Just as EKSU resumped on Monday and series of activities have been going on, you can’t afford to miss something greater than lectures, tests, etc

Today, I was at RCF EKSU Main Campus branch and the memory of the Prayer Meeting (4-6pm) still lingers in my mind. You need see, feel and know how refreshing it could be being in the presence of the Lord.

When you hear THE LOVELIEST FAMILY ON EARTH, nowhere truly could have been than RCF EKSU. The Love is really there.

When the first timers (people that came for the first time) were called and they sang the song I NEED YOU, YOU NEED ME….. I was full of JOY and which I know everybody was. If you’re a fresher (pre-degree, 100 or direct entry) and you have not fellowshiped with RCF EKSU, omo, your head no dey there jor (Lol).

While all fellowships that teach God’s Word sincerely on campus are many in EKSU, I will strongly recommend RCF EKSU for you because I have tested and I still trust them. Truly, this fellowship is better than lectures. Be refreshed!

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