Go And Do Likewise by Olawale Perfect

I was just scrolling through my facebook timeline when I saw this story again of the guy that trekked from Lagos to Abuja because Buhari won the election. Sincerely, it is a commendable effort.
Somebody might say why is he wasting his time but the truth is that he was able to process a point
which is that anything is possible for the determined person. I can imagine him get tired and hungry some of the time, I can imagine some people calling him to say “why are you wasting your time like this”.
I can imagine people saying

“it is not worth it” but Suleiman Hashimu turned deaf ears to all of them and persevered till he got
to the end of the race. When eventually he arrived at Abuja, he met with the president Elect Muhammadu Buhari who gave him a handshake.

I pondered about it and I am reminded about this
scripture Have you seen that man that is diligent in what
he made up his mind to do?
Very soon he would be shaking hands with Kings and Presidents, he
would not be relegated to the same place with lazy people.
At the beginning of this year, some of us began a race. We set goals to grow our spiritual life, to
develop our finances, to get an additional degree, to start a new business, to build interpersonal
relationships, to have a closer walk with God etc.
It is like trekking to Abuja. 
Where are you in that
journey, some people are still at Lagos planning and waiting when we are already in the fourth
month, others have gotten to Ibadan but they are tired and are no longer running again but there
are some who remain dogged despite the challenges. 
They choose to keep running even
when situations become more difficult.
By the time the year comes to an end, not everyone
would have arrived at their destination but I know you would have gone beyond your imagination
because you would take another step today.
This is also true about our walk with God. You
would sometimes feel discouraged and may even have reasons to doubt God some of the time (Ask
Joseph or Job to explain that) but one thing you must never do is to give up. Keep running and
keep pressing on. You are closer to the end than you were at the beginning.
Where did you write your goals and plans? Quick, go and look for it
and get back on the track, it is time to keep running. Don’t be discouraged!
What are you still waiting for?
#GoAndDoLikewise !


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