of 2000 students. This students are to be in a class for the lecture.

After about an hour beyond the scheduled time, two lecturers came into one of the classes, the one for the 300Level students, and stood at the podium for some times without talking to the students.

They tried to leave the class when the students halted them with a shout. They claimed the students were making noise. They later left the class.

The unavailability of Public Address System made the class worst as there was no adequate communication between the lecturers and the students.

This is what one of the students said when CLOUDGOSSIPS.COM interview her;

“This is wickedness! We are in the middle of exam but they are here teaching us. I’m having an exam tomorrow too. Imagine!

I see this as a form of exploiting us. There is no practical attached to the course and we did a course on entrepreneurship in our first year.”

Later on, the two lecturers and other senior lecturers came in and separated the class into 3. One of them claimed, when addressing the students, that he lectures in Afe Babalola University and Harvard University but they don’t behave the way the students behaved.

Even after the splitting of class into three, the lecturers could only lecture those in the front roll as students could not hear what they taught.

Some of the classes were turned to comedy class just like the section of announcing presidential election results by the Returning Officer of Rivers state.

The entrepreneurship course exam is scheduled to hold on the 7th of May, 2015.

Is this entrepreneurship or Enter-Pre-Hardship?



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