My Last Girl (Story Series)


“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. I didn’t mean to smash your books.

She turned and gave me a warm smile and replied “It’s okay.”

That smile was the type that I had never seen in my entire life. Her set of teeth were so glittering and the lips were calling.

As she walked away with her books, I stood in the middle of the road steering at the way she took her steps; taking one leg over the other (maybe that’s what they call Cat-walking) and the way she twisted her waist could make any Professor in my school misspell his name (smiles).

“Could this be an Angel-Sent or what on earth would she be doing on this earth?” I thought.

Just as I was still thinking of the divine creature that I just saw, Sarah tabbed me at the back. “Hey, what’s up? You said you were gonna come to my hostel yesterday. Why didn’t I see you?” She asked. “Oh, that? I got to catch up with some things. I’m sorry” I replied.

Sarah was the first girl I wooed when I came into the Prestigious University.

I think I met almost all, if not all, of my girlfriends the same way.

I met Sarah on my way to the Lecture Theater (LT) for Prof Danda’s (popularly called Prof D) course.

She asked me for direction to the LT in which I, myself, didn’t know. I had to lie to her that I knew the place not knowing that we were heading to the same venue. Thank God I applied the tactics I used to use when I was in the Secondary school.

After the class that day, Sarah came to me and thanked me for the other time and also requested that I teach her the course Prof D just lectured us as she wasn’t really good at Mathematics.

We agreed to meet in my hostel as we exchanged mobile numbers.

Since then, she has been my closest girlfriend even though I had so many girlfriends ( some of them I can’t remember their names ). One of the reasons being that she was very good in bed. She would always tell me she wanted more; more kisses, more cuddling, more and more of everything.

One more reason was that she was the daughter of the Senate President.

I couldn’t really figure out why she loved me but I knew down within me that she was just like one of those girls I dated. Dating for fun.

She insisted we went home from the road she met me as I was still thinking of that Angel-Sent lady even though I was reluctant. That’s because I knew every damn time we had privately led to sex. I was tired of that but I had to follow her so as to get what I always demanded from her ~ money.

The next morning, I woke up very early to go to where I meant Angel-Sent. I waited from morning till evening but could find her. I did that for the three days but to no avail.

Her thoughts kept coming back to me even when went on our First Semester break. Through out the holiday, I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t wait for resumption.

When we resumed to school for the Second Semester, I searched everywhere for this girl but couldn’t fine her. I didn’t know her name, department or anything about her, maybe that could have helped. The only thing I knew about her was that incidence where her books scattered on the ground.

One day, as I sat under the Delonix regia ( a plant that has shade ), I saw this Angel-Sent approaching me. She walked majestically towards me, stopped in my front, bent down and kissed me. I was dumbfounded! “I’m here to kill you” she whispered.
“Kill me? Go ahead please” I replied. She tried kissing me again when I realized I was dreaming.

“What a nice kiss! I wish you come back again.” I thought in my heart. I just loved the way she gently kissed me. I almost freezed when her long hairs touched me. This made me so desperate to see her in the real life forgetting she said she had come to kill me.

Maybe the word *kill* meant another thing. Maybe I have found the love of my life or could it be that she came to pay me back of all I had been doing?

Watch Out For the Next Series.

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