Oppinion: IF Buhari Wins… [Must Read]

Sometimes last year audio message by one Pastor Bosun circulated claiming that God instructed him to come over to Nigeria from Germany where he was the National Coordinator of the RCCG.

In the audio, he declared President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the will of God for this time, to continue in leading this Country.

He mentioned so many strategies by the opposition party to win the ruling party majorly to Islamize Nigeria.

Since then, several other People have had their eyes opened and had the need to look beyond the physical as the physical is controlled by the spiritual.

Personally, I have been praying and meditating on the Word of God since then.

Late last year, I dreamt that General Muhammed Buhari won the election but the aftermath was terrible… You might say it is just a dream.

A day before the election, one of my cousins called me that we will be having a Night Conference Call Prayer with some of his friends which we did. The prayer lasted for more than an hour.

After the prayer, I had an inner witness that President Goodluck is the perfect will of God for this time and also got confirmation from others and particularly, Chris Delvan, a Christian who stays in the North.

His words below:

” #NewNation #OneNigeria #blowthetrumpet #GEJ
#Godis #godisarewarder #herewardsthediligent

Thank God for His mercies and how He has
enlightened our hearts tonight. The #light is
already shining in #Nigeria and the darkness in
her is fading away. So let us go and be bold as
the lion that turns not away from the part of any
beast. Let us go declaring and enforcing the
counsel of God because the devil is a defeated

Let us come out in mass and vote because it is
our right and responsibility. Let us vote according
to the counsel of God. The counsel of God is that
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan continue as the
president of Nigeria. Not that we hate or like any
political party but rather we herald the counsel of
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
So let us go in this might and understanding.


Soon after that one, I challenged some Christians to inquire from the Lord themselves.

The problem actually is that many of the people that voted or are still voting didn’t ask the Holy Spirit before doing so. Many of them just claimed that that doesn’t really concern God claiming he would just chose for us.

So many people (Christians) would claim to know God’s will in marriage especially and so on but choose not to know His will concerning politics.

In the Bible, the people of Israel demanded that God give them a King and remained persistent in their request. God had to give them even though He warned them against such. We know how the story ended.

Later, when God was to choose King David, Samuel wanted to use his intelligence and reasoning but God said no. Thanks to God that he heard him then. No wonder the Bible records that God doesn’t see the way man sees from the outward, He sees from the inward.

Some years back, people of one state in the South West of Nigeria demanded that they just needed a change no matter what…all their excuse was that they just needed another Governor. They did but they suffer for it for four years of his tenure.

God respects the choice of man but he gives man direction to follow. God gave us direction from different men of His but some of us remained adamant.

I kept asking people, what has God told you about the candidate to vote for but no answer.

Many of them said that we will pray about it if he wins but I kept asking myself “doesn’t God prefer obedience to sacrifice?”

Many things to say but let me just stop here…

If Buhari wins, we all should be ready to face the consequence.

God can use anybody to carry out His mandate either Christian, Muslim or any other in a Nation.
Nobody disputes that and All Is Well That Ends Well

Girls/ladies/Women Wearing trousers: Sin or Not?

By Amerijoye Akintomide Ifelola

We pray Heavenly Father that you will help us to
understand this write-up and live it and use it for
your Glory- Amen !
In the world of today, the above issues has gone
so vogue and in every mind of every believer. Is it
a sin for a woman to use trousers? Hun…

When God created man, He didn’t create man
alone, he created man and “man”. The first man
is the you reading this, whilst the second man is
your “conscience”.

God installed conscience into the life of every
man He created, but unfortunately, many have
sold their to the devil in a transaction of

As Christians, we should let our conscience be
hyper-active in everything we do in live. When you
use something and your conscience condemns it,
PLEASE STOP USING IT! Cos if you don’t yield,
your conscience will appear and stand against you
on the day of judgment and say “Did I not warn
you?” May your conscience not stand against

If you examine my profile picture down there, you’ll
notice the crazy hair-cut on my big head (Lol!).

I have been called lots of names because of it but my
conscience is so cool with it and so is my God,
so who are they to judge?

The moral lesson of
this preamble is that you should let your
conscience guide you in everything you do. Be it action, thought, or what have you. Please.

In the book of Deuteronomy 22:5 the bible says “
A woman shall not use that which pertains to a
man, and a man shall not use that which pertains
to a woman, whosoever does so is an
abomination to the Lord your God”.

This is “THE
LAW”. The Law ruled the entire Old testament
and in those days men have to offer sacrifices of
lamb, sheep, oven, cattle and so on, on the alter
with incence and then a sweet smelling salvo will
arise and the Lord will smell it and forgive their
sins or grant their heart desires.What a long process??!

Thank God for technology (Jesus Christ) that was
invented, now even in the comfort of your room,
you can ask for mercy, and forgiveness just by
confessing and you are good with God. Isn’t that

When Jesus died on the cross, the first place his
soul went to was HELL FIRE, when He got to the
gates of HELL, He said ” lift up your head oh ye
gates, and be ye lifted up oh ye everlasting doors,
and the King of Glory shall come in…”

Jesus went into hell for our sins, he went through
all you should have gone through in HELL and
paid all the prices. Immediately this was going on
in HELL the bible recorded that the veil of the
temple tore into two halves and the ark of
covenant was revealed. Have you ever wondered
what this meant?

This is the meaning dearest

That second when that veil tore! Jesus unleashed
something very powerful on all those who and
who will believe in him called “GRACE”.

Now, people can see the ark of covenant through this
veil- which implies that you can now go to God
directly and you no longer need any priest, pastor,
evangelist or whatever to speak to him for you, simply go to God on your knees and discuss with
Him. This is the GRACE Christ gave. How wonderful!

By this Grace, we are re-adopted by God and He
called us “My own”.

Now in romans 6:14 ” for sin shall not have
dominion over you, for you are not under the Law
but under GRACE! Halleluyah! This is one of the
beautiful gifts Christ has given to us. Just his

So my brothers and sisters, you are NO LONGER
under the Law but under GRACE!
Deuteronomy 22:5 is the Law, Christ has
canceled that for you okay? Enjoy GRACE!

I must mention that now that you are free in
Christ you should use grace with your senses!
Wear trousers with senses o… How do I mean?
Good… DO NOT wear your trousers in a way that will
cause men to be tempted (commit sin). Flee from
tight skinned leggins of nylon materials and other
ungodly assorted designers! Something in the
picture above is very okay.

If u wear it in such a way that the shape of your
bum n laps can be clearly examined please stop
now.. Doing it that way, your wearing trousers is
now sin. Don’t cause people to fall.
God bless you.

Enjoy His Grace.


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