My Last Girl (Series 2)

On Tuesday morning, Frank called me to remind me of the tutorial class he had organized for his class in which he wanted me to take.
He heard I made an ‘A’ in the course when I was in 200Level while most students failed the course that year. I could remember, the next grade to me was a ‘C’, the only ‘C’. The rest were ‘D’s and below.
So, being the Governor of his class, he made arrangements for me to come and tutor them.
Apart from the fact that I love teaching, another factor I would denied food to tutor students, especially lower classes, was that I met new preys I predate on.

“No problem Frank, just make sure you keep to time. I will be there” I replied Frank on the phone. “You know I always have my markers” I added.
It had been my culture to buy white Board markers to teach. I believe that for you to teach effectively, you must sacrifice something apart from time. The ‘something’ I chose to sacrifice apart from my time with them was buying markers.
The next day, after Prof D’s lecture (I don’t know why it always happened after his class), I was outside waiting for Sarah when I had a glimpse of Angel-Sent. Without thinking twice, I made for her direction.
When I got to her back, I became so nervous and afraid to call her attention. I never fell such fear before in my entire life. It was the same hairdo she had in my last dream I was seeing. If I was a light ray, I would have penetrated through her short red gown without reflecting.
Just when I had surmounted courage to call her, Sarah called my name. “What are you doing here? I thought we agreed to meet after the class.” She asked. “Yes but I had to come and check if this class is available for the tutorial I told you.” I lied. “You could have told me at least. I was just looking for you.” “I’m sorry dear.” I replied.
Hearing my last statement, the girl in short red gown I had trailed to that area looked back. “This is not the girl or…” As I was still thinking in my heart, the girl walked towards us.
“Sarah” she girl called. Sarah looked at the girl confusedly. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember me again.” She added. “I met you at the beach last summer holiday and you kept myyyy” “company” Sarah interrupted. “Precious right?” “Yes! That’s my name” Precious answered.
Sarah felt sorry for not remembering in time and apologized. “Meet Lawrence.” She said as she introduced me. “Oh! Nice meeting you Precious” I quickly finished the introduction to avoid further information about us. Just then my phone rang. It was Frank calling.
“Give me 5minutes, I’ll be in your class.” I answered him. I excused myself from them and went for the tutorial.
Everybody in the class stood up to greet me as I entered the class. I appreciated them but warned them not to do such again as I was just a tutor.
I didn’t expect who I saw when I requested for marker. I had left my marker in my hostel. That would be the first time I would forget to take my markers to class.
I just hope this is not another dream. The same girl that had been troubling my dreams and thoughts now stood right in front of me.
“Who are you please?” I asked. “The Deputy Class Governor.” She answered softly. “and your name?” “Love” she replied. “Okay, thanks for the marker, and remember to take it back from me” I said.
After teaching them for about 3½ hours, I left the class pretending to have forgotten her marker. I thought she would meet me to collect it after the class but she didn’t.
Later that evening as I was regurgitating what transpired in the class; her smiles, her face when I asked if anybody understood me, her long hair, etc, my phone rang again.
I had to really pretend I was not nervous when I knew Love was the one who called me. I thought she had called to ask for the marker but she called to ask how she could get to my hostel as what I thought them in the class was not clear to her.
After describing my hostel and room for some seconds she told me she would be there in 10minutes.
I don’t wish to have such a short time again. I had to make sure my room was at the right atmosphere and all that. Just then, had a knock on my door.
“Who is it?” I asked. “It’s me. Love.” She answered. “Come in” I replied.
What out for the next series and make sure to read the PREVIOUS series if you have not.
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