Go And Do Likewise by Olawale Perfect

I was just scrolling through my facebook timeline when I saw this story again of the guy that trekked from Lagos to Abuja because Buhari won the election. Sincerely, it is a commendable effort.
Somebody might say why is he wasting his time but the truth is that he was able to process a point
which is that anything is possible for the determined person. I can imagine him get tired and hungry some of the time, I can imagine some people calling him to say “why are you wasting your time like this”.
I can imagine people saying

“it is not worth it” but Suleiman Hashimu turned deaf ears to all of them and persevered till he got
to the end of the race. When eventually he arrived at Abuja, he met with the president Elect Muhammadu Buhari who gave him a handshake.

I pondered about it and I am reminded about this
scripture Have you seen that man that is diligent in what
he made up his mind to do?
Very soon he would be shaking hands with Kings and Presidents, he
would not be relegated to the same place with lazy people.
At the beginning of this year, some of us began a race. We set goals to grow our spiritual life, to
develop our finances, to get an additional degree, to start a new business, to build interpersonal
relationships, to have a closer walk with God etc.
It is like trekking to Abuja. 
Where are you in that
journey, some people are still at Lagos planning and waiting when we are already in the fourth
month, others have gotten to Ibadan but they are tired and are no longer running again but there
are some who remain dogged despite the challenges. 
They choose to keep running even
when situations become more difficult.
By the time the year comes to an end, not everyone
would have arrived at their destination but I know you would have gone beyond your imagination
because you would take another step today.
This is also true about our walk with God. You
would sometimes feel discouraged and may even have reasons to doubt God some of the time (Ask
Joseph or Job to explain that) but one thing you must never do is to give up. Keep running and
keep pressing on. You are closer to the end than you were at the beginning.
Where did you write your goals and plans? Quick, go and look for it
and get back on the track, it is time to keep running. Don’t be discouraged!
What are you still waiting for?
#GoAndDoLikewise !

My Last Girl (Series 2)

On Tuesday morning, Frank called me to remind me of the tutorial class he had organized for his class in which he wanted me to take.
He heard I made an ‘A’ in the course when I was in 200Level while most students failed the course that year. I could remember, the next grade to me was a ‘C’, the only ‘C’. The rest were ‘D’s and below.
So, being the Governor of his class, he made arrangements for me to come and tutor them.
Apart from the fact that I love teaching, another factor I would denied food to tutor students, especially lower classes, was that I met new preys I predate on.

“No problem Frank, just make sure you keep to time. I will be there” I replied Frank on the phone. “You know I always have my markers” I added.
It had been my culture to buy white Board markers to teach. I believe that for you to teach effectively, you must sacrifice something apart from time. The ‘something’ I chose to sacrifice apart from my time with them was buying markers.
The next day, after Prof D’s lecture (I don’t know why it always happened after his class), I was outside waiting for Sarah when I had a glimpse of Angel-Sent. Without thinking twice, I made for her direction.
When I got to her back, I became so nervous and afraid to call her attention. I never fell such fear before in my entire life. It was the same hairdo she had in my last dream I was seeing. If I was a light ray, I would have penetrated through her short red gown without reflecting.
Just when I had surmounted courage to call her, Sarah called my name. “What are you doing here? I thought we agreed to meet after the class.” She asked. “Yes but I had to come and check if this class is available for the tutorial I told you.” I lied. “You could have told me at least. I was just looking for you.” “I’m sorry dear.” I replied.
Hearing my last statement, the girl in short red gown I had trailed to that area looked back. “This is not the girl or…” As I was still thinking in my heart, the girl walked towards us.
“Sarah” she girl called. Sarah looked at the girl confusedly. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember me again.” She added. “I met you at the beach last summer holiday and you kept myyyy” “company” Sarah interrupted. “Precious right?” “Yes! That’s my name” Precious answered.
Sarah felt sorry for not remembering in time and apologized. “Meet Lawrence.” She said as she introduced me. “Oh! Nice meeting you Precious” I quickly finished the introduction to avoid further information about us. Just then my phone rang. It was Frank calling.
“Give me 5minutes, I’ll be in your class.” I answered him. I excused myself from them and went for the tutorial.
Everybody in the class stood up to greet me as I entered the class. I appreciated them but warned them not to do such again as I was just a tutor.
I didn’t expect who I saw when I requested for marker. I had left my marker in my hostel. That would be the first time I would forget to take my markers to class.
I just hope this is not another dream. The same girl that had been troubling my dreams and thoughts now stood right in front of me.
“Who are you please?” I asked. “The Deputy Class Governor.” She answered softly. “and your name?” “Love” she replied. “Okay, thanks for the marker, and remember to take it back from me” I said.
After teaching them for about 3½ hours, I left the class pretending to have forgotten her marker. I thought she would meet me to collect it after the class but she didn’t.
Later that evening as I was regurgitating what transpired in the class; her smiles, her face when I asked if anybody understood me, her long hair, etc, my phone rang again.
I had to really pretend I was not nervous when I knew Love was the one who called me. I thought she had called to ask for the marker but she called to ask how she could get to my hostel as what I thought them in the class was not clear to her.
After describing my hostel and room for some seconds she told me she would be there in 10minutes.
I don’t wish to have such a short time again. I had to make sure my room was at the right atmosphere and all that. Just then, had a knock on my door.
“Who is it?” I asked. “It’s me. Love.” She answered. “Come in” I replied.
What out for the next series and make sure to read the PREVIOUS series if you have not.
Your contributions, comments, correction would be appreciated.

My Last Girl (Story Series)

“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. I didn’t mean to smash your books.

She turned and gave me a warm smile and replied “It’s okay.”

That smile was the type that I had never seen in my entire life. Her set of teeth were so glittering and the lips were calling.

As she walked away with her books, I stood in the middle of the road steering at the way she took her steps; taking one leg over the other (maybe that’s what they call Cat-walking) and the way she twisted her waist could make any Professor in my school misspell his name (smiles).

“Could this be an Angel-Sent or what on earth would she be doing on this earth?” I thought.

Just as I was still thinking of the divine creature that I just saw, Sarah tabbed me at the back. “Hey, what’s up? You said you were gonna come to my hostel yesterday. Why didn’t I see you?” She asked. “Oh, that? I got to catch up with some things. I’m sorry” I replied.

Sarah was the first girl I wooed when I came into the Prestigious University.

I think I met almost all, if not all, of my girlfriends the same way.

I met Sarah on my way to the Lecture Theater (LT) for Prof Danda’s (popularly called Prof D) course.

She asked me for direction to the LT in which I, myself, didn’t know. I had to lie to her that I knew the place not knowing that we were heading to the same venue. Thank God I applied the tactics I used to use when I was in the Secondary school.

After the class that day, Sarah came to me and thanked me for the other time and also requested that I teach her the course Prof D just lectured us as she wasn’t really good at Mathematics.

We agreed to meet in my hostel as we exchanged mobile numbers.

Since then, she has been my closest girlfriend even though I had so many girlfriends ( some of them I can’t remember their names ). One of the reasons being that she was very good in bed. She would always tell me she wanted more; more kisses, more cuddling, more and more of everything.

One more reason was that she was the daughter of the Senate President.

I couldn’t really figure out why she loved me but I knew down within me that she was just like one of those girls I dated. Dating for fun.

She insisted we went home from the road she met me as I was still thinking of that Angel-Sent lady even though I was reluctant. That’s because I knew every damn time we had privately led to sex. I was tired of that but I had to follow her so as to get what I always demanded from her ~ money.

The next morning, I woke up very early to go to where I meant Angel-Sent. I waited from morning till evening but could find her. I did that for the three days but to no avail.

Her thoughts kept coming back to me even when went on our First Semester break. Through out the holiday, I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t wait for resumption.

When we resumed to school for the Second Semester, I searched everywhere for this girl but couldn’t fine her. I didn’t know her name, department or anything about her, maybe that could have helped. The only thing I knew about her was that incidence where her books scattered on the ground.

One day, as I sat under the Delonix regia ( a plant that has shade ), I saw this Angel-Sent approaching me. She walked majestically towards me, stopped in my front, bent down and kissed me. I was dumbfounded! “I’m here to kill you” she whispered.
“Kill me? Go ahead please” I replied. She tried kissing me again when I realized I was dreaming.

“What a nice kiss! I wish you come back again.” I thought in my heart. I just loved the way she gently kissed me. I almost freezed when her long hairs touched me. This made me so desperate to see her in the real life forgetting she said she had come to kill me.

Maybe the word *kill* meant another thing. Maybe I have found the love of my life or could it be that she came to pay me back of all I had been doing?

Watch Out For the Next Series.

Your contribution, suggestion, questions or correction will be highly appreciated.

CCN in Conjunction with IRSA ABUAD at Delightsome Oaks to donate for Charity

The Christian Charity Network (CCN) in conjunction with the International Relations Students Association of the Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria were at Delightsome Oaks Orphanage Home to share God’s Love and also give donations.

The President of the IRSA ABUAD expressed his love and said he was so happy to see the children and called on others to embrace the act of Charity.

One of the children named Solomon gave them a BrainTeaser questions in which he turned to answer himself.

A girl named Anatu who wants to be a Musician in the future sang a beautiful song for them.

One of the teachers at the Orphanage thanked the groups and advised them to do more.

He added that instead of them longing to meet and identified with Politicians, they have decided to be identified with the less privileged.

“The way to the top starts from the low” he added.

Meanwhile, CCN has called on all to embrace charity.

The meeting was closed with prayers by a boy called Promise in the orphanage and a lady from ABUAD.

You can connect with them via:
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ccnetwork1
Twitter: @ccn4all


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Free Download: “All The Way” by Seye Fayeun Featuring Freezie

Fayeun Adeseye popularly known by his signature “SEYE” is one of the fast rising Saxophonist in Africa. SEYE as fondly called released his first official single “Hymnology” in 2013 which made him a son to reckon with in the Gospel music industry. 
He has Ministered alongside many great musicians both in and outside the country.
He’s currently a finalist of Microbiology department in the prestigious Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti.
Be exceedingly Blessed as you listen and praise God with this Gospel Praise song (All The Way) by Seye featuring the rap king “Freezie”

You can download the song through this link>>


Latest Update On EKSU Resumption

We have been getting different updates on this particular writeup by various students:

” EKSU BREAKING NEWS:- Eksu board of directors has now come to final conclusion that the indefinite strike will end friday on the 3rd of April.Therfore students and workers are advised to resume on MONDAY the 6th of April exam commences April 8 Wednesday(200to 500level students). For 100 level students, Exam will commence on the following week God bless Eksu God bless Nigeria….By Prof S.S Asaolu”

Please, disregard any info for now because it has not been announced and confirmed.

In case you need info, check the school site.

I learnt the Prof had called to warn against such broadcast.

However, reading your book if you have not.